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    Second Oath Requirement for Uncorroborated Evidence

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    The long-running and bitter dispute between the government and the legal profession regarding the proposed abolition of the requirement for corroboration in Scottish Criminal Procedure is set to take a fresh twist this afternoon as the Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill, is set to announce a new compromise position in order to appease detractors.
    The new plan still envisions abolishing the requirement for corroboration, but will replace it with a new procedural step that will require witnesses to swear a secondary oath when they are speaking to uncorroborated pieces of evidence.
    Unlike the initial oath which is taken by all witnesses appearing in Scottish Courts, the swearing of which requires the oath taker to raise their right hand, palm facing out; the new secondary oath will only be sworn by witnesses speaking to uncorroborated facts and will be sworn still with the right hand raised, palm facing out, but with the thumb holding the down the little finger and only the index, middle and third fingers raised.
    Pria Ollof, a leading researcher of the think tank Lasting Innovation and Enterprise Scotland who first nurtured the concept of the secondary oath, claimed that its introduction is an attempt to reconcile the differences between the abolitionists and the Save Corroboration campaign.
    Speaking to the Firm last Thursday, Ms Ollof said: “We listened to the views of those opposed to abolishing corroboration and found that the most commonly cited reason for the opposition was the effect it would have on the rights of the accused. In effect, abolishing the requirement for corroboration would swing the pendulum of fairness in criminal procedure too far in favour of the state. The idea of the secondary oath would redress this and swing the pendulum back towards the individual.”
    Ms Ollof added that, although it was obvious that a witness may be tempted to lie after taking one oath, no one could possibly lie after taking two.
    No one in the Save Corroboration movement was available for comment, but the reaction in the twittershpere has been largely negative, with the hashtag #notosecondoath trending in Scotland for 6 hours after the proposals were first leaked. One unofficial account speaking for the movement @carlowaygoaway tweeted “New proposals re: 2ndary Oath r terrible”.
    It is understood that Mr MacAskill intends to introduce a bill into the Scottish Parliament before the end of the month where it is expected to receive cross-party support, although Conservative MSPs are rumoured to be considering proposing an amendment requiring the swearer of the oath to don a ceremonial neckerchief before swearing. Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson MSP, herself a former Brownie and latterly Brown Owl, used her facebook page to show her support for the plan and urged others to get behind the campaign. Scottish Conservatives will try and garner public support for the idea by selling cookies door-to-door.

    Lasting Innovation and Enterprise Scotland have also released details of the wording of the oath, which is set to be as follows:-
    “On my honour, I promise that I will do my best,
    To do my duty to God and to

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    Mr MacAskill will also use the press conference to address concerns that that secondary oath bears striking similarities by the oath sworn by Boy Scouts. The bill is expected to encounter fierce resistance both from the Save Corroboration movement and from Sure and Steadfast, a pressure group campaigning for the interests of the Boys Brigade.

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