Alex Salmond has today included in his independence address the astonishing claim that it would lead to a “fairer and more democratic Scotland”. Not under Salmond and his little gang, it wouldn`t.

How does he equate these concepts with the fact that I was snatched from the street by detectives at the beginning of my parliamentary election campaign in Aberdeen South in 2010, in order to challenge the SNP`s Mark McDonald and expose the SNP`s failure over the Hollie Greig case?

I was immediately then denied my human rights to legal representation and banned from the constituency and in fact, the whole of Aberdeenshire, in which Mr Salmond`s own constituency lies.

This action was not just an attack on me nor on Hollie Greig`s quest for justice, but on parliamentary democracy itself.

How then does the First Minister equate “fairness and democracy” with the single politically controlled police force that he has installed?

How does he equate these concepts with the fact that one solicitor, Peter Watson of Levy & McRae, represents the Scottish Police, Elish Angiolini, has a former Levy & McRae man as Justice Secretary and represents Mr Salmond himself ?

That is not all. By its own admission on its website, Levy & McRae represents all Scotland`s major broadcasting media. How on earth can Mr Salmond explain why he thinks these blatant conflicts of interest will lead to greater “fairness and democracy”?

Of course, we may be sure that none of the Scottish media  will dare to challenge Salmond on these fundamental points of public interest. The all-powerful Professor Watson will simply not allow it.

Just to remind everyone again that in respect of the Hollie Greig case, Salmond`s government, in 2011, breached sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Act in its repeated refusals to supply the Commissioner Kevin Dunion with the information required about Hollie.

Mr Dunion said “If the Ministers fail to comply with my decision, I have the right to certify that Ministers have failed to comply. The Court of Session can treat the failure as a contempt of court.

Thus , Alex Salmond`s entire government came within 24 hours of facing potential criminal charges.

Have the Scottish people been made aware of this dramatic event in what must be a matter of overriding public interest?

Of course not, Peter Watson would not permit the dear leader to face such likely public opprobium.

Meanwhile, in this fairer and more democratic country, Tim Rustige (Rusty) is now facing a five-day trial commencing 24th February, which is three days longer that the original was intended to be. Could it be that the trio of Sylvia Major, Elish Angiolini and Win Dragon will finally face cross-examination under oath?

The basis for this persecution of a brave international human rights activist is that he is to have publicly objected to Angiolini`s suitability to be installed as Principal of St Hugh`s College, Oxford, which she claims has caused her “alarm and distress”. Such alarm and distress must be significantly worse that the horrifying rape ordeals endured by Hollie Greig and probably, many other children and the disabled in Aberdeen. The poor woman must have suffered much more than the Lockerbie case`s Mr Al-Megrahi, terminally ill and locked away far from his home and family for years in a Scottish jail after being blatantly framed, with Angiolini`s knowledge and collaboration.

May I ask again for full support for Rusty from all decent people who really do believe in fairness and democracy?

The People`s Voice took to the air yesterday. The United Kingdom as a whole desperately needs the fundamental freedoms of the press and expression that it has been surreptitiously denied. As an example, if only the mainstream media had followed the example of David Icke in accusing Savile of his crimes whilst he was alive, how many ruined lives would have been saved, how many nightmare ordeals prevented?

That is why the country needs to return to true freedom.

I shall be interviewed by Sonia Poulton on The People`s Voice this Thursday, the 28th November. The programme begins at 17.15hrs.

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