Ten months have passed and Scotland`s Chief Constable still appears to be grappling with the complex question of whether or not those accused of rape should even be questioned by the Scottish police. The Chief Constable`s position is not helped, of course, by his political boss, Alex Salmond`s breaking of the law in defying the Information Commissioner in his quest to establish the facts about Salmond`s involvement in the Hollie Greig abuse case.It may well be  that Scotland`s lamentable record of having the lowest conviction rate for rape in Europe results from the attitudes of the country`s leading figures. A symptom of their utter contempt for the plight of rape victims may lie in the existence of organisations such as the Violate Club, which is present in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The membership of this club is heavily represented by members of the judiciary, senior police officers, lawyers, politicians and court officials. Its activities are every bit as repulsive as its name suggests. Amongst other things, members are treated to displays of simulated rape and sexual acts between humans and animals.

The identities of some of its members, I understand, would be of considerable interest to those who have been following Hollie`s case and indeed to the people of Scotland in general. Some have even been unwise enough to pay for the club`s facilities by credit card.


  1. It just keeps getting worse !


  2. The Violate BD/SM fetish club was represented at a Consultation Response on Adult Entertainment before the Scottish Executive, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh in December 2005 by John ‘Bunny’ McGeechan – proprietor of JBM Solicitors of 91, Graham St., Airdrie ML6 6DE (located conveniently opposite Airdrie Sheriff Court entrance).

    The Scottish Executive’s ‘adult entertainment official’ (no laughing – this is not a joke) was then Linda Costelloe Baker, who was accompanied by fellow officials Rab Fleming Anna Gilbert.
    Thus to all intents and purposes, however disgusting and offensive to Christian morals such might be, it looks like Violate – clubs in both Glassie and Edinburgh – has the Holyrood seal of approval.

    Violate is by no means the leader as Glasgow also has the Cathouse, Clone Zone, Fetish Studios, Hellfire, Spyker and Mystyx.

    And for the Holyrood Parliament’s kinky cabal we have Edinburgh’s DV8 Fetish Club, Leather & Lace, The Munch, The Spider’s Web, Nightshade BD/SM Club and last but not least, the aptly named Torture Garden and located at The Caves on Niddry Street South. Contact for tickets.

    Then regardless of the north-east’s Sin City now being notoriously synonymous for kiddie fiddling due the infamy of the Hollie Greig sexual abuse / serial rape of special needs and disabled children scandal still being denied a full police investigation and the crimes covered up by establishment nonces and their Masonic secret handshake club’s ‘brotherhood protectors’ – we have – Aberdeen’s very own BD/SM fetish club – a very private affair (members only) reached via an archway opposite the Talisman Building in Holburn Street.
    Hmmm, ideal for the club’s necrophiliac contingent – right next door to Nellfield Cemetery.
    Feel free to drop them an e-mail and book a table (or cell) for the next scheduled Spank-a-Thon:

    Not to be outdone, we also have Aberdeen’s Obedience School on Shiprow and Sapphire fetish / BD/SM club at The Warehouse (formerly Moshulu) at Windmill Brae.


  3. Was it Einstein or Shakespeare or Dickens – or Star Trek’s Mr Spock – who stated that coincidences are a flawed concept where reality is concerned.
    That said, the Hells Bells Club is located smack dab in the middle of Ferryhill –
    home roost to several of Hollie Greig’s named sexual abusers.
    Ach, truth being stranger than fiction – ya could nae make this shit up if ya tried.


  4. These people are morally depraved beyond sanity’s recognition when their sexual lusts degenerate to a state of the animalistic brute – sado-masochism and rutting with lower species, ignoring the taboos of incest – and deflowering mere children.
    And First Minister Alex Salmond, who ignores calls to commission – nay ‘order’ – a stand-alone police investigation into this disgusting Hollie Greig paedophile sexual abuse scandal that shames the entire country, not only Aberdeen, claims that Scotland is now sufficiently evolved socially as a fit national unit for self-governance – when we have a legislature, an executive – ‘and’ particularly – a judiciary that is devoid of transparency and accountability – we think not.
    Whatever happened to the Montesquieu concept of trias politica – the separation of powers – the system of checks and balances that stood to prevent this untouchability?


  5. I’m beginning to wonder if there are any ‘normal’ people left. If it’s not sexual depravity, then it’s something else. I know a builder who had to do some work at an ex-Blue Peter presenters house. Apparently she had her own S&M chamber with all the kit. No, it wasn’t Valerie Singleton.


  6. Aye, the Violate membership list might well be taken straight out of Hansard or Who’s Who. Not so much a matter of the Butcher, the Baker and Candlestick Maker – but they’re in it as thick as thieves along with their deviant secret handshake club Masonic ‘Brothers’ from the ‘professions – the likes of the Violate Club’s main mover and shaker – Mr JBM ‘Solicitor’ himself – and the Glassie and Edinburgh politicos and police and law court jobsworths.


  7. a member ship wisely over think can be tricky .. NO membership is solution .. right?
    big names promise big images and in many cases – not in all cases, of course – activities are linked with those crimes, you, Robert, THANK YOU for new posts!…are so passionately working for change and justice. Some small names appear more and more which promise to be people and nature near institutions. But hey, the “big ones” know well and bring some of those into life, to again “catch peoples credit cards” and to say some of joy at the end of this comment, more and more also young people, children see what is going on and we shall be here also for them.
    bye for now


  8. From Rusty via Ally:

    No surprises that Leon Brittan, a former Thatcher era Tory Party heavyweight MP and cabinet minister, has now been publicly identified as the lowlife sodomite pederast interviewed under caution recently by a joint task force of detectives from the British and Dutch Plod Squads following the seizure of a Super 8 kiddie fiddling porno movie in which he sexually abuses a young boy.

    Brittan was forced to resign from Thatcher’s deviant / paedo-infested cabinet for his involvement in the Westland affair – when in all truth this reluctant act followed a half naked kid found wandering by police in a London street after being raped by Brittan.

    Shame and disgrace? No way, Brittan copped for a lateral promotion sinecure in Europe to bugger little Belgian boys at will – and see them tortured and sodomised to death during Satanic worship / Black Mass blood sacrifice snuff rituals in the cellars (read ‘dungeons’) of the Chateau des Amérois (Bouillon, Belgium), the Chateau des Faulx les Tombs (Gesves, Belgium) – and the notorious Chateau Sautou (French Ardennes) – owned by Michel Fourniret – a convicted paedophile and confessed murderer of twenty child virgins.

    Let’s not forget that Brittan, in his tenure as Home Secretary, was the man responsible for perverting the course of justice with the criminal suppression – read ‘shit-canning’ – of the comprehensive kiddie fiddling / pederast dossier that Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens turned over to him in 1984.

    Old Animist proverb states ‘as above, so below’ –which works in reverse too.
    So in London’s Whitehall / Parliament Paedophile ring, so in Scotland and Holyrood and their paedo / necrophiliac / sodomite / sado-masochistic sexual deviant nonce-infested government establishment.

    So will we be seeing the 74-year old Brittan in the dock, alike Kiddie Fiddler Street’s octogenarian paedo (alleged) Ken Barlow? Will Hell freeze over before spring? Can pigs fly? Is Big Bird yellow?
    Fact is, they daren’t as the evil old bastard knows too much and might well go into self-preservation mode and start naming his royal and ranking politico / civil service mandarin paedo accomplices.


  9. It is all an utter farce of the vilest criminal calibre – sham and a travesty most foul.
    Those public school / blue blood secret handshake elitists who presume to rule ‘by consent’ and lord it over us, the common herd, then concoct the laws we must abide by – while they ignore and break the same with untouchable impunity.
    What hypocrites and pondscum these socio-political vermin truly are – along with their clerical kin – our spiritual mentors – the Vatican’s Men in Black – an unholy institution infested with sadomasochistic nuns and priests – a ‘holier than thou’ pix and mix pottage of sodomites and pederasts.

    Our once-sceptred isle is sick with a deep rooted cancer that has now metastasised to all organs of the state and the very cell structure of society: from our self-appointed Royalty through the graft and corruption-ridden civil service and entire Parliamentary and local government systems: legislative, executive and judiciary – and in the background covering up and protecting the offenders we have a not fit for purpose Freemasonry-dominated police force who are there to protect the property and interests of the privileged class gravy train hierarchy.

    And as Robert’s post focuses on the fact – all are seduced by and controlled (scandalous blackmail material) by sexual immorality in its deviant forms – and none more so than BD/SM and pederasty.


  10. Yes, another of the negative side-effects of Thatcherism – this untouchable culture of the shirt lifters and paedophiles propagated by the likes of the Paedophile Information Exchange and Labour’s venal Harriet Harman. First they legalised male homosexuality and then attempted the same immoral move with kiddie fiddling.

    As to Scotland and this corruption-ridden MSP government, words fail us that a bunch of criminals are running what is now viewed as a Dog & Pony Show with the clown supreme Alex Salmond in charge and evil media wizard Peter Watson of Levy & McRae – the Rasputin of the Glens – allegedly firing off threats of litigation to gag all unsavoury news reports of officialdom’s wrong-doings.

    What kind of a judiciary can be considered ‘impartial’ and above suspicion when its upper echelon membership follows a code of secrecy with their involvement with the Masonic Speculative Society – and as the scandal still rages north of the border, the top judge Lord President Lord ‘Bent Brian’ Gill and two MSP members of their Holyrood Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee – Convener David Stewart and Deputy Convener Chic Brodie –
    decried a public petition calling for judges to declare their personal business dealings that might be a cause of conflict of interest.

    Hence this has raised serious questions over how far the judiciary are willing to go to avoid declaring secret wealth, hitherto unrevealed business links & family connections within the corporate and legal sectors, allegations of lobbying for commercial interests, offshore tax-dodging banking and even criminal convictions for – for they are legion – ranging from welfare benefit fiddles and acts of drunken, domestic violence to assaulting plod squad officers attempting to arrest a Crown Office procurator fiscal depute for engaging in a sexual act with a prostitute in a public place (Stuart McFarlane / 2006 – a now-convicted child pornographer).

    On the subject of getting off ‘Scot-free’ (sic – no pun intended but it does give a new and enlightened definition to the phrase) we have the instance of top dog at the Scottish Legal Aid Board Douglas Haggarty – the notorious Bumboy Beast of St Enoch’s – arrested for sodomising an underage rent boy in a Glasgow public toilet inside British Home Stores but escaped prosecution as such was deemed by that hive of criminal corruption – the Crown Office – as not being in the public interest.

    Oh, for the record, both these cases – McFarlane and Haggerty – like the Hollie Greig paedophile sexual abuse complaint – were deemed to be ‘not in the public interest’ during the notorious Elish Angiolini’s tenure as Lord Advocate at the Crown Office.

    And these people want independence? A Third World joke more’s the like.


  11. On the subject of these Masonic politico cliques of dirty sado-masochist deviants, historic sexual abuse be damned for the very same crimes are still being committed today – and these so-called untouchables – who in their arrogance dare to use child care institutions as their personal paedophile bordellos – should be burned at the stake.
    A stellar example – Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers – anyone want to hazard a guess how New Labour’s influence-peddling control freak Prince of the Sodomites got that sobriquet?
    Due his all-consuming obscene fetish for having small furry rodents slipped up his back passage – alive.
    Now, immorality and criminal acts besides, that has surely got to be an offence for the RSPCA to act upon. One could have nightmares over the prospect of being reincarnated as a hamster of gerbil.


  12. Alas, my sympathies lie with honest Scots if Alex Salmond is the best they can field as a First Minister.
    Mind you, are we any better with this ‘unelected’ Con-Dem coalition and the duo of dog wankers Cameron and Clegg – another pair of clots that won’t be appearing for an Act 2 performance after the May 2015 election.
    But if the ‘Porky Pict’ and his cabal of obscene money-grubbing SNP cronies do get independence then Scotland will degenerate even further – into a Third World cesspit on a par with Mugabe’s Zimbabwe – exchanging the fiscal reins and bridle of Westminster for those of the EUSSR, and beholden to Brussels – and terminally indebted to the shylock bankster’s IMF – trading in either euros – or a pantomime ‘JockMark’.


  13. Why won’t Alex Salmond respond to the FOI Commisioner’s repeated demands to reveal his knowledge of – and level of involvement in – the suppression of the now-internationally notorious Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal?

    Why indeed. Good question. Who is he protecting on orders from the High Priests of Freemasonry and the Satanic worship nonce cult – or his personal legal adviser Professor Peter Watson of Levy-McRae solicitors? Perhaps fellow deviant buftie and nonce members of his local Em-bri based Violate sado-masochist fetish club.

    Scotland’s FOI Commissioner – job description: The Scottish Information Commissioner, Rosemary Agnew, was appointed by HM QE2 in 2012 to succeed the long-suffering Kevin Dunnion, and tasked with enforcing Scotland’s freedom of information laws plus ensuring the public are aware of their rights to petition the Scottish authorities for information.

    Obviously this excludes the First Minister who considers himself above reproach or questions from the low life common herd electorate who voted the smug, porcine git into public office.

    Alas, like the Judicial Complaints Reviewer Ms Moi Ali, the FOI Commissioner post is also more at scent than substance inasmuch the hapless officials charged with these duties lack the teeth to enforce their requirements.


  14. The word is on the streets that if Salmond gets his way and the SNP Independence referendum is a winner then they’re not going to rename the dump Alba or Caledonia or Haggisville – but Nonceland.


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