Mid 80′s Half Man Half Biscuit song told the truth about Jimmy Savile

Recently we printed the lyrics to the Smiths ‘Panic’ after a net rumour went round about them alluding to Jimmy Savile. As many people pointed out they could have been about many different things and probably about Steve Wright the DJ playing Wham records straight after a Chernobyl news bulletin – trivialising and dumbing down….but there are those weird lines about jogging and side streets of Leeds.
A far more telling lyric comes from the fantastic Half Man Half Biscuit in their song which came from a mid eighties Peel session, there doesn’t seem to be any room for doubt in the lyric about what they are saying and in the second four lines it alludes to some very dark stuff…
“Down at Stoke Mandeville I bumped into Mr IQ
I said €œHey albino, this is not 1972
Stub out your King Edward and get that small boy off your knee
And melt down your rings and things and get yourself off my TV
Jim could you fix it for me
To come down and suck out your kidneys?
I’ve got this young brother, you see
Who wants to stay alive to watch Bilko ”

12 thoughts on “Mid 80′s Half Man Half Biscuit song told the truth about Jimmy Savile

  1. dazza

    November 6, 2012 at 10:45

    Absolutely love HMHB…from back to the dhss, trumpton riots, dickie davies eyes..i could go on and on also had tge pleasure of meeting them when they played at rhondda leisure centre that was surreal i still got my treasured dhss sighned with a quirky message off keep off the grass it will ruin your trainers..they played with words with wit and wisdom and sang what a lot of us were thinking hence the saVILE expose…the only band that didnt want to play top of the pops coz tranmere rovers were playing home…class

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