Since sending all the key expert witness documents for the attention of the First Minister`s constituency committee on 3rd October, I am still awaiting the promised response from his office. Given the overwhelming evidence of the uninvestigated crimes and police corruption, it is difficult to understand any good reason for Mr Salmond`s delay.

If I may, I will again remind readers of the headlines from respected legal magazine The Firm of 2011, illustrating within the articles the likelihood of the First Minister`s complicity in the Hollie Greig cover up.

3rd June Exclusive: Information Commissioner forces Government response to Hollie Greig inquiries.

and on 11th July,

First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations

The second article refers to the fact that the entire SNP Government came within 24 hours of being held in contempt of court due to its failure to comply with a formal enquiry from the Freedom of Information Commissioner.

Since that time, we have established that the Scottish Police made no attempt to even question the 22 identified alleged sexual abusers.

It is surely not now a question of “Will Mr Salmond act on this utter travesty of justice that  has placed Scottish children and the disabled at risk?”, but “What does he propose doing about it?”

Mr Salmond should be reminded that his overriding duty as First Minister is to be responsible for the interests and wellbeing of the people of Scotland as a whole, rather than any prior obligation to protect the coterie that surrounds him, includingKenny MacAskill, Elish Angiolini, Peter Watson and Chief Constable House.

Of course, it is not just in Scotland that terrible sexual crimes against the vulnerable are covered up at government level. In the United Kingdom, Hollie Greig`s case is but one of several, including those involving the likes of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and events at the Elm Guest House and in Jersey, at Haut De La Garenne.

It is interesting to observe that the intelligence services are now being asked to participate in countering paedophilia, but are these the same intelligence services that preventing the police from investigating Cyril Smith?

Are these the same intelligence services that that allowed Prince Charles to eulogise about Jimmy Savile on his death two years ago,?

Sir Roger Jones, Chairman of the Children in Need Charity between 1999 and 2002 said of Savile “He was a creepy sort of character – we wouldn`t want him anywhere near the charity”. Now if Sir Roger and his board knew this about Savile over ten years ago, why did the so-called intelligence services not warn Prince Charles in 2011?

Could it be that a) the intelligence services have been infiltrated by influential paedophiles, or b) there is the use of blackmailing powerful child abusers by the intelligence services in order for the state to exert control over them or c) are the services just plain incompetent?

Our intelligence services are publicly funded with a duty to protect the citizens of the United Kingdom. I believe we have a right to the truth when our children are being sexually abused and the state is failing to intervene on their behalf.

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