the kirknewton nonce has a hissy fit

Malkie says a lot of things, the question is, are they believable? I said it was “probably sheer coincidence that Ogilvy wasn’t in his usual place banging away at his keyboard!” What’s more, I didn’t name the family he’s been harassing, and let’s face it, he’s had a pop at everyone from the Pope to Ricky Dearman. Once again Malkie proves a point that has already been made about him, “poor little feeble-minded Malcolm is obviously too stupid to realise that the only person saying it was him is actually himself!” 😀 He’s certainly obsessed with a certain gentleman, who is apparently half the membership of this blog according to Malkie. But what possible reason would the man in question or anyone else have to “lie desperately” about Malkie? Apart from the usual thuggery you get with neds, what’s so special about Malkie? What exactly has been attributed to Malkie that can’t be backed up by cross-referencing it to other posts by other people? Including Malkie’s own admissions!!! The point is well made that Malkie HIMSELF is the one all over the internet whinging about being barred from seeing his daughter. He is also the one who has ADMITTED among his butt-hurt whining that a police officer confronted him with the fact he coached his daughter. Then there are the court orders he bangs on about. What’s more likely? He’s the victim of some huge demonic/satanic/masonic plot? Or he was caught banged to rights and only escaped prosecution to protect his daughter? Fact is, a certain gentleman’s work’s car was driven back to his house by a police officer at about 9pm on Saturday night, with the guy himself sitting in the passenger seat. It was followed in by a Traffic car. When they arrived at the house they all piled straight into the house outside of which there had been a police van sitting for a good 45 minutes the two officers from which were inside with the girl. Traffic left almost immediately, other cops arrived and they spent about another hour searching the back gardens and the open fields behind the house. People have asked him but he refuses to talk about it. What was that comment from Malkie about? Is he now threatening to knife the guy? And what’s Cameron’s house got to do with anything when he’s about it? Was that torched or something?


you will have put in a police report eh…….


Nah  didnae think so

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