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Get treatment or lose your benefits: ministers propose tough new rules for claimants with anxiety and depression.
Tories discuss stripping benefits claimants who refuse treatment for depression – Telegraph
Senior ministers now believe the rules should be reviewed in order to reduce the…
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy They can ram it ffs some folk can not take these nazi brain destroying drugs that personally they turn myself into Mr Hyde…Ima rather feel the pain than be a demonic cabbage… ffs ima depressed to deaths door because the state covered-up my daughters abuse, my doc a head GP has tried to give me umteen different anti-depressants which all made me sick and turn apon folk for no reason… My doc knows that the only thing that helps me is the odd sleeping tablet and damned pain killers he knows that Ima self medicate with weed and whisky when ima in a real mess to pull me out the glum but now they have cut my benefits to zero ie no housing benefit no income whatsoever yeap these demons know how to apply hell apon folks that have stress induced insomnia only because of these clowns in the first place…Before this happened Ima was prolly one of the most happy go lucky people you could meet now Ima feel like fkn Krusty the clown…My daughter was born in 2004 work it out……/10513478…
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    • Rachelle Morgan You need help, turning into a pot head and alcoholic isn’t gonna help you
      Like · 3 · 13 July at 10:13

    • Stuart Wilson Weed and whiskey. I work and couldn’t afford that kind if “self-medication”. Get off your arse and get a job, then you’ll get some self respect and maybe earn some respect. Don’t expect the world to pay for your drugs and alcohol. Insomnia? Get a nightshift job.
      Like · 8 · 13 July at 10:16

    • Jack Jenkinson i have a friend whos been diagnosed has having serrious mental health issues for years hes begged for help and what does he get stuck on huge amounts of anti depressants gets to see a psychiatrist if hes lucky once very 3 months theres a lot of people like that simply if you have mental health problems seems until you end up in broadmoor having done someone harm your just a perscription
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy clueless insomnia does not mean that someone is awake all night and sleeps during the day it means can not sleep do not know when sleep can be obtained, sometimes not sleeping for two to three days on the go yeap you both sound narcissistic some folk that hit the bottle only hit the bottle once a month just to sleep as for weed it is smoked in hospitals in IsraHELL
      Like · 13 July at 10:21 · Edited

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy my blog the guy in the pic behind salmond is me…
      Like · 13 July at 10:26

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy and no my daughters abuse was covered up by the same clowns in the court and childrens services including grampian police that covered up Hollie Greigs abuse…
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    • Ryan Carr i feel for ya m8, ignore them they are ignorant
      Like · 1 · 13 July at 10:28

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy thankyou bro
      Unlike · 1 · 13 July at 10:29

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Stuart can not even spell whisky lol says enough eh…
      Like · 13 July at 10:36 · Edited

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy There is a difference between folk that decline help and folk like myself that seek help but are denied…
      Like · 2 · 13 July at 10:39

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Personally would love to be working welding away but know for a fact that Ima could not go back to being a rope access technician due to safety reasons as rope access tech’s have to be alert on the look out for their fellow RAT’s at all times…
      Like · 13 July at 10:43

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy The state protect abusers and allow abusers to destroy victims in every way they can
      Like · 13 July at 10:51

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy The truth of it……/1947585…
      Like · 13 July at 10:53 · Edited

    • Rachelle Morgan Iv had cr*p with SS as well. You need genuine help because drugs and alcohol are not going to help u. Get your life sorted
      Like · 1 · 13 July at 12:41

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy lmao ima dunni take drugs, weed is a herb and a medicine which ima hardly smoke anymore as for alcohol ima do not drink often but when ima do yeap ima down a half bottle to a bottle to knock myself out for a decent zzzzZZZZZ if ima not slept for 3 days on the go…
      Like · 13 July at 14:08 · Edited

    • Ka-chun Chu Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy: Just take your (free) medication, please! You are unwell! Stop keep on making excuses for yourself and living in self-denial like an alcoholic, which you are also one already anyway!
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Ima do not get prescribed medication apart from sleeping tablets and painkillers as my head GP knows that anti depressants have an adverse reaction on me and also he knows the only thing that will sort me out is that Aberdeen city services are brought to justice for neglect and my daughters abusers also then yes Ima be able to sleep well…
      Like · 13 July at 17:20

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy That is not going to happen as they are protected by the crown…
      Like · 13 July at 17:20

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Have you seen this on your telly or in your media? Even the old punk in your profile picture knows about Hollies abuse cover-up
      Like · 1 · 13 July at 17:25

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy
      Like · 13 July at 17:26

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy You sir are the one that should be on medication to wakey wakey you up from what is going on not just to me but to many parents within the UK…
      Like · 13 July at 17:28

    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Child abuse does not only effect the children involved it effects the parents the grandparents the whole family is effected…
      Like · 13 July at 17:31 · Edited

    • Nat Cully Big hugs Malcolm, you prob never will get justice x
      Like · 1 · Yesterday at 10:05

    • Ka-chun Chu Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy: I give up! I mean, how are you supposed to get justice for anyone else, even your own flesh and blood, when you can’t actually look after yourself properly without having to make a claim on the State?! Anyway, just vote “Aye” in the Referendum and let Mr. Salmond as your new G.G. and P.M. to sort you out with Scotland’s own money for once, thank God!
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy…/1383630…
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Ima look after myself fine thanks for your concern though Ka-chun Chu…
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Ima dunni want nothing off the state except to see them demons brought to justice…


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