You won’t believe who is on this list!!

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The Metropolitan Police Special Branch are in possession of the Elm Guest House VIP list (pictured). A large number of rich and powerful VIPs would attend “parties” at Elm Guest House where mostly white working class boys were trafficked from local care homes to be sexually abused and raped.

VIP list:
Anthony Blunt: Royal connections, MI5
Harvey Proctor: Convicted paedophile.
Sir Peter Bottomley: Worthing MP and Monday Club
Charles Irving
Leon Britton: Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
Peter Brooke: Life Peer
John Rowe: MI5, former MP
Cyril Smith: Deceased, ex Rochdale MP
Ron Brown
Colin Jordan: Politician and author
George Tremlett: Former GLC Leader
Peter Campbell
Gary Walker: Sinn Fein
Cliff Richard: Pop Star, known at Elm Guest House as ‘Kitty’
Jess Conrad: ex Pop Star.
Ron Wells: Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House.
Richard Miles
Chris Denning: ex BBC DJ, convicted paedophile.
R Langley: Buckingham Palace equerry
Terry Dwyer
Patrick Puddles
Louis Minster: Head of Richmond Social Services
Colin Peters, QC: Convicted paedophile
Steve Everett: Senior Westminster Social worker
Ray Wire: “Expert” on paedophile therapy
Peter Glencross
Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman



  1. I will always expects lists like these from my country – the media links to pedos is well established and these politicians etc are nothing more than fame hungry wannabes thanks to the circus that is our mainstream press.

    What’s more worrying is the lack of any media coverage of the Jewish lawsuit in the US that gives Iran until tomorrow to pay up or loose it’s Internet – along with millions of websites around the world that Microsoft has just “disappeared”.

    How long do we have left before we only have the mainstreams version of events and cannot even find the alternative because it has all been removed.


  2. Have you got any good links on the Iran thing and the Microsoft websites that have been removed so I can do a write up on it?


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