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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Tears of Alyn; SNP MEP Alyn Smith counts down the day to unemployment and obscurity, in a fevered last ditch attempt he seeks to delay Brexit by any means possible, in defiant mode he says he will fight indyref 2 if he loses his job, gosh some people and their ego, cry me a river Alyn, you’re all done

Dear All

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Hannibal Rising’, it charts the early years of Hannibal the Cannibal, the movie has a stella cast, is beautiful shot, and has great production values, in terms of set design. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it to you; it also features the talented Chinese actress Gong Li adding a touch of class. Basically the movie show what happens when young Hannibal witnesses the desperation of starving men turning cannibal.

The SNP has two MEPs, one of whom is Alyn Smith, unlike the other SNP dud; Smith has the passion of wanting to continue his cushy EU existence. Ever since he and the SNP saw their European dream go down the crapper, they have been wheeling and dealing and plotting to attempt to stay. You can see where Smith is coming from, the money is good, the responsibilities are few, and you get to live the high life on expenses.

But…..the party is coming to end, you think he would have grasped that in 2016 by the result, or when me and Brian Monteith won in the Gordon Brewer radio show on the BBC. As we head for the exit on March 29th, mad panic has set in, even at this late date, the Remain side which Alyn Smith is part of want to stop Brexit. They want to use anything such as delay, such as votes in the Commons on stopping ‘no deal’, basically anything and everything they can think of.

It is a very unedifying spectacle.

Alyn Smith needs to pack up his office, drink his entertainment allowances in a massive booze party and depart the premises, with some dignity. Alyn Smith has taken to the press to stir it, he revels in the House of Commons attempts to block a no-deal Brexit, and to extend the Article 50 period. He is a guy hanging from a rope, he is holding on for dear life, but sooner or later the lactic acid will prove too much and he will fall. He sees the slight shift in Labour policy as a foothold; he sees their call for second EU referendum as hope.

But there is no hope.

Prime Minister Theresa May would like her deal to go through but that doesn’t seem to gel with some on the Conservative Party, like them, I opt of hard Brexit. The UK should not be pressganged into a bad deal.

All the talk of uncertainty is a smokescreen, there is certainty it is called the WTO rules!

If the EU wants a good deal, they need to satisfy our needs not the other way round, the UK I not some hick third world country. In one respect, Alyn Smith has something in common with Brexitters, he regards Theresa May’s deal as disastrous citing that it will have us exit with no clear idea of the future. Smith appears to want to stay, but in the meantime thinks a deal guaranteeing a two-year period whereby our rights will remain the same, looks better, but in truth, he is a short-termist in terms of his wheeling and dealing and job.

He wants a delay not to do anything else but work on staying, he doesn’t get the ‘will of the people’ is still rock solid for leaving, he lives in a bubble in Europe, and his bubble is about to be bust. He wants delay so he can stand again for the EU parliament which is why he says that the SNP is putting together a list of candidates together for the European elections in May.

No Alex Salmond or Natalie McGarry on that ballot paper apparently, domestic troubles I hear relating to criminal courts.

In a humble way to play to the gallery, Smith said:

“If I’m selected, I’ll be at my post fighting to bring some sense to this, highlighting that there’s no good Brexit.  Scotland’s interests are assuredly best served by remaining in the EU”.

Getting ripped off and paying 20% of the EU budget, a small price to pay for SNP MEP luxury lifestyle in Brussels, a land of happy times, parties and adventure?

Smith added:

“If Mrs May does succeed in removing us against our will, having done all we can within the UK constitution, then we’ll have another choice to make. That’s a campaign I want to be part of”.

Oh the revenge of Alyn Smith, is that a comedy, or a horror, could it be made into a 15 minutes short, would people pay money to see Alyn Smith in the movie, ‘Second Time Around’, the story of a man who lost Scottish independence twice and his EU job. It must be a comedy. The critical question is who will be the support cast, naturally the cybernats, a few fat specky bams with dugs, they must Tasmina Ahmed Shiekh with her oily Ideal World Presenter charm and her husband being a creative director in the background. Finally, Nicola Sturgeon as the woman kidding on she is 35. The movie will have to be shot on widescreen, that is 16:9, just in case Nicola falls off the diet.

I wonder if Alyn and Nicola will do a song and dance together?

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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