Why did Margaret Thatcher love paedophiles?

Beloved Thatcher
We all know Tory heroine Margaret Thatcher loved to befriend paedophiles.
Quite why she enjoyed the company of child-raping filth so much is a complete and utter mystery.
Her sickeningly close relationship with murderous VIP pimp Jimmy Savile was the mere tip of the iceberg where Israel- loving Maggie was concerned.
Savile and child-lover MaggieSavile Letter to Thatcherthatcher and savile
You see, she filled her cabinet to the brim with all manner of perverts and took sheer delight in grooming and promoting her sordid chums.
She spent holidays with her PPS, Peter Morrison, on his secluded Scottish estate of Islay.
Morrison has been linked to the North Wales care abuse scandal where vulnerable boys were trafficked to be abused by British Establishment filth.
Paedo Peter MorrisonPeter Morrison and ThatcherBryn Alyn Hall
By a strange coincidence, the Jillings’ enquiry into the scandal was a predictable freemasonic whitewash.
The minister who allowed the whitewash was none other than Maggie’s political toy-boy, William Hague.
The bald oddity was groomed by Thatcher from the age of 13 and has been linked to a myriad of sordid shenanigans. He also used to live in the notorious Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico, where a disgusting boy-brothel was operated under the watchful eyes of Mi5 and Mi6, who would film the abuse for blackmail purposes.
Come to MummyJillings ReportLuv u WillieDolphin SquareNaughty Derek Laud
Some of the names linked to the scandal include vile animal Derek Laud, cash-for-questions filth Ian Greer, bizarre Spanish t**t Michael Portillo and many other high-profile Tory names.
There are even more links between Thatcher and the Elm Guest House where Tory boy-abusers from the right-wing Monday Club would rape boys and film the abuse.
Monday Club abuse ringMysterious Monday Club
Brave MP Geoffrey Dickens tried in vain to alert the authorities about the widespread Satanic abuse of children but was repeatedly blocked and subjected to serious death threats and intimidation from shadowy forces.
Geoffrey Dickens
He also tried to highlight the Paedophile Information Exchange group which was funded by the Home Office and had top-level support from all three political parties. The vile PIE wanted the age of consent to be reduced to just four.
At one point Dickens handed a dossier of important evidence to Maggie’s pal Leon Brittan but for some unknown reason, Brittan has no recollection of what happened to it.
Leon BrittanMaggie cover upPIE Brittan
Brittan himself has links to Derek Laud and may have lots of useful information for officers investigating these Parliamentary paedophile networks.
Much of the correspondence between Thatcher and her perverted pals has been doctored under the FOI act.
One letter that remains on file was sent by her to Savile in June 1980, and is full of praise for his help in finding children “entertainers” for a party:
 Dear Jimmy,
Caroline tells me that you have been absolutely marvellous about finding some “entertainers” to help with my children’s party on Saturday. As you have gone to so much effort it will most certainly not rain, but it will be a great comfort to me to know that there is some sort of back-up. I will naturally thank the people who come most profusely, but I just wanted you to know how extremely grateful I am to you for taking so much trouble. I gather it took you most of the morning and you have so many other things to do.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Yours sincerely
Margaret Thatcher”
How very strange indeed.
Thatcher Letter Censored by National Archives
The Mirror has reported on Maggie and her cabinet full of paedos:
” The paedophile dossier handed to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan named two high-ranking colleagues inMargaret Thatcher’s cabinet, it has been claimed.
The file said to have named Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson amid warnings of an active child abuse network in Westminster sparked an internal Home Office inquiry.
The probe was not officially revealed nor the findings made public.
It looked at claims of child abuse by a ring of Establishment figures as well as at meetings organised by politicians who supported the Paedophile ­Information Exchange, a group calling for sex with children to be made legal.
Details of the Home Office inquiry emerged in papers compiled by Labour’s Barbara Castle linking MPs, peers, PIE and the National Council for Civil Liberties.
Her report featured large parts of the dossier originally sent to Mr Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens.
Paedo Ring Number 10
Much of the paperwork was marked with the initials of Home Office ­officials who examined the contents and apparently returned them to the Home Secretary’s office.
The Sunday Mirror has revealed claims that Joseph, Education Secretary from 1981 to 1986, and Boyson, who was Minister of State for Social Security in 1983, indulged in sex parties with underage rent boys alongside Attorney General Sir Michael Havers.
It has been claimed the gatherings were attended by at least one current serving minister.
Last week we told how Boyson and Joseph featured in Baroness Castle’s files – and now we can reveal the claim that they were also in the original dossier handed to Mr Brittan.
A source said: “A lot of Baroness Castle’s file was made up of Geoffrey Dickens’ dossier. She’d been leaked files because the feeling was it was all being hushed up and Dickens was getting nowhere with his campaign to expose this.”
Baroness Castle’s report was seen by Don Hale, then editor of her local paper, the Bury Messenger.
He said: “Leon Brittan’s name was listed on many papers as the ­probable source of an inquiry. He was not mentioned in the content of the papers, but merely as the organiser of a potential inquiry.
Tory Minister
“I saw cuttings from PIE magazine Magpie, with references to summer events at public schools.”
Mr Hale said paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith visited him in 1984 demanding he bury the story. The next day his office was raided by cops who confiscated the file.
Police were said to have handed Mr Brittan a file naming 15 members of PIE in 1983. It was reportedly then passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
It is not known whether it became the basis for any prosecutions, but the next year two members of the group were convicted of obscenity. No record of any subsequent criminal inquiry linked to the Dickens dossier has been found and the dossier itself has disappeared.
Brittan, who was Mrs Thatcher’s Home Secretary from 1983 to 1985, said last year he had no recollection of the dossier but this month admitted Mr Dickens had given him a “substantial bundle of papers”.
He said: “It has been alleged that when I was Home Secretary I failed to deal adequately with the papers containing allegations of serious sexual impropriety that I received from Geoff Dickens.”
He added: “This is completely without foundation, as evidence from the Home Office’s own report supports.
“I passed this bundle of papers to the relevant Home Office officials for ­examination, as was the normal and correct practice.
“I wrote to Mr Dickens on 20 March 1984 informing him of the conclusions of the Director of Public Prosecutions about these matters.”
A top public school at the centre of a police probe into decades of alleged child sex abuse was named in the paedophile dossier handed to Brittan.
The investigation into St Paul’s School in London is linked to a string of recent arrests.
St Paul'sSt Paul's and Colet Court School
Former pupils contacted police to report abuse claims. But the Sunday Mirror can reveal how details were first cited in the damning document revealing paedophile MPs 30 years ago.
The dossier named members of the Paedophile Information Exchange group connected to St Paul’s School and its prep, Colet Court, in Barnes, South West London.
It warned of the school’s links to prominent politicians. It has been claimed boys were often taken to Parliament and the St Paul’s invited MPs to private functions in the grounds.
A source said: “We have never been told what happened to the claims and how thoroughly they were reported at the time.” Officers have interviewed several “persons of interest” who taught there between the 60s and 80s over suspected abuse of boys as young as nine.
Last week a 61-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a child. Three other men, aged 65, 67 and 68, and a 52 year-old woman have all been arrested over sex abuse allegations.
St Paul’s has pledged its full co-operation to the inquiry and letters have been sent to parents of boys at St Paul’s and Colet Court and also to ex-pupils.”
St Paul’s and Colet Court school had many notable former pupils including:
– George Osborne
– Simon Milton
– Greville Janner
– Clement Freud
Chancellor George Osborne is virtually brain-dead.
George Osborne
This may be due to excessive cocaine use.
His puppeteer behind the scenes is none other than Times Editor Danny ‘the fake’ Finkelstein.
George Osborne and Danny Finkelsteinjc5874 x10845NerYisroelPannel
According to the Spectator:
” Lord Finkelstein is closer by far to George Osborne. One senior Times writer told me three years ago that he spoke ‘six or seven times a day. probably more’ to the Chancellor. Mr Osborne once reportedly remarked that he spoke to Mr Finkelstein more often then he did to his wife. But when Mr Osborne appeared in front of Lord Justice Leveson, the following exchange occurred:
Q. ‘Does he [Finkelstein] act for you as a sort of unpaid adviser and/or speech writer?
A. ‘No, he’s just a very good friend.
It’s a little known fact that between 1981 and 1990, Finkelstein was a member of the SDP and in 1987 was defeated in the Brent East by-election.
It’s highly likely he came across Cyril Smith MP.
Finkelstein switched political allegiance and  joined the Tories, where he became political advisor to bald oddity, William Hague.
Danny recently cast doubt on abuse claims by victims, calling them ‘tiresome’ and ‘false’.
DannytheFink and Greville Janner
Another St Paul’s former-pupil was close friend of Boris Johnson, Simon Milton.
Milton and his ‘ husband‘ ,Robert Davis, were embroiled in the Dolphin Square boy-brothel scandal in Pimlico where yet again boys were stolen from care homes in North Wales to be raped by politicians.
Simon Milton mysteriously dropped down dead in 2011 but his death may have been staged and he could at this moment be in hiding in Israel with his best pal Shirley Porter.
Simon Milton and Boris JohnsonWestminster Councillors- Simon Milton and Robert DavisMaggie and Dave havin a laugh
Quite why Operation Pallial officers haven’t arrested Robert Davis yet is a complete and utter mystery.
Disgraced Labour Peer, Greville Janner, also attended St Paul’s school.
In December 2013, the Independent reported on the police search of Greville Janner’s home:
” Police investigating allegations of historic child abuse linked to children’s homes in Leicestershire have searched the home of the Labour peer Greville Janner. Lord Janner’s legal team confirmed on Friday that he was assisting police with their inquiries after officers reportedly spent several days searching his home in Golders Green, north London.
Janner filthJanner and CameronCurrie, Janner and Gove
The 85-year-old, who served as an MP in Leicester for 27 years, has not been arrested and police did not indicate what was taken away from the flat. The father-of-three was accused of child abuse in a court case in 1991 but was not prosecuted and was given all-party support in the House of Commons when he described his ordeal and said there was “not a shred of truth” in the claims against him.”
In 2011 the following anonymous comments were left on a blog:
 In 1991, after accusing Janner of paedophilic behaviour with a teenager, Frank Beck was arrested and charged with the sexual and physical abuse of children in his care over a thirteen-year period. At his trial Beck stated that: –
“One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner“.
According to the Mail:
” A lawyer specialising in abuse cases, says no independent school has faced such wide- ranging allegations as St Paul’s:
 Evidence is emerging that there must have been awareness within St Paul’s of the sexual abuse throughout several decades, as we know that certain members of staff were got rid of very quickly and very quietly after complaints were made“.
Isn’t it time we looked again at Margaret Thatcher’s links to paedophiles?

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  1. So if all this is true what is anything going to do about it, The police are now politicised, the Judges seem to be implicated, a few British politicians that dare speak out will be silenced. The public are sceptical, the Media are silent and the security services use it all to blackmail politicians. In other words nothing will happen and the powerful will escape justice, just as they have done throughout history.
  2. We saw Rhodes Boyson come to Brandon House when I was there, he chose 3 boys to be punished and took them into the gymn and caned their bare bottoms.
    The manager came in and they all went for a glass of sherry in the masters office

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