Saturday, 4 January 2014


I have learned that Stuart Syvret, who has bravely fought to expose the shocking events at Haut De La Garenne children`s home, Jersey, has been jailed again. It hardly bears thinking about that Stuart  is imprisoned, whilst the perverted criminals whom he tried to expose, such as Jimmy Savile and his fellow magic circle monsters remained and those still alive remain at large to abuse and torture children at will. The very fact that Stuart Syvret is in prison again indicates that even after Savile, the British authorities are prepared to continue to protect high-level paedophiles at all costs.

What does that say about our country?

The interview by Brian Gerrish on the UK Column Live on 19th December can be viewed and I thank again those of you who have contacted me having seen the damning evidence shown, fully supporting Hollie`s claims  and condemning the authorities, including Alex Salmond, with his confirmed breaches of sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the FOI Act. It is a pity that Scotland`s so-called leader still remains a puppet of the vicious magic circle that really runs Scotland.

During the UK Column interview, Brian brought up the matter of Bill Maloney`s suggestion that whistleblowers who are involved in paedophile rings should be offered an amnesty if they are prepared to come forward. Given the way the ringleaders of such groups use threats and blackmail to terrorise those implicated as well as victims into remaining silent, I think that there is considerable merit in Bill`s idea. In Hollie Greig`s case, it may encourage at least one of the 29 named alleged perpetrators and victims, to come forward should protection be granted.

Of course, this all depends on whether the various governments of the United Kingdom actually want to stamp out the organised sexual abuse and trafficking of children and the disabled.

We shall see.

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