The Return of the Quinn

after 9 months silence Golum returns

Give some thought to the puzzle pieces you have already. Start with those who are sufficiently interested in porn to keep accounts with sites that supply it. Is a “milf with young boy” scenario not something those sites promote? Although the boy is invariably a young man and no children are involved. Who trawls these things? What would they find? All it would take is for someone to find material containing a female who sufficiently resembled the woman in question for the touchpaper to be lit. Clue: they have had screenshots in circulation for some time, that’s no three-year-old, and it is questionable who the “Russian Mom” might be. But I wouldn’t doubt the some people have copies on their safely in custody “tech”.


That is your conclusion not mine karnevilnine. What I said was that particular screenshots have been passed around within certain circles and I voiced an opinion based on that. I would strongly advise anyone against accessing any type of pornography under any circumstances, what would be found here however are not by any means child sex abuse images. I only suggest that those who are known to access general pornography within that little claque are worthy of closer attention. And yes EC, those are people known to the authorities at various levels for various reasons.

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