Sweeping Away The Secrecy

The UK Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT) has been established by Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse and their supporters.

The People’s Tribunal is an independent body that emerges from the need of Survivors to be heard and in response to their determination to secure Government and Parliamentary acknowledgment of the extent of Institutional Child Sex Abuse in the UK and Crown Dependencies.

Its mandate is to examine cases of Institutional Child Sex Abuse upon request from individuals or civil society organizations in the context of alleged failings on the part of Government and Statutory bodies both national and local.

The People’s Tribunal seeks to augment the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse, originally set up by the Home Office of the UK Government.

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It is essential that survivors and witnesses are empowered to give evidence and this will be the tribunal’s guiding principle. Survivors will be supported in this process. It will provide a forum for those who want to give evidence and to do so in an environment to ensure that their voice is heard.

The intention is for the People’s Tribunal Panel to sit at various locations across the UK.

The People’s Tribunal process is based on recognised legal principles and requires a rigorous examination of facts and context. Once its work has been concluded, the verdict and resulting report will be delivered to the Home Secretary, other Government officials and interested parties.

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Campaign Steering Committee

Cheryl Corless
Cheryl is the daughter of an Irish Catholic care survivor and was thrown into UK care at 14, where she was sexually, physically and emotionally abused for 3 years. She has lost her children twice for forced adoption for the “future risk of emotional harm” because of issues from her abuse in the care system.

She believes much of the care system is corrupt and not fit for purpose. She has helped many survivors over the years and knows the problem of sexual abuse in the care system is devastating and enormous. Cheryl believes it’s time for all survivors of abuse to have a voice. She herself has made numerous complaints to social services over 20 years about her treatment and was told to forget it as if she didn’t matter.

She has never been offered any help or support in any way for what happened. She lost her children to the same system that failed her so badly. Cheryl is 100 percent for the survivors. She is committed to them all and has risked jail to be heard in her quest for justice. She is a campaigner against forced adoption, as well as justice for survivors.
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Chris Stacey
Chris is a survivor of child sex abuse. Educated at Eton and Keele University, he worked in Insurance & Pensions in London including Scottish Widows, William M Mercer Ltd, and Hymans Robertson, Actuaries. In 2003 as he came to terms more and more with his abuse (which was not institutional), he decided on a change of direction.

He has been working in a successful Pupil Referral Unit in Hertfordshire with pupils from Secondary Schools in the area. He is committed to helping change attitudes towards Child Sex Abuse in the UK, ensuring that people and authorities take action / investigate and no longer brush abuse under the carpet.
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Samantha Hill
“I’ve experienced the struggle to be heard and when I realised there was so much Institutional corruption and victim blaming going on around me I decided to try and make a difference. Some of my closest friends were victims of sexual abuse in school and within families. One or two are no longer with us to help take up this struggle so I am happy to do it for them.
My experience of the mental health system in my teens and seeing every human condition limited to a diagnosis led me to join MIND in Shropshire. I was interviewed on the radio and ran a drop in group after having some training in counselling. When I returned to my home town, I again saw mishandling of power, not only with my attempts at justice. So with friends, I designed surveys for people to describe their experience of the institutions care and attitude and what should be changed.
When Institutions work collaboratively and use information sharing etc. they often defame those they should help, either carelessly or deliberately if they have something they want to silence. So I wrote my book “An Oath To Hell” six years ago based on some experiences, but fictionalised, illustrated and without names.”
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Joanne Welch
Joanne Welch helped to found The People’s Tribunal during 2014. She had earlier been inspired by child sexual abuse survivors fighting to secure truth and justice, for themselves. Armed with John Cooper QC’s generous pro bono advice on the generic idea of PT’s, she set about inviting others to consider the idea.

Her voluntary work to enhance the life chances of children and young people evolved out of her own family’s ethos to help individuals and communities to help themselves.

She has worked mainly in PR, publishing and the public sector (including a safeguarding children board); she then became an independent councillor and latterly trained as a parliamentary outreach facilitator; her objective being to assist ordinary people to peacefully change politics and to lawfully take power for themselves.

She is now calling for a global summit to end child sexual abuse to complement the global summit to end sexual violence in conflict and whose UN Special Envoy is Angelina Jolie accompanied with her husband Brad Pitt.

If you would like to become a special envoy to the global summit to end child sexual abuse or support it in any way, please contact her using her mobile on 07516 868205.

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Maria Darrer 
Maria has been an online anti child abuse campaigner for some years and is keen to help towards giving survivors a voice. She has worked mainly in Finance & Administration and bringing up her four wonderful children.
Inspired by the original talk by John Cooper QC on the principles and possibilities of a People’s Tribunal, led her to believe that good people, if they stand together, can really achieve big things.
Quietly determined, always sensitive and here to help in whatever way she can.
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Regina Paulose (Chair)
Regina has her Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law and her Masters of Law in International Crime and Justice from the University of Turin.

She has practiced as an Attorney for the last 10 years.

She is an author at A Contrario ICL.
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