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More on Holliehoax and Hoaxtead

On this blog, we’ve referred many times to the idea that the Hollie Greig sexual abuse hoax, which more or less sank into oblivion just prior to the Hampstead SRA hoax’s internet debut, was in many ways both a precursor to, and a rough template for, Hoaxtead.
In both instances, innocent children were forced to make foul allegations against not only their own fathers, but against a host of others—some of whom, in the Holliehoax case, turned out not to exist. Both involved public and private harassment of individuals, based on nothing more than those who “believe the children”, without stopping to think that perhaps the children might have been manipulated or abused in order to force them to say what unscrupulous adults wanted them to say. Both made extensive use of the online troofer community to ensure that the stories stayed uppermost in the minds of those prone to believing in conspiracy theories.
And of course, both involved certain actors—Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Charlotte Ward—who seemed involved in stage managing the hoaxes to maximise their appeal to the troofer community, while pointing to the ever-present “donate” button.
We were interested, then, when one of our commenters, more familiar than we are with the Holliehoax, offered some valuable insights into the hoax.

I’m very reliably informed by a “third party” that George Kouris of Manchester (the full address is easily found) registered the domain name on the 2nd of April this year – just after Google took down the Blogspot version of the site. The blog itself was and is still mainly the work of Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy – just read what’s written…… Ogilvy is infamous for “not being able to spell the word I” and insists on using the unexplanable “ima” grunting like the chimp he is……..
“@Holliegreigjust: surely you dinnae believe watkins?” – “Dinnae”, the Scots form of “do not” also commonly used by Ogilvy in his writing.
Lest we forget – Ogilvy is the very same man who tried and failed the very same scam as Draper and Christie did in an attempt to frame his daughter’s grandfather. The mistake he made was to actually hand the phone over to the police who quickly discovered evidence of him coaching her!

A word of explanation: Apparently Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy attempted to force his daughter to make false allegations of sexual abuse against her grandfather. Like Abe Christie and Ella Draper, he filmed the girl as she spoke…but he made the error of leaving the “practice sessions” on the phone for the police to find.
It’s widely thought that this was the inspiration for Abe and Ella’s brilliant idea of filming RD’s children and spreading it around the internet as “evidence” that they should be permanently barred from seeing their father again. As with Ogilvy, the cunning plan failed.

I also point out that Ogilvy is (I’ve been told to put alleged in here) alleged to have made a number of cranks phone calls and sent malicious emails to someone else who called him out on his nonsense. He made the mistake of using what is a fairly rare thing, a fixed IP belonging to a company near Aberdeen who rent what’s called a “T1 Line” from another company in Yorkshire, this was very quickly traced. The same person who was targeted has also had “certain individuals” turn up at what the hoaxers would believe to be their front door; not for a cosy chat either one would think. The “stalker” was arrested as the place is covered by extensive CCTV.
I was actually played a recording of one of the crank calls this morning, there is (to my ears) no doubting whose voice that is, and curiously enough something struck me about the language. The target of this abuse was urged in quasi-pious tone to (quote) “repent” – some similarity there I think to the rhetoric used by someone who thinks they’re in a position to grant “absolution” to Anna.
Ogilvy is a really nasty vicious thug not averse to sending his stoner mates round to try and put the frighteners on people. Attacking and inflicting psychological torment on dying, paralysed woman is just about his style and level.

We have to admit we find it strange that Ogilvy (and Kouris, who actually owns the “HollieGreigJustice” blog) would continue trying to beat that long-dead horse, but it would seem that troofers are nothing if not persistent (often to the point of diagnosable mental illness).
Alfred continues:

I’ve been asked to stress here, and I’ll quote as I don’t feel able to paraphrase…..
“Believing that Hollie Greig was abused does not mean that one also believes any aspect of what was promoted by the hoaxers. The findings of the CICA are perfectly clear and based on a professional examination of the facts. They go as far as the law can go in the circumstances. And they illuminate a ‘tiny grain of truth’ which is, and Mark Daly observed, washed away in a tide of nonsense.
And that is, in my view the thing that is at the heart of the purpose of the Hollie Grieg hoax, the obfuscation of that tiny grain of truth which, if further illuminated, will cause a ‘can of worms’ to be opened.
For the avoidance of doubt; those CICA findings do not, for a microsecond, support anything beyond what is the sickeningly-prosaic abuse of a vulnerable child by close relatives; as is so often the case where child abuse is concerned. – For clarity, that means the report does not support Robert Green’s claims. Equally well though the notion of there being “NO EVIDENCE” that Hollie was “EVER” abused really doth have a touch of the ‘Player Queen’ about it… Truly, queen Gertrude walks here, rattling her chains loudly! ”
As some have been saying all along, the Hollie Greig case/hoax is just not as “binary” as it’s usually painted. Had that “tiny grain of truth” been pursued it might well have lead to a whole nest of vipers being uncovered.
And personally I’m 100% convinced by those who say that both hoax and counter-hoax were part of one and the same operation to obscure that “tiny grain” – with a lot of innocent people sucked in on both sides. That’s particularly well-illustrated in the rotund shape of Greg Lance-Watkins who, as a matter of inescapable fact, has attempted to lead the charge ( and gain status for himself) from both sides! As Lincoln said, you can fool all of the people some of the time and I don’t blame Anna for being taken in by Watkins in the first instance, many people were and still are. But you don’t have to dig very far into him to discover what a complete and utter fraud he is – right up there with Belinda McKenzie! Fortunately, it seems that (as predicted) that nest of vipers is being dug out from another direction. And I for one hope that the inmates in certain Scottish prisons who don’t like nonces apply a little pressure for two particular scumbags to start talking. What we do know for sure though is that many roads lead to Morocco and Portugal.

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91 thoughts on “More on Holliehoax and Hoaxtead”

  1. As I’m here…
    In my view there was actually very little input from Hollie herself. The poor girl was simply paraded around like an exhibit. Like others I do believe she was abused and I am in accord with the conclusions reached in the CICA report. But that only reflects a probability of historical familial abuse. These certainly warrant further investigation, and in my view the individuals named should have been at least placed under close monitoring for evidence of further deviant behaviour ( maybe they were for all I know!). But it’s the claims beyond that point, what ‘TC’ calls the “extended allegations” are for me the hoax element to the case.
    On Ogilvy’s attempted hoax I believe he didn’t so much ‘leave’ the failed attempts at coaching his daughter as fail to realise that when you ‘erase’ a file from any computer device it is only the electronic ‘table of contents’ that gets updated (to mark the space as ‘free’) and the file itself isn’t erased until overwritten. He handed the phone over and when it was examined by police experts his deception was uncovered.
    The only reason he was merely bared from seeing his daughter instead of being prosecuted is that such an action would have meant several years in an already disrupted young life where this case was being prosecuted. That process would have further traumatised the victim and probably achieved very little by way of punishment.
    Again I’m simply echoing what others have said; but I do have good reason to believe that the reality of the HG case links to organised crime and particularly the trade in child pornography and drugs (inextricably interleaved in my opinion). And yes, Morocco and Portugal are focal points for this…


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