that right Au$teved?

What a coincidence, I am literally in the middle of changing the locks on my ex rental place (god knows how many copies of those keys are floating around!) and even doing it myself has cost over three hundred ozzie dinars…(170 pound)
If they were all just old fashioned yale locks it would still cost $90 just for new barrels, but I got 3 doors, all with dead locks and they are 90 bucks EACH just for the twin barrels, plus $21 each for the 3 security door barrels

Mind you thats not including a tradies labour as I am doing it myself….

(back to changing the locks, just popped in for arvo tea lol)


Not AU$ lulz

Did a dingo eat your baby ?



Image result for a dingo ate my baby gif


Na you walked out on her didnt you  A$teved ?





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