Thankyou for visiting Teamtedsite,Track Em Down. Here we are collecting a database to show you convicted child abusers/sex offenders/rapist’s and animalabuseimage and animal abusers in your area.

We will add daily to our site for your safety and awareness of sentences, areas known of abusers and photographs, and all media links available to cases will be added.


We are a team that work with many others and they as we can provide support and understanding of a survivors journey.

As a team, we Team T.E.D we bring to the attention of the public trials and convictions of all abusers….

Child Abusers, Sexual predators, Rapists, Paedophiles, sex offenders and Animal Abuse offenders.

We have pages which link to websites for your searching of knowledge to who’s living near you.

Also a #Twitter link via website updates you can follow here…. Take a look at Team Ted (@teamtedtweets):

We Thankyou all for your support daily we really appreciate the shares, comments and help you give to help others know who is an offender and keeping everyone safe today.

These people we are giving awareness of are a risk to you, your children and your pets and we believe that you have a right to know who they are and where they are.





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