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http://the hollie greig cover <—— Says it all really! This is the url of the 'Hollie Hoax' website. That site exists ONLY to flatten the support for Hollie and her life-long ordeal at the hands of the Scottish establishment. The 'Hollie Hoaxers' have one aim, and one aim only, to discredit, by any means available, no matter how flimsy, Ann and Robert and, ultimately, to COVER UP the atrocities that Hollie and so many others suffer(ed) at the hands of high ranking paedophiles in Scotland and elsewhere.
Please don’t anyone invite me to ‘like’ this page again, and never ask me to give my support to the despicable bunch of ‘Hollie Hoaxers’ in any way shape or form! I do not, and will not support evil fuckers ever! Clear? Good!

The Hollie Greig Hoax

The Truth about the Hollie Demands Justice Campaign.

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  • Steven Milne KW clearly belongs to the tiny minority of people who desperately WANT to believe fairy stories about elite paedophile rings etc and no amount of evidence will sway them. In fact, producing irrefutable evidence contrary to their irrational beliefs seems in some way to make them even more sure that you are part of a massive conspiracy.
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    • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas Is that right Steven??? I could just as easily assert that you are a bought and paid for Hollie Hoaxer’ I have spend considerable time and energy researching and investigating claims that there are in existence ‘elite’ paedophile rings in operation in this country and abroad. There is a staggering amount of evidence available on this subject from a staggering number of sources. You choosing to ignore it puts you in exactly the position you are accusing me of being in.
      As for me being in a tiny minority, I note that this page has only thirty something ‘likes’… I’s suggest that YOU are then, demonstrably, in the minority. Though you seem desperate to appear otherwise.
      I can’t help but wonder why you would spend your time and energy trying to discredit someone you perceive as a lier. Why not simply turn your attention to something more constructive?
      Maybe protecting paedophiles is your bag…. Nasty!
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    • Steven Milne Having had an extended break from this subject I had forgotten how much of a magnet it is for the lunatic fringe of society who are likely to brand anyone asking logical questions as a government agent and/or paedophile protector.
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    • Hollie Greig Hoax Indeed…
      Like · 26 February at 18:35

    • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas Very odd also that your ‘extended break’ ended when Robert was arrested and once again in the public eye.
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    • Hollie Greig Justice

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  • Sylvia Major Kaliprajita- ‘cheeky’ , bit of a strange comment! but I will tell you as Hollies auntie , that Hollie had TWO boyfriends and Anne discussed it openly with me that she was having sexual relations with them …. There are many facets to this case that you are totally unaware of ..
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  • Hollie Greig Hoax Oh dear – another one that hasn’t looked at the evidence and resorts to abusive comments. Have a look at this Kaliprajita

    Latest – The Hollie Greig Hoax

    Perhaps we should have known better?Although Belinda McKenzie was visibly shocked in court listening to the vile disgusting messages sent by serial stalker, misogynistic conspiracy theorist Timothy Rustige, and after admitting she has not seen all the evidence in the Hollie Greig case, Belinda STILL…See more
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    • Philip Dawson To be honest and after reading your page i cannot see your points, you have allegations but no proof of what you are writing.
      i have met with and spoken to Anne and Hollie, not in any great detail but have actually met them.
      i am a survivor of abuse and actually witnessed the way the police act, the guy was jailed BUT it took a group of us to come forward and you cannot ever understand what it is like to be abused and have to admit it to others for a case to be brought forward.
      even though it was 43 years ago i is still with me.
      Your efforts to discredit something you were neither THERE or witnessed yourself and based on only second hand information are wasted, if what you say or are saying is correct – then FAIR enough but WHAT if you are WRONG and you have corrupted those around you to the most heinous crime of all – THAT in my book makes you one of THEM.
      IF that WAS the case -THAT IS- BUT you ARE spreading HEARSAY information.
      THAT IS
      YOU do not ACTUALLY KNOW.

      Namaste, rev phil;

      Like · 1 · 26 February at 15:25

    • Hollie Greig Hoax Point 1. Dr carter examined Hollie 4 times over 3 years and never found any signs of abuse – on the page you read is the actual documentation signed by him which states this fact – it also shows her parents enquiring about contraception for their daughter.

      Point 2. The Police forensic medical expert, Dr Kelly also examined Hollie, and found only that she was not a virgin but again no signs of abuse. As Hollie had boyfriends at the time of this examination, it is hardly surprising. However, in the PCCS report, yet another investigation into these claims, states that Dr Kelly’s findings could have been caused through masturbation. This information comes from Police correspondence again on the page you viewed, and the independent Police report which can be accessed in full from our hoax page. PCCS

      All of the above is real and verifiable evidence – i fail to see how anyone cannot consider that as proof.

      The rest of page also contains verifiable official documents which again stand as evidence.

      Unless of course you believe Dr carter was in on the conspiracy, various detectives including D.I. Alley and his staff were in on the conspiracy, Jim Martin, the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland was in on the Conspiracy, a whole bunch of Doctors, GP’s, including staff from Cornhill Mental institution were also in on the conspiracy, and last but not least, Anne’s own psychiatric Doctor, Dr M.A.E Smith who concluded Anne could have been psychotic behaviour – which again you can see in the official documentation.

      Our purpose? To vindicate those wrongly accused of being paedophiles – and to vindicate the children wrongly accused of being victims of a paedophile group – that’s all, nothing else.

      So all other allegations regarding our motives are nefarious.

      We are just as concerned as everyone else regarding what seems like the institutional abuse of children in this country.

      Like · 26 February at 18:33

    • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas So, the ‘Evidence you present, Hollie Hoaxer, is that medical reports cannot show conclusively that abuse took place. Ignoring the fact that those records cannot show that abuse did not take place. This is ‘proof’ of nothing at all.

      You seem also to be finding Hollie ‘Guilty’ of having a boyfreind! Bit fucking cheeky if you ask me!!

      Strange also that Hollie receive 2 awards of compensation from the Criminal Compensation Authority. Suggesting that they were satisfied beyond reasonable doubt (as they use criminal standards of evidence) that Hollie had indeed be the victim of crime. You neglect to mention this in your attacks on Hollie and here mother.

      Still, the question remains, why have you bothered to go to SO much trouble to defend the reputations of very rich, very, very powerful individuals? To the extent that you dig into Hollie’s medical records and display them all over the net!! Is Hollie not entitled to medical privacy in your opinion? (How did you come by these, btw? Are they freely available in the public domain???? Bit dodgy if they are, given that all of our medical records are confidential.

      Does the Dame Angiolini, notorious for letting known sex offenders off the hook throughout here stellar career in law, require your assistance in clearing her name?

      Like · 26 February at 19:56

    • Hollie Greig Hoax Robert Green is all over Youtube stating “the majority of abuse took place in the home of the Sheriff’s sister” – only the Sheriff doesn’t have a sister.

      He later stated it was a mistake, and it was the Sheriff’s sister-in-law – only the Sheriff doesn’t have a sister in law either.

      Also, the children Robert named as victims (a crime if true) have made statements saying they were never abused – why would they do that Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas? And you completely ignored the other evidence i pointed out to you.

      You know why?

      Because you’re lost in a mind of irrational conspiracy.

      However, if you put it all together you may just regain your sanity – but from my extensive experience i can tell you, sadly you’re doomed!

      Have a nice life.

      Déjà vu – this is my last response.

      Like · 26 February at 22:52

    • Hollie Greig Justice

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  • Prajna Pranab You’re not asking logical questions though, Steven, rather you are asking questions that either reveal you to have spent very little time researching child abuse or that you hope in asking them to undermine the positions of those who have spent considerable time researching this.

    Those who ‘protest too much’ the truth of Hollie’s story display either their ignorance of the details and susceptibility to leading by others or their own complicity (for whatever reason that might be). I suspect your surprise may be merely for dramatic effect.

    Like · Reply · 1 · 26 February at 15:06

    • Steven Milne I am afraid that I cannot understand what point you may be trying to make.
      Like · 26 February at 16:57

    • Hollie Greig Hoax Excellent English but completely incomprehensible.
      Like · 26 February at 18:34

    • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas What’s to be done if neither of you can manage to understand ‘Excellent English’? – No wonder you’re having difficulty understanding the reports/revelations about the abuse of Hollie Greig.
      Like · 26 February at 19:36

    • Hollie Greig Hoax You’re lost Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas I feel very sorry for you but wish you well.
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    • Hollie Greig Justice

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  • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas Can you explain Steven, why you even care? There are many reasons why a mother might now know her child is being abused as can be evidenced in a million different cases! There are also many, many reasons why a victim of abuse might deny they were abused. The psychology of abuse is complex and, abuse, by it’s very nature, is hidden and secret… abused people may be controlled in many ways, not only during the abuse, but also after.
    Google ‘Trauma bond’ or Stokeholme Syndrome if you want to learn more on this topic… Don’t just take what you’re fed at face value!
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  • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas The question remains though, why do YOU make it your business to discredit Ann and Robert??? ~What blind bit of difference does it make to you? Unless of course doing so is your job.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 26 February at 13:53

  • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas Except I HAVE examined the evidence in this case, and I know (just as is stated in the article you link) that ONLY Hollie’s Father and brother were EVER interviewed by police. I also know that police were told to ‘draw a line’ under the investigation, and that is why no investigation of any substance or merit took place. I also Know that, based on years of research, it has been established that people with Downs syndrome CANNOT lie and have exceptional memories. I also KNOW that Angiolini has a demonstrable history of PROTECTING sex offenders….
    Paid shills, i.e. ‘Hollie Hoaxers’, have an agenda to IGNORE the availible evidence, and tpo cause others to ignore it, in order to present a one-sided picture and to discredit Hollies mother, regardless of the very real harm they allow to continue as children are raped by adults within the Scottish/British establishment. Fuckers!!!
    Like · Reply · 1 · 26 February at 13:46

  • Sylvia Major Phillip.. These are the points that Anne. Robert and Belinda always always push , but they will not / can not answer any other questions put to them…
    Like · Reply · 26 February at 23:55

  • Prajna Pranab Are you prepared to put your name to any of your assertions, Hollie Greig Hoax? Where did you come by all the confidential medical reports you refer to? I am mostly suspicious of your motives in taking this position against Anne and Hollie for two reasons: firstly, because, as in act III of Hamlet, you and Steven Milne, who I note is friends with Wyn Dragon-Smith, protest too much. secondly, I have had access to all of the case files, including medical reports, police interviews etc. and I fail to see how any reasonable person who has examined all of the evidence can arrive at any conclusion but that Hollie is telling the truth.
    Like · Reply · 26 February at 19:10

  • Steven Milne Kaliprajita – can you explain why 4 of the alleged victims of this paedophile ring have made public statements to the effect that it is a pack of lies or indeed how a mother could be unaware for 14 years that her disabled daughter was being repeatedly gangraped ?
    Like · Reply · 26 February at 13:52

    • Philip Dawson “how a mother could be unaware for 14 years that her disabled daughter was being repeatedly gangraped”

      From THAT comment i suspect you may have been gangraped – to have such knowledge on the subject you are either a victim or a perpetrator.

      There are some who have been gangraped repeatedly and only come forward after decades. Some AS yourself would just brush stuff under the carpet – such parents DO, because they are too weak to help even their own children.
      Anne came forward when she found out and it WAS admitted that HOLLIE WAS raped THAT is on record.
      That cannot be denied

      Namaste, rev phil;

      Like · 26 February at 15:33

    • Steven Milne Philip – can you provide a link to where it is admitted on the record that Hollie was raped. Thanks in advance.
      Like · 1 · 26 February at 16:37

    • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas You still haven’t answered me Steven. Why do you concern yourself with this case? – Do you consider that the rich and powerful named in the abuse of Hollie need your assistance to in defeating the allegations of the poor and powerless? Doesn’t make any sense to me a all, unless I’m right and you’re paid to try to rubbish Hollie and her mother?
      Like · 26 February at 16:42

    • Steven Milne I am concerned about this case because I believe that those who try to spread malicious lies ought to be brought to book. Simple as that.
      Like · 3 · 26 February at 16:48

    • Steven Milne Hairdressers, draughtsmen, nurses and TV repairmen have been accused. Are they the “rich and powerful” in your eyes?
      Like · 2 · 26 February at 16:51

    • Hollie Greig Hoax I can confirm that no one i know here so far is paid to do anything – but then if you listen the likes of Brian Gerrish i am MI5
      Like · 26 February at 18:41

    • Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas Who are you Hollie Hoaxer? An anonymous confirmation is no confirmation at all.
      Like · 26 February at 19:59

    • Philip Dawson Steven
      “DR. Jack Boyle in Glasgow – The doctor eventually wrote a full report and told Anne that her daughter had described to him that Hollie had been subject to sexual activity.
      Hollie was awarded £13,500 by the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. News of the World – Shropshire Star

      two programmes had been commissioned, one to be broadcast on Scotland’s BBC TV and the other on BBC Radio Scotland, handled by his colleague, Kathy Long. With Her and Panorama’s team MacDougall
      Mark Daly said the team been prevented by a senior BBC figure from making any further investigations into paedophile rings.”

      Like · 26 February at 23:29

    • Hollie Greig Hoax Dr Jack Boyle – have you read his report? It’s on our website and consists of nothing more than and explanation of what Anne told him. He does say that Hollie is describing sexual abuse – which she is because she has been coached. However he does not endorse the veracity of her claims and requests a copy of the forensic medical report – which shows no signs of abuse.

      The CICA payment is proof of nothing – do you know how CICA work? This is explained on our website – have you spoke to CICA? We have.

      BBC. No programmes were commissioned – Mark Daly took away the information from Anne and decided not to proceed. Have you seen Mark’s response? It’s on our website. Have you spoke to Mark? We have.

      Please stop spouting the same rubbish as Robert Green – we are not here to educate you – do your research before endorsing it with your name and stop believing all you read on the internet.

      Take the time to read through the story and click the links because they show you real evidence.…..html

      Alternatively you’re right – and go to bed.

      The Hoax…. – The Hollie Greig Hoax

      THE HOAX…Although opinion is bound to be divided, and while some campaigners & individuals still add things up wrong, the evidence is irrefutable.The Mackie family were like any other middle class happy family. Like most, they’ve had their troubles but they were a loving family with many friends.…See more
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