The Paedophile Hunter Returns With “The Film They Tried To Ban”


The Paedophile Hunter Returns With “The Film They Tried To Ban”


For the past couple of years I have worked tirelessly to push my mission harder and further whilst being mindful to not repeat the same thing or go through the motions just because it is the easiest route to take and this had a real knock on effect resulting in things not working out.

Everything after the release of ‘The Paedophile Hunter’ has been a pretty hectic rollercoaster filled with more pain and heartache than happiness and joy and I want to share that story with you all.

That’s why in spring 2018 I am releasing a film (currently titled) ‘The Film they Tried to Ban’ – this film will be made up of unseen footage and clips people didn’t want you to see including newly shot footage, interviews and paedophile hunter stings.

I will be releasing it for FREE online (release date to be confirmed)

I expect to run into some legal grief with it and I certainly expect some backlash from those I have previously ‘worked’ with and that’s fine, this story needs to be told and these people need to be ‘exposed’ – I need to tell everyone openly and honestly what has gone on, podcasts, interviews or a Facebook live video just doesn’t ‘cut it’ with me – I feel like I am doing everyone a disservice.

As I have said I will be releasing this film for FREE but if you want to support me and my other projects you can donate via the link below – any donations are greatly appreciated.

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