Ray Teret found guilty of sexual offences

Today, Ray Teret was found guilty of sexual offences at Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street. The offences occurred in the 1960s and 1970s and involved 11 victims.
Teret was found guilty of seven charges of rape and 11 of sexual assault and he will be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street on 11 December.
Nazir Afzal, CPS Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West said:

“During the sixties and seventies Ray Teret was a popular Manchester DJ. He used this status to target young and vulnerable girls who were impressionable and in some cases simply star struck.
“He singled his victims out for attention, using charm and flattery, before subjecting them to traumatic and callous assaults. Some he groomed over a period of time, whilst others he assaulted soon after he first approached them. Some of the victims were only 13 years of age.
“The victims in this case have lived with the reality of what Ray Teret did for many years. It has had a significant impact upon all of their lives – personally, professionally and socially. In some cases it has had devastating consequences. Most of them felt they couldn’t tell anyone about it until recently. Many of them had thought it was their fault – it was never their fault.
“They have all shown enormous bravery in coming forward to the police and in attending court to speak out about what happened. Their collective courage has ensured that Ray Teret has been brought to justice today. He must now face up to the reality and consequences of his offences.
“I hope today’s verdict will in some way help these victims to move on with their lives and I also hope it provides other victims of sexual abuse with the courage and confidence to come forward.”

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