Gang rape of autistic child by high level Govt freemasons in the UK

Hollie Greig Case: Shropshire Police and Council get dirty
Sunday, 27 June 2010 11:42 Added by PT Editor Omar Ghraieb

UK, June 27, (Pal Telegraph – By peter Eyre) We now see some shockingly dirty tactics being used by both the Police and Shropshire Council in an attempt to cover up this sordid case of abuse and corruption at the highest level.

There have been some harsh exchanges in communications which clearly reveals that this cover-up now extends well beyond Scotland where it first began many years ago. You will see that there are many unanswered questions and involvement by other third parties that in the real sense have no authority to become involved in the case.

Lets cast our mind back to the time when things were moving along very well and Hollies Army consisted of over 28,000…… you would expect in any campaign, especially when it involves high ranking officials or the politic elite the army was infiltrated by persons that only had one intention, and that was to destroy the structure and hopefully close the support group down.

On figure that sticks out in my mind was that of Greg Lance Watkins who rang me up one day to say that he was the only official Hollie Greig website and asked if throughout my newspaper articles and radio interviews I would give his reference as the official source for Hollie…….which I believed at the time.

It now appears that this man may well be an undercover agent for the British Government or alternatively a man with serious mental problems…..having reviewed his profile I would tend to go for the latter. This unbalanced man obviously had more sinister motives for the way in which he first supported Hollie and then did a 180 degree back flip and attacked Hollie, Anne and Robert Green. This man is truly the scum of society and should be locked away forever with the likes of the Sheriff of Aberdeen – Buchanen and all the other pedoephiles that operate within this country.

So what’s been going on behind the scenes and who is implicated in this final attempt to scupper any action against the corrupt Scottish Legal System or the high ranking figures involved in these satanic rituals that go deep within the Freemason Organisation.

As I pointed out last week the Police and Shropshire Council carried out a very well orchestrated raid on the premises belonging to Hollie and her mum whilst they were away on holiday and ransacked their house and stole their computer and other items.

Hollies mum Anne decided to write a letter to the local police regarding this terrible incident which was copied to Shropshire Social Services who are also actively involved in this shonky cover-up.:

3 Birch Grove, Ruyton XI Town, Shrewsbury SY4 1LH

[To] Shrewsbury Police Station, Clive Road, Monkmoor, Shrewsbury SY2 5RW

June 10th 2010

Dear Sirs

I am writing to complain about damage that was caused to my home by members of your force on 3rd June 2010, the theft of property on that date, the improper disclosure of information and an apparent attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The circumstances of my complaint are: As a victim of domestic violence dating back to 2000 in which my daughter Hollie was sexually assaulted by my husband and others I was allocated a council home at the above address in 2006. My daughter and I moved from Scotland and we have lived there since then. Shrewsbury Social Services are aware and have provided care for my daughter.

Earlier this month I left my home for a short holiday staying with friends.

On the 3rd June I received a message from a local solicitor that my daughter and I had been reported missing by a Mr. Greg Lance-Watkins, who I have never met, and that police officers accompanied by two social services officials had forcibly entered my home without my permission.

When I went to my home that evening I found that the front and all the interior doors had been broken open and an untidy search had been made leaving documents, correspondence, photographs and personal possessions scattered around. A DVD, titled “Camp FEMA” had been taken from its case and stolen. The electricity supply had been switched off and food in my fridge and freezer had spoiled.

Shortly afterwards, photographs of objects that were in my home appeared on Mr. Lance-Watkins web site together with material that amounts to an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The action taken by your officers is unjustified. I ask for this complaint to be recorded and investigated.

Yours faithfully

Anne Greig.

CC Shrewsbury Social Services.

As you can see the notorious Mr. Greg Lance-Watkins had apparently been involved in this case for reasons unknown and the fact that information relating to this police raid had been revealed on this scumbag’s webpage. I find it incredibly hard to understand how a WW2 Spitfire fighter ace could give birth to such a low-life imbecile as Greg Lance-Watkins who must surely be a total disgrace to his father.

I will now cover more communications with the relevant authorities and an email by Robert Green to a Mr Collard – Head of Adults and Children Law – Legal and Democratic Services – Shropshire Council…..I find the term Democratic Services rather funny based on their current Undemocratic stance:


14/06/2010 cc
FW: Hollie Greig

Dear Mr Collard,

For your information, I attach copy of e-mail sent to Mr Stephen Chandler,
whom I am given to understand had some input regarding the unwarranted and
malicious raid on Hollie`s home that has caused such alarm and distress.

I shall be informing the Court and relevant members of parliament of what
has been perpetrated in the name of Shropshire Council.

It is expected that there will be further questions as regards the
Council`s relationship with Mr Greg Lance-Watkins about whom we have
grounds to believe is a government agent, known to be a former MI5
operative. He is currently using a GSI and is known to be a saboteur, in
this case attempting to obstruct the course of justice in respect to
systematic child rape, murder and the unlawful attempt to section Anne
Mackie, as she was known then, by state officials on 5th September 2000, just eleven days after establishment figures had been identified as
Hollie`s sexual abusers. You will be aware that the abusers included a
member of the judiciary, a senior police officer and significantly, two
social workers including Hollie`s own carer.

Again, on what possible grounds, other than the false rumour promoted by a person who knew neither lady, could Hollie be possibly deemed a “missing person”? She is free to go wherever she wishes and neither she nor her mother are obliged to inform anyone of their whereabouts. When DCI Bates phoned me at my home at approximately 1330 hrs on Thursday 3rd June, just before the raid, I told him that although I did not know the precise whereabouts of Hollie and Anne, I had no concerns about their safety. So therefore, you took the word of a malicious stranger against mine, the ladies` legal representative. DCI Bates later made a false statement, in front of witnesses, about the day he phoned me.

When the “search” took place, even after I had stated I had no concerns and there would be no sign of forced entry to the home or any evidence of violence, did the large team take more than three hours to ransack the house and remove material, some of which seems to have later appeared on Mr Lance-Watkins`website?

Given these circumstances, do you really believe that any reasonable person would accept that you have no “relationship” with Mr Lance-Watkins?

Finally, you seem to have placed great store on the seemingly uncanny ability of your professional psychologist witness to make formal assessments of the mental state of individuals that she has never even met or spoken to. I suggest that a great deal of unnecessary time, distress and waste of public funds may have been avoided if your psychologist`s talents had been directed instead at an assessment of the mind of Mr Greg Lance-Watkins.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

It is becoming evident the Shropshire Council are really under tremendous pressure and now clutching at loose straws. I feel that with more support from Hollies Army with ongoing picket lines at strategic locations one can sense that justice may actually come to Hollie and her mum. I think having a small picket line outside the premises of Shropshire Council Office could well add fuel to the fire……surely some of Hollies Army live in the region?

There has been some incredible moves by Shropshire Council the latest being an attempt to remove Hollie from her mum and put her into care.

I discussed this with Robert Green and he responded with the following email:

You are right. Apparently Greg Lance-Watkins has been boasting that he is responsible for prompting Shropshire County Council`s disgusting attacks on Hollie and Anne, as well as being responsible for the ludicrous “missing person” scare, which was used as an excuse for six people to break into Hollies home on 3rd June, while she was away with Anne and spend over three hours in their small home, taking her computer, other articles and photos, two of which appeared on Greg Lance-Watkins website a few days later.

It is a state-funded conspiracy of the most appalling kind and those guilty of conspiring with Greg Lance-Watkins are the Council’s Stephen Chalmers from Social Services and legal head Tim Collard. DCI Bates of West Mercia Police is also culpable and as already made a false statement, in front of witnesses, including a solicitor.

I have documents from Tim Collard admitting contacts with Greg Lance-Watkins, but are desperately trying to say they’ve not given him details, despite the fact that it was Greg Lance-Watkins who first publicly referred the legal action against Anne and now the incriminating matter of the photos.

Latest dirty trick from Greg Lance-Watkins is to phone those involved in helping Hollie`s campaign, mostly women, giving them personal and confidential information he’s discovered on them, then threatening that he can make trouble for them owing to his “contacts”, as he has with Hollie and Anne. (surely a case of Blackmail?)

You can publish any of this. There are other officials of Shropshire Social Services who have deliberately made false sworn statements – more on this to come.


On can clearly see that when all of this fabrication is dealt with there has to be a clear cut case of charges being laid against Greg Lance-Watkins, Shropshire Council and even possibly the police themselves in perverting the course of justice or for his involvement in obtaining private documentation from the police raid and publishing it on his own web page.

You will also recall that Rober Green’s Member of Parliament David Mowat wrote a letter to the Chief Constable MacKerracher of Grampian Police but to date has still not received a response. Reader may find the following article of interest regarding this matter: [link to]

One can clearly see there are now very serious issues here in England following the police raid on Hollie and Anne`s home on 3rd June, in which items were removed and some passed on to a hostile third party for publication.

This case is started to fire up into a major show down between Scotland and England with some very senior political figures in the firing line. This peodophile case is so extensive it has the ability to cause the collapse of some aspect of the British Political system. My advice to the politic elite who feel they are beyond the law is to come clean and bring justice to Hollie Greig and all the other victims who have succumbed to these satanic criminals. Hollies Army is on to you and will not give up until this has been resolved

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 27/6/2010

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