The return of the quinn a nonncy poncy

And the poster boy for the misuse of this was John Major vs Scallywag magazine (A sort of “extreme” Private Eye, more outrageous and less due diligence)
They printed a story that the erstwhile PM was playing away. The alleged other party was his housekeeper. Or cook, I forget. Either way, WH Smith stopped distributing the mag under the cloud of the court case and Scallywag went under (if you’ll pardon the phrase under the circumstances).
We now know, of course, that the Scallywag story was correct. They just had the wrong “other party”. I do have to say, though, that if they’d claimed it was the true person – the “fragrant” Edwina Currie – it would have been an even less believable story. Fact stranger than fiction, and all that.
IMHO, it’s a gross miscarriage of justice that Major has never been accused of perjury over that mostly-forgotten saga. It’s happened to enough other politicians who’ve done that trick to avoid scrutiny.

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