Anyone who watched the debate regarding the child abuse inquiry debacle in the House of Commons on this last Monday 3rd November, following the statement by the Home Secretary, Theresa May will have had no doubt who the real star of the show was. It was the fly.
As John Grace noted in The Guardian

“She [Theresa May] was also being stalked by a fly that buzzed around her head throughout the session. It eventually settled on her head and she no longer had the strength to swat it away. The shit may not have quite yet hit the fan, but even the flies sense it is not far away.”

Following such a bravado Parliamentary performance and having clearly demonstrated a canny and unerring sense for bullshit and cover-up, I was very eager to meet this investigative upstart.
I waited patiently in the lobby and soon spotted him edging his way slowly toward a Conservative MP who I can not name. I didn’t want to interrupt him in his work and so I waited until after he’d defecated on a cream cake that the MP was soon to eat and then introduced myself.
I learned that the fly’s name was Freddy. He was very polite but explained that he had some serious work to do in the House of Lords but he agreed to meet up with me later that evening.
As arranged we met up and I asked him if he’d consider joining the Needleteam as our chief political reporter. I’m pleased to say that he didn’t hesitate to accept. His skill in identifying VIP paedophiles and those who knew and covered it up is unparalleled and I’ve set him to work straight away.
For some reason Freddy the Fly has taken a particular interest in this photograph.

Thatch Fly

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