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Theatrics are a well known tool of sex abuser\r\rTheatrics are a well known tool of sex abusers. Play acting devil worship is a way enact a fantasy of being an evil rapist, while simultaneously terrifying your victim by adding a fear of the supernatural on to the fear of the situation itself. For sadistic, evil & cruel people, the ‘enjoyment’ can be in seeing genuine terror on the face of their victim, as well as the simple facts of sexual gratification.

The ‘beauty’ of this tactic is it also makes the victim totally unbelievable when they try to report. People will assume the victim is mad or making it up.

It does no one any favors when you make it a report about satanists, when this was more likely the play acting of sadistic abusers. It is what the victim believes that matters to these criminals. They play sick violent power games intended to destroy their victim inside and out, and make their story sound ridiculous to the police.


Tom Tailor415 days ago
Ritual Abuse & Structural Dissociation\r\rI wondered how Jimmy Saville got away with his deeds.
The connection with abuse rings makes perfect sense.

There is nothing illegal in group sex between consenting adults and acts of humiliation. However it is clear that the lack of self-respect and personal boundaries that underpins such acts can fairly easily get ‘out-of-hand’ at the fringe of such organisations – leading to risk of severe child abuse.

Child victims ‘dissociate’ to survive the pain and trauma. Their brains and body physiology develops differently – causing lifelong challenges such as DIssociative Identity Disorder (formerly know as Multiple Personality Disorder). Free resources with Adult Survivor accounts are available here:

Structural Dissociation is the emerging umbrella term that differentiates three levels of impact, and avoids the ‘Disorder’ labelling. Only a few professionals in the UK can at present recognise and formally assess this e.g. at the Pottergate Centre:

Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologist often fail to adequately diagnose the condition – read here why:

Perpetrator groups successfully cover up their crimes by pushing their victims into poverty and mental institutions – sometimes infiltrating exactly those Civil Service institutions that are meant to protect society.

david shurter Surname…417 days ago
THIS IS A BIGGER PROBLEM THAN MOST SUSPECT\r\rThere is a long history in my family concerning satanism, cult activity, and child trafficking in the US and it doesn't surprise me at all this is coming out now in the UK- since you guys are generally ahead of us. I fail to see how a country that had a HUGE eavesdropping scandal with Rupert M. and yet there was NOTHING that came out on Savile. That tells me that the coverup there is as strong as it is here.

I have a book called Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor's Story in which I detail the events in my life- and I also have a blog at DavidShurter.**** if anybody is interested in looking into the investigation that I have been spending years trying to spearhead.

These type of issues- that the truth in their validity- are going to start coming out more and more I think- and this is only the start of the avalanche. That is why there are so many people trying to nay say the whole thing.

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