Hello Malcolm,

Thank you so much for that – like you, I`m not sure exactly what he said, but that is about the gist of it. Of course, he and others have now been involved in a further criminal act of falsifying solemn court evidence.

Your terrible experience with him over your little daughter shows him to be a thoroughly evil man.

I knew you would offer your support. I am making a few more enquiries and will then go to the police to call for his arrest.


To: bluesmangreen
Subject: BOWEN
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 21:44:33 -0500

Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy
Hello Robert
Sorry Ima nae emailed you earlier, nevertheless >>
Sheriff Bowen said > “How dare you a Welsh Englishman come to Scotland and tell us how to run our law/courts.”
Or something very close to that with the effect of with a nasty narcissistic smile on his face and tone to voice,
As a scotsman Ima find Sheriff Bowen’s remark as racist as could be, not only that but this man covered up my daughters sexual abuse even when Ima have a letter from a police CID superintendent quite clearly stating in his words that my daughter was getting “touched inappropriately”.he annulled an independent impartial eye witness to my daughters abuse that was a frind of my daughters mother that testified against her with a sworn affidavit and video evidence was ignored by him within the video evedence Ima asked mu daughter whom was touching her, where he was touching her and does mummy do about him touching you. . .This video evidence was taken to prove that grampian so called child protection services were covering up my daughters abuse and it was to prove that dozens of so called professionals knew about this and were covering it up due to the fact that Aberdeen so called child protection was or might very will still be infested with pedophiles. . . . .
Getting back to your Trial
Sheriff Bowen ignored the medical witness statements and also he ignored the fact that none of the accused had ever been questioned formally by Grampian police, with the other fact of the 13 and a half thousand pounds being payed out to Hollie for the obvious. . .
Ima willing to stand up in any court of law and testify to this in the name of God. . .
Malcolm Ogilvy

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