A building series about State collusion in depravity

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THE PAEDOFILE: Sheffield Judge in sex-abuse denial as Rochdale MP’s hypocrisy on paedophiles revealed.

Why, if you’re looking for help against a pervert, the last thing you should do is approach the judiciary or a legislator A Judge retires to consider his verdict. Judge Alan Goldsack QC (left) of Sheffield Crown Court spoke out last …Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: Why exactly was this particular fellow chosen to adjudicate in the McAlpine-Bercow case?

Michael Tugendhat….judging Bercow Tediously, a very poor legal judgement earlier in this truly depressing week for justice forces me to make one thing clear at the outset of this post. After extensive enquiries, and genuinely to the very best of … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: A matter of £135m….and 90% under-reporting of missing children

Today: making money and missing kids, Cyril Smith investigation Risen from the Dead, and how the MoD ignores the abuse of army-heroes’ children This edition looks at just three of the many different motives behind the under-reporting and otherwise covering-up … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: How rubbish parents, recent technology and royal connections aid the incorrigible child molester

Andrew & Charles….a little help from their friends New danger from technology, old case of It’s a Royal Knockout The Daily Express ‘reveals’ today that – “shockingly” –  a large proportion of parents think pupils as young as five or …Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: How rubbish parents, recent technology and royal connections aid the incorrigible child molester

Andrew & Charles….a little help from their friends New danger from technology, old case of It’s a Royal Knockout The Daily Express ‘reveals’ today that – “shockingly” –  a large proportion of parents think pupils as young as five or …Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: GMP denies Cyril Smith case being dropped, digs deeper hole for itself.

New in this post: is this where all those GMP avenues were leading? L to r…Rowen, Smith, ginger bloke For those of you who haven’t yet seen it, the good old Rochdale local press has run a GMP ‘denial’ of … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: Cyril Smith ‘victim’ claims police ordered to call off their dogs by ‘on high’.

Big Cyril….interesting choice of teeshirt And German Greens reveal paedophile history repeating itself A Mancunian male claiming to be a victim of sexual abuse by Cyril Smith emailed The Slog just before Monday lunchtime to allege that Greater Manchester Police … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: Why West Yorkshire Police, Ben fellowes, and Bradford Council are either mad or cunning

Would you trust Ken Clarke with Ben Fellowes, Jimmy Savile with a policeman, or Bradford Council with anything? As to whether Ben Fellowes (left) is mad or a double-agent, the case continues. His latest posting about Kennneth Clarke is a … Continue reading →
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BREAKING: Stuart Hall, Bill Roache and Owen Oyston linked to top Tory dirty tricks history

Why did Barbara Hewson choose now to enter the debate so controversially? The charges, motives, political figures, police victimisation, local government corruption and legal ramifications of the Great Celebrity Distraction Campaign took a sensational turn overnight. Further Slog desk research … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: First official glimmer of hope as Fernbridge cops admit ‘Elm House part of wider conspiracy’.

Featured today: cover-up in Salford, father of groomed son’s struggle to nail a pervert, and Stuart Hall’s Parliamentary chums Elm House…..’part of a loosely organised, wider network of paedophiles and pornographers’ Like J Edgar Hoover denying the existence of the … Continue reading →
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EXCLUSIVE: Met unearths sex crimes of very dead people

Scotland Grave Yard at work: exclusive Slog photo In a daring series of distracting dawn raid gestures yesterday, Metropolitan police took several thousand bones into custody. Swooping on countless car parks and Time Team digs, specialist sex-crime officers were this … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: Stuart Hall references to ‘parliamentary accomplice’ add grist to Westminster paedophile mill

Hall….predator or patsy? The peer who was Hall’s friend, the spies who abused Kincora boys, and the MPs who tried to normalise paedophilia academically Since the Stuart Hall verdict was announced, several websites have referred to the Establishment ‘help’ he … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: The Establishment decides to fight Secret Family Courts with Secret celeb prosecutions.

Why was it necessary to try Stuart Hall in camera? The more one gets into the area of child sex-abuse, the murkier it gets. Eight years and eleven separate promises of action later, the Secret Family Courts are still secret. … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: Police investigating the previous police investigation which investigated the one before that find themselves investigating the Police Complaints Commission

Can thirty years of failure in Richmond really be down to incompetence? As the evidence of paedophile child-trafficking cover-ups in Richmond goes from slightly sneaky to the multiply slimey, the absence of any arrests is getting harder and harder to … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: What connects Welsh care home tragedies to the Secret Family Courts?

Britain treats its frail children as pawns in a ghastly game of privilege. We should all be ashamed. At The Slog on April 13th 2010, in a moment of optimistic triumphalism, and following an investigation by Judge Nicholas Wall, I …Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: Did David Cameron refer to “gay smears” in order to protect Tory Elm House paedophiles?

CHE’s blatant attempt to get old paedophile charges wiped out Cameron on the ITV sofa…defending gays or covering for paedophiles? Growing suspicions in and around the Elm House paedophile investigation: senior Conservatives “hiding Downing Street connections to paedophile activists in … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: Are paedophilephiles simply daft, or is there something else going on?

Helen Reece….is anyone really this silly? In today’s Daily Telegraph, there is a report (which I have checked out fully) about how Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home …Continue reading →
April 3, 2013 · 9:32 am |

A PAEDOFILE SPECIAL: The Fat Kitten at the CICA on £95,000 a year who keeps sex-abuse victims waiting for their compensation

Three years after an ‘urgent review’ of the CICA, Carole Oatway is still there. Why? …and Why has Ken Clarke made it harder for sex-abuse victims to claim compensation? The disgrace of an Establishment ethically unable to prosecute paedophiles among … Continue reading →
April 2, 2013 · 7:21 am

THE PAEDOFILE: Mass grave in Miami stuns the US

Is this America’s Haut le Garenne? 50 hidden graves near old school Scientists are exhuming bodies thought to have been Wards of the now defunct Dozier School for Boys. Last week, soil-penetrating radar revealed nearly 50 unmarked graves that the … Continue reading →
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Yesterday’s revelation that the man in police custody is Rolf Harris represented yet more distraction away from the mainstream of British paedophilia. But The Slog will continue to report the reality. This from a victim of sexual abuse by John … Continue reading →
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THE PAEDOFILE: A conflict of interest waiting to become a scandal

How to protect every paedophile in Britain International children’s services provider, Core Assets Group has announced the acquisition of Carter Brown Associates Ltd – the UK’s leading family expert witness firm. It is at best regulatory indolence and at worst … Continue reading →
March 27, 2013 · 11:40 am | Edit

THE PAEDOFILE: Downing Street accused of ‘gagging’ victim support groups

All Quiet on the Rocks Lane team as more history of blatant cover-up emerges Recently, a paedophilia victims support group was raided by police, and evidence removed. This morning, Downing Street stands accused of restricting funds to help people sexually … Continue reading →
March 10, 2013 · 2:36 pm | Edit

Nick Clegg, the Man from Nowhere

Still approximately 24 years behind the music, Ed Miliband has said it is “not wrong or prejudiced” to worry about immigration. Given his Party has only just started being concerned about it at all (now the country is roughly 20% …Continue reading →
March 8, 2013 · 9:02 am | Edit

PAEDOPHILIA: How one piece of news can kill a novel

There is a paedophile syndicate that runs across the British Establishment at every level. When will it be purged? This is one of the oddest posts I’ve ever put up. Yesterday by email, somebody sent me this flashback to an … Continue reading →


Slog prediction vindicated….but not enough of it. We’ve been waiting fifty years. Where are the big arrests we’ve been promised? Boothby…..never went to prison The week before last I ran a piece based on good sources about Richmond Council employees … Continue reading →
February 3, 2013 · 12:15 pm | Edit

PAEDOPHILES IN POLITICS: A Beecher’s Brook of a scandal which may yet unseat David Cameron

With the issue of EU membership neutralised for the time being, the Prime Minister neverthless still faces the problem of upcoming Newscorp cases in which he is clearly implicated. But towering above any other obstacle is the emerging depth and … Continue reading →
January 27, 2013 · 3:29 am | Edit

ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Cyril Smith named, but Coalition in fear of evidence closer to home about Rocks Lane parties

Brittan worked for Cameron, promoted Clegg Brittan….speculation about Rocks Lane scandal As the late MP Cyril Smith was last night named as a suspect in the case of paedophile parties at the Elm guest house in Rocks Lane Barnes, media … Continue reading →
January 22, 2013 · 10:12 am | Edit

ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Richmond Council in the frame

Sources close to the Rocks Lane paedophile investigation centred on the Elm Guest House in Barnes told The Slog today that the Fernbridge specialist police unit (now moving rapidly towards arrests) has earmarked Richmond Council employees as key suspects in … Continue reading →
January 20, 2013 · 7:59 am | Edit

ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Three face arrest, public figures implicated

Westland helicopter scandal dragged into Fernbridge investigation Following the Slogpost of a few days ago predicting imminent arrests in relation to the Elm Guest House paedophile scandal, I understand that three people will initially face charges. I also have two … Continue reading →

Paedophile lawyers and legal aid scams in Scotland:

The Crown Office, quashed paedophile charges, perversion of the course of justice, embezzling millions from the taxpayer, State collusion with organised crime, and death in Pakistan On 23rd May 2007, a prominent Scottish QC appeared in Court – this time … Continue reading →

PAEDOPHILE POWER: You ask how Jimmy Savile got away with it….read this.

Top Dutch official faces Demmink evidence…but still walks free A long last, the Dutch government has brought somebody involved in a paedophile case to Court. The Dutch nation eagerly awaits the result of the man’s second trial that begins today, … Continue reading →


Lets end the daft muddle, and start poking into the dark puddle As more details emerge of the Rotherham ‘UKIP foster parents’ case, it is I’m afraid turning into a classic of the kind I witnessed several times on the … Continue reading →

Facebook paedophile plans further legal action against networking site

What happens when the authorities neglect their duty We have rampant paedophobia in Britain – thanks to endemic paedophilia. We deserve to have neither. A Facebook page set up to monitor paedophiles has been removed after a judge in Northern … Continue reading →

England vs Foreigners in the Leveson Cup: it was a game of two halves, squire.

Somehow, Boris, Rupert and Alistair snatched victory in the needle match between decent journalism and tabloid toadies I’m indebted to The Slog’s peripatetic media correspondent Dietrich von Ausland for reminding me about the foreign ownership thing in relation to Leveson. … Continue reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Judge with long track-record of bizarre paedophile verdicts becomes resident Judge in Exeter.

Seven years bad luck for abuse victims in the West Country Astonishing decision to promote controversial ‘paedophile-soft’ Judge On 2nd August 2012, Judge Francis Gilbert QC (left) was appointed resident judge at Exeter. He has a long – and  to … Continue reading →

At the End of the Day

Oh God, not more rumour and innuendo Over the last five years, two secretive societies kept coming onto my radar over and over again. The first was the Masons, and the second was Common Purpose. I have a deep and … Continue reading →

ROTHERHAM: Childcare boss in UKip row presided over paedophile epidemic:

but her only aim was to find the whistle-blower The Director in charge of Children’s Services for Rotherham Joyce Thacker (left) called in South Yorkshire police nearly three months ago on the issue of child protection failures in the region. … Continue reading →

At the End of the Day

Oh God, not more rumour and innuendo Over the last five years, two secretive societies kept coming onto my radar over and over again. The first was the Masons, and the second was Common Purpose. I have a deep and … Continue reading →

ROTHERHAM: Childcare boss in UKip row presided over paedophile epidemic:

but her only aim was to find the whistle-blower The Director in charge of Children’s Services for Rotherham Joyce Thacker (left) called in South Yorkshire police nearly three months ago on the issue of child protection failures in the region. … Continue reading →

Rotherham in 2012 is bad enough: but the 2008 Stafford psychiatric childcare fraud is still in play.

Serial child-napping fraud George Hibbert is still at large and in practice. Can Jeremy Hunt explain why? The last few days have seen the spotlight on a Left-dominated Rotherham Council behaving in….well, the manner we’ve grown used to when it … Continue reading →

Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Shaun Woodward, and convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein

HOW THE POWER OF PRIVILEGE PROTECTS THE PERVERT: A CASE HISTORY Epstein and friend, Prince Andrew In a previous post earlier this week, The Slog suggested that the main weapon protecting Establishment paedophiles is genuine fear among the elite about … Continue reading →

IGNORING THE PAEDOPHILE THREAT: 17,727 child sex abuse cases recorded, only 1600 convictions

The political bollocks, ignorance and cover-up protecting sociopathic sexuality: another double-header from The Slog As a distinguished blogger pointd out to me yesterday, the paedophile scandal is turning into a cross between political football and media circus. The protection of … Continue reading →

The paedophile cover-up: don’t kid yourself that this is something new.

HAGUE’S APPEAL TO THE SECURITY OF THE NATION IS SIMPLY THE LATEST PLOY. WE WOULD ALL DO WELL TO SEE IT IN A HISTORICAL CONTEXT. Hague…gearing up for listening in In the Daily Telegraph this morning, Foreign Secretary and State … Continue reading →

The Sunday Splash

There is great news for Michael Parkinson in today’s soaraway Sunday Sun: Emu was a paedophile, and Rod Hull was a groper. We don’t need ‘allegedly’ in this observation, because poor old Rod fell off his roof adjusting the TV …Continue reading →

Pandora’s box of British paedophiles: why the unknown nature of the contents keeps the lid on them.

Part Two of today’s Slog Special unveils the key four-letter word: FEAR Masons perform odd rituals, bullies choose positions of power, and exclusive clubs tolerate unspeakable practices. But the central truth I have arrived at in relation to institutional paedophilia … Continue reading →

THE PAEDOFILE: Red herrings,old meat and new developments as Tom Watson stays silent

Thatcher’s rear-gunner Sir Peter Morrison Lord McAlpine, Boris Johnson, Edwina Currie, and David Mellor: an examination of motives The Establishment (along with countless hacks and bloggers) have known for aeons that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher appointed a serial sex abuser … Continue reading →

THE PAEDOFILE: Lawyers 4, Justice 4

(Extra time being played) Some facts appear to be coming clearer as Britain tries to grasp the nature of the Wikipaedofile, and the fecundity of the McAlpine family. I’m now informed by a BBC insider that, although the initial impression … Continue reading →

Smoke Signals

The paedophile net tightens, smokescreen or not. Somebody knew the PM of many years ago rather well. She was hotter under the collar than a Madras curry when she found out who the PM had appointed. Although the Establishment may … Continue reading →

Islamist gets his freedom, the EU gets another tick from Westminster, bankers’ safety-net strengthened….

….10,000 UK kids a year abscond from care to evade sexual abuse Which form of freedom should come first? Abu Qatada is a fashionably high-profile Human Rights recipient, whose newly confirmed permission to stay in the UK (while in the … Continue reading →


We don’t want an emergency debate about the the BBC. We want a proper debate about the shameful treatment of Steven Messham. Dear Ed Just a few minutes ago, as yet unconfirmed news arrived to say that the Bryn Estyn …Continue reading →

The McAlpine ‘shame on BBC’ smears: Something for Sir Alfred to explain…

Alfred ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine….teenage chauffeurs Hounding Steven Messham, smears in the Mail, threats against MPs, & police complicity In what I admit is something of a risk, The Slog today tries to blow away some of the dry-ice being liberally sprayed … Continue reading →

OPINION: We should be applauding Schofield, not gagging him

The very Establishment leaders busy castigating the BBC over the Jimmy Savile affair are now protecting paedophiles at large from the House of Commons to Sky News. Bullying the tv media is crass hypocrisy, and the media reaction thus far … Continue reading →

The Sunday Splash

The two men suffering most in the public eye this weekend are David Cameron and Jimmy Savile. Mr Cameron is a living Prime Minister and Savile is a dead paedophile, but the coverage of each is roughly equal – with … Continue reading →

From the Archives

Given the current obsessions with Jimmy Savile and Gary McKinnon, I thought Sloggers might like to cast their eyes over this piece from April 2010: Supreme Court: Paedophile rights more important than autistic rights. The judge heading up our Supreme Court … Continue reading →

Paedophiles in Power: Why Jimmy Savile got away with it.

The Slog has been scanning recent articles in search of powerful perverts. TODAY: THE LABOUR PARTY Some of you may have noticed that Ed Miliband has called for the Government to set up an independent inquiry into the Jimmy Savile … Continue reading →

Sunday Splash

The national obsession with Jimmy Savile’s alleged paedophilia continues. This morning, the Telegraph investigates how the police let prisoners down in failing to nab him. As this torrent of accusation gathers speed, I have reluctantly had to conclude that I … Continue reading →

CHILD ABUSE: Why Harriet Harman and Ed Balls should face charges of criminal neglect

Today’s Times exclusive (£walled no links found) about endemic paedophile networks run almost exclusively by the Pakistani community in Britain  reveals yet another South Yorkshire plod cover-up. But above all, it is about three things: 1. The obvious dangers of … Continue reading →

Illegal camerawork at The Groucho Club:

was it a missing link in the Hackgate saga? On the trail of Groucho members, Newscorpers, and Shadow Ministers The story so far: we know that the Groucho Club run by JHJ Lewis indulged in unregulated surveillance. We know that … Continue reading →


Is this an amoral shit greeting a Crooked bastard at the Olympic games? And if so, which one is JHJ Lewis backing? DAY 2 OF THE GROUCHO-HUNT FILES The man who bankrolled Jeremy Hunt’s controversial visit to New York in …Continue reading →

VETTING & BARRING: If nothing else, we are seeing a return to commonsense

Ed Balls was quick to tweet that new Home Secretary Theresa May (left) was ‘woefully ignorant’ in abandoning his mad Vett & Bar scheme. (See numerous Slogs passim, but especially this one). And The Slog was quick to tweet back … Continue reading →

Supreme Court: Paedophile rights more important than autistic rights.

The judge heading up our Supreme Court rationalised its decision to delist two serious sex offenders on human rights grounds today. Lord Phillips said the offenders’ list notification requirements were ‘an interference with their rights’ – in the case of … Continue reading →

OPINION: Why does anyone imagine the local council will be any more honest than the Catholic Church?

We should learn from the secrecy and suppression of the Vatican mindset The question of paedophilia in our country is ruled by all the wrong instincts. On the one hand, we have the tabloid press keen to tell us that … Continue reading →

34 thoughts on “THE PAEDOFILE

  1. Why can’t CEOP take faces from the evidence they hold and run facial recognition and reverse image searches against facebook (other social media sites are available) and on the internet?
      • [youtube]
  2. As a former constituent of Jeremy Hunt, I have been deeply concerned about Slog reports that he (Hunt) accepted various donations from a committed Conservative backer, J H J Lewis, prior to becoming a cabinet minister. Lewis is said to be former chairman of the Groucho Club in London and that, under his watch, the club hosted a paedophile website. I have written to Hunt asking if he considers his acceptance of these donations to be approriate. His response was “I have no knowledge of this”. Given the Slog blogs, it strikes me as extraordinary that he has not taken the trouble to investigate. Following recent campaigns by various prominent Conservative politicians to demonstrate their tough approach to child abuse and paedophilia, I have written to David Cameron, Theresa May, Maria Miller and Nicola Blackwood drawing their attention to these donations and asking if they consider them to be acceptable. Only Nicola Blackwood has replied and she has said that she cannot intervene, as I am not a constituent. She recently introduced a back bench debate on Child Sexual Exploitation and, according to her website, spoke of her dismay at the ongoing problem of child sexual exploitation. Some dismay! The Home Office has said that I should contact the police if I suspect paedophilia. So these MPs (all but one of them ministers) are happy to grab headlines by denouncing paedo activities, but close ranks if one of their own is under suspicion. I have not, incidentally, accused Hunt of immoral activities, but asked for the source of his funding to be investigated. How strange that leading Conservatives are more than happy to criticise Labour for accepting union money, but refuse to look into the integrity of their own donors.

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