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The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking

Chris Spivey

Unbelievable as it may sound, two days ago the MP Julian Lewis called for Ingrid ‘mad as a fucking hatter‘ Loyau Kennett to be given a bravery award along with the lying, toxic, mother and daughter tag team, Amanda and Gemini Donnelly for the ‘heroism’ that the trio showed throughout the course of the Woolwich play act.
It is in fact funny don’t cha think, how the hoax is making so many headlines just at a time when I am writing up the indisputable evidence that I have uncovered proving that treason has been committed against the people of Great Briton by the Queen, her Government, the Metropolitan Police and the security services, through their involvement in the Woolwich hoax:

The three women who confronted the killers of Lee Rigby and sought to help the soldier should be officially honoured for their bravery, an MP has said.
Tory Julian Lewis (New Forest East) said Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, Amanda Donnelly and Gemini Donnelly-Martin should be given either a Queen’s Commendation or a George Medal for their actions on the day Fusilier Rigby was killed

Mr Lewis said the bystanders, who are known as the “angels of Woolwich”, deserve an honour and pointed out that one of them now suffers mental health problems.
On May 22 last year, Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale ran down Fusilier Rigby, who was dressed in a Help For Heroes hoodie, in a Vauxhall Tigra near Woolwich Barracks, south-east London, before attacking the defenceless soldier as he lay in the road.

Ms Loyau-Kennett, from Helston, was thrust into the spotlight after calmly approaching one of the attackers as the young soldier lay injured in the middle of the road.

Amanda Donnelly and her daughter Gemini insisted on being allowed to sit with the 25-year-old victim to try to comfort him.

During the business statement in the Commons, Mr Lewis said: “In the week that saw the publication of the report on the Woolwich atrocity, attention has inevitably focused on the killers who did it and the social media companies who think that it was nothing to do with them.

“So may we have a statement from an appropriate minister on the failure so far to recognise the bravery of three people who did not pass by on the other side?
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Where in the name of holy fuck has this dick-head MP been for the past year and a half? Is he a friend of James ‘i cant see you‘ Duddridge by any chance?
I mean, not withstanding the fact that I have already conclusively proven that the Witches of Woolwich are lying, piss-taking, old slappers – yep that should just be about enough to get me nicked again – in my article ‘Fallen Angels’ and more recently still, in my article ‘Hells Angels’, surely it can not have escaped Dr Lewis’s attention that Kennett was not deemed credible enough to even warrant a statement being read out at the murder trial and was accused of being racist shortly before she was forcibly carried off to the nut-house.
Indeed, it is bad enough that Kennett who claims to be a scout leader – she isn’t – as well as a language teacher – she isn’t – and now a nurse – she isn’t – has already received a medal from the French? Source

And then there is the award that she received which was sanctioned by the Queen’s Lord Lieutenant, David Brewer, alongside the army cadets who received awards from him after they had helped out in the hoax:

Mrs. Ingrid Loyau-Kennett – Helston – A Special Certificate of Exceptional Endeavour:
Cub Leader and Nurse, Ingrid comforted a British Soldier as he lay dying outside his Barracks at Woolwich in London.  Source

Fuck me, talk about having the right piss taken out of us!
Moreover, the other lying old tart, Tina Nimmo – a fully paid up spook – was also given a ‘civic award’ alongside the treacherous Donnelly duo in March of this year:

The ‘Angels of Woolwich’ received special awards when the Royal Borough honoured residents in its Civic Awards on Friday night.

The three women were first on the scene when Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in the street outside Woolwich Barracks last May. 
Tina Nimmo, Amanda Donnelly and Gemini Donnelly-Martin were given the mayor’s special civic awards for their actions.
Borough Mayor Councillor Angela Cornforth said: “What happened to Lee Rigby was a truly shocking and horrific incident. To attempt to intervene and calm the situation showed tremendous bravery, as well as compassion. You showed tremendous community values in the most adverse of circumstances.”
A mayor’s special civic award also went to the Royal Artillery Band, which has recently left the borough, and Lord Sterling of Plaistow, who recently ended his term of office as chair of the Royal Museums Greenwich. 
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Course, the MP, Julian Lewis has become quite notorious in the AM, as the man who underhandedly purchased the office contents of the now defunct Scallywag magazine.
The following is taken from our good friend and ally’s website, The Coleman Experience, whom quote the now deceased former Scallywag editor, Simon Regan as stating:

Subsequently, over a rent dispute which is still a matter of litigation, Dr. Julian Lewis, now Conservative MP for New Forest (East) but then deputy head of research at Conservative Central Office in Smith Square, managed to purchase the contents of our offices, which included all our files. It had been alleged that we owed rent, which we disputed, but under a court order the landlords were able to change the locks and seize our assets which included all our files, including those we had made on paedophiles. It was apparently quite legal, but it was most certainly a dirty trick.
All of a sudden very private information, some of it even privileged between ourselves and our lawyer during the John Major libel action, was being published in selected, pro-Conservative sections of the media.
Subsequently, during a court case initiated by Lewis, I was able in my defence to seek discovery of documents and asked to see the seized files. The paedophile papers were missing. This is a very great shame, because Sir Ronald Waterhouse certainly should have been aware of them. Source

Moreover, Lewis was and maybe even still is a known associate of Derek Laud – one of the vilest, most evil, sick fuck monsters ever to walk this earth – and the former MP of extremely questionable character, the late Michael Colvin.
The following is once again taken from the excellent Coleman Experience website:

Michael Colvin
Colvin was associated closely with several other Conservative ‘people’ on the right wing of the party including Julian Lewis who is said to be involved with a number of international right wing ‘covert’ groups linked with high finance, and arms dealing.
Colvin was also associated with two allegedly corrupt and discredited former Parliamentary Lobbyists, Ian Greer (cash for questions) and Derek Laud (wikipedia/Derek Laud) (Cash for Knighthoods aka Cash for Rentboys).
Both Greer and Laud have links with South Africa – Greer now lives there and Laud is a frequent visitor.
In view of their links with Parliamentary corruption in the UK and extreme levels of alleged corruption in the ‘new’ South African multi-racial Government, it seems possible that both Greer and Laud may find the culture of South Africa politically highly amenable.
It is probably only a coincidence, but during a major scandal around the abuse of children in care in an area of the UK called Clwyd, both laud and Greer’s names were mentioned by alleged victims in connection with organised sexual abuse involving VIP’s including, allegedly, members of the UK Government.
During that scandal a fire in Hove, near Brighton, killed five alleged victims of abuse. Many people believe the fire was deliberately set. With the five young people from Clwyd who died was a Health Visitor from Hampshire where Laud has a home and where Colvin lived. She also was killed in the fire.
Michael Colvin died at a fire in his magnificent Hampshire home. He had been speaking to Derek Laud days, if not hours, previously.
There have been many allegations that Hampshire County Council, and of course Colvin lived in Hampshire, through the influence of Derek Laud and his friend Julian Lewis, is a central player in a national paedophile ring supplying young boys from care systems as in Clwyd to VIP’s. The VIP’s are said to have included top people in the law, commerce, and politics – across the party spectrum – at specially organised parties and other gatherings sometime on a one to one basis and sometimes at hotels where staff allegedly colluded with the exploitation of youngsters. The Crest hotel in Wrexham and an Hotel on Hove seafront have specifically been mentioned, although in the Hove instance it maybe that staff at the hotel colluded with the supply of youngsters and that ‘meetings’ took place elsewhere.
It has been alleged that officials and councillors in a number of local authorities may be receiving payments for identifying ‘appropriate’ young people in care and introducing them to the ring, and ultimately to Laud and Lewis and their associates, who then, it has been alleged, introduce the boys to ‘interested’ VIP’s.
Within the list of alleged collaborators in counties along the south coast with the supply of teenage boys for exploitation is a Social Services Director in one LA., an Assistant Director of Children’s Social Services in another, chief executives in two others, several social workers and also a number of child protection workers. As well as a number of Councillors, including former Leader of Hampshire Council and Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Freddie Emery Wallis who was convicted in 2001 of molesting young boys.
In the 1990’s Derek Laud had an address at East Cottage, Needs Ore Point (shown on electoral records). That is on the Estate of Lord Monatgue of Beuleigh who those of ‘a certain age’ will remember was convicted of molesting a boy scout back in the 1960’s.
Colvin was associated with most of these people in one way or another.
Recent revelations involve the corruption of evidence by senior council officials in North Wales with regard to information supplied to the Waterhouse inquiry into allegations of VIP child abuse in Clwyd.
It has been revealed that although in the inquiry allegations made by a number of young people were discredited because they had made allegations against social workers who records showed had not been employed where they said during the time they were in care in those homes, in fact, if allegations are true, a secretary in North Wales Council had been instructed to alter the official records of dates and where and when specific youngsters were in care. (Angus Stickler, BBC, gained some evidence about this).
It was not therefore the youngsters who were lying, but the officials. More significantly, these tricks were played mainly on youngsters who had made allegations against care workers and against VIP’s. With the allegations against the care workers discredited, obviously the allegations against VIP’s fell by the wayside.
There have also been allegations that this high level paedophile ‘ring’ has placed its own people into positions of statutory power over children in care, and investigation suggests these allegations may have substance.
The involvement of Derek Laud, who was educated in the remedial stream at a south London comprehensive school where it has been alleged he pimped his classmates to wealthy and influential adults even while still at school, is significant. The psychopathic behaviour of Laud and Lewis that has caused significant comment from time to time may be far more dangerous than just eccentric.
It is worthy of note that people around Derek Laud who challenge him appear to suffer significant harm – or to die – with unusual frequency. Michael Colvin was an associate. Deceased investigative journalist Simon Regan challenged both Laud and Lewis frequently and died ‘after a short illness’ soon after his final tirade against Laud and Lewis. The alleged victims of VIP abuse who died in a fire in Palmeira Avenue Hove in 1991 had also linked Laud, Lewis, and Greer, to the circumstances of the abuse they said they had suffered in care.
Colvin therefore, despite a fairly mundane Tory image, was aligned with some allegedly very nasty people indeed.
As a final comment, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and some say currently, it appears that lobbyists such as Greer and Laud were supplying teenage boys to MP’s and others in politics specifically with the aim of exerting political influence.
Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, Ian Hamilton, and other Thatcherite politicians of the 1980’s were all associated with Laud and Lewis, and all were alleged to have been guests at paedophile parties in London at which boys from care in a number of local authorities, including North Wales, Shropshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Brighton and Hove and others, were allegedly ‘ferried in’ with the co-operation of social workers to provide sexual entertainments for the guests.
It has also been alleged that Portillo frequently took ‘kinky holidays’ in North Africa with his friend Derek Laud. Portillo insists that Laud was a guest on these holidays of him and his wife, but it has been alleged that hotel records do not confirm that Portillo’s wife was there at all. Source: as above

Moreover, according to the Sovereign Independent UK website, Lewis was allegedly on ‘that’ list of paedophiles that TV presenter, Philip Schofield handed to Prime Mincer, David Cameron on live TV – an act that subsequently cost ITV £140 grand in libel damages.
According to the Sovereign Independent, the list is made up of the following names:

Sir Edward Heath (linked with Savile and Jersey boy’s home abuse) – Deceased
Sir Peter Morrison (ex Thatcher aide) – Deceased
Alan Clark (This allegation came from none other than Max Clifford)
A Senior Tory Cabinet Minister – as yet unknown, but confused with the wrongly accused Lord McAlpine.
Michael Portillo
Peter Lilley
Derek Laud (party political fixer in Thatcher years)
Ken Clark (he vehemently denies rumours and says he will sue)
Leon Brittan
Ian Greer
Michael Colvin
Julian Lewis (close pal of Cameron’s)

PHOTO: Julian Lewis
Oh but what a tangled web we weave.
And of course, we have seen “sweeping” new powers being introduced in the wake of the totally bogus “intelligence report”  into how much the security services really knew about Michael’s Adebolajo & Adebowale:

Sweeping new anti-terror laws were published by the Government today – less than 24 hours after a damning Parliamentary report into the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby by Islamist fanatics.
A new Counter-terrorism and Security Bill, containing a range of draconian powers including orders to block suspected British jihadists from returning to the UK, was introduced to Parliament.
It comes after an official report into the May 2013 murder of Fusilier Rigby revealed a series of missed opportunities by the security services to prevent the attack.

Moreover, the Cunt Cameron has pledged an extra £130 million quid to the already enormous £1.7 Billion pound security service’s annual budget.
Meanwhile, the country has a record number of children living in temporary accommodation.
Indeed, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.
And inevitably the ‘Rigby’ family have been asked to put their two penneth worth in:

The family of Lee Rigby today accused Facebook of failing to help stop his killers as it emerged the social network has still not handed over data from five accounts opened by one of his extremist murderers. 
His sister Sara said the internet giant had ‘blood on its hands’ because it had hosted exchanges between one of the soldier’s murderers and an Al Qaeda extremist, in which the former said: ‘Let’s kill a soldier.’
However, the social network’s staff failed to tell MI5 about the ‘graphic and emotive’ posts from Michael Adebowale, made just six months before the atrocity took place.  
Incredibly, Facebook had already disabled seven of his accounts – five of which were flagged over links to extremism – without informing security services. 
The damning report by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee released yesterday also revealed that Adebowale had 11 Facebook accounts but GCHQ has still only been given the contents of six.

And still the article uses the all too familiar, photo-shopped, undated, uncredited, MOD photograph of the drummer man.
Indeed, I often find me asking myself if there isn’t anything that this awful ‘family’ will not do to help bring about our and their own servitude?
Never the less, the document of evidence in regard to the hoax is coming along nicely.
Not long now then, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Oh, and one more thing before I go.
I did mean to repeat my earlier offer whilst writing my SS update the other day, inviting any of my readers who are spending Christmas day alone and are within traveling distance to fuck that for a game of soldiers and come spend the day with me, my daughter Stacey and grandson Clayton instead… But I forgot to include it.
That offer still stands firm.
Moreover, there is NO need whatsoever to bring anything other than yourselves… In fact, if you have no transport and live nearby, I will even pick you up.
So, there is no excuse for sitting miserably on your own this year – you can come and sit miserably with us instead.

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