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    Los Angeles detectives open investigation into child sex accusations by Judy Huth, who is suing the star
    •, Saturday 6 December 2014 01.48 GMT
    A mural of Bill Cosby on a store in Washington DC.
    A mural of Bill Cosby on a store in Washington DC. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images
    Police have opened an investigation into a woman’s claims that Bill Cosby molested her when she was 15 years old.
    The investigation was opened after Judy Huth, who is suing Cosby for sexual battery, met with Los Angeles police detectives for 90 minutes.
    Huth’s separate civil suit claims Cosby forced her to perform a sex act on him in a bedroom of the Playboy Mansion around 1974 when she was underage.
    Attorney Gloria Allred said Judy Huth met with two special victim unit detectives Friday, three days after her civil lawsuit was filed.
    Huth did not take questions during a news conference.
    Police did not give any additional details about the investigation. Police chief Charlie Beck on Thursday urged people alleging sex abuse by Cosby to speak with detectives, regardless of whether their claims were outside the statute of limitations.
    Allred refused to comment on Huth’s lawsuit, which was filed by a different firm. Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, has accused Huth and another lawyer of extortion and have said she tried to sell her story to a tabloid a decade earlier.
    Singer’s filings state Huth’s attorney, Marc Strecker, first demanded $100,000 for Huth to remain silent, then raised the demand to $250,000 as more women came forward accusing Cosby of sexual misconduct.
    Cosby has been accused by more than 15 women in recent weeks of sexual misconduct ranging from incidents of groping to incidents of drugging and raping. He has never been charged with a crime and his attorneys have denied many of the allegations.
    Work crews on Friday had to clean up Cosby’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after someone wrote “Rapist” on it three times. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which manages the stars embedded in several sidewalks in Hollywood, wrote in a statement that the stars were intended to celebrate the positive contributions of its inductees.
    “When people are unhappy with one of our honorees we would hope that they would project their anger in more positive ways then to vandalize a California state landmark,” the chamber wrote in a statement.
    Cosby received his star in 1977. It is placed near the busy intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue.
    Also on Friday a woman who claims Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1979 told her story in interviews with CNN and the Associated Press, saying she wanted to help stop the comedian from abusing others.
    PJ Masten said in an interview with CNN that she woke up naked and bruised in a bed with Cosby in Chicago after he gave her an alcoholic drink and that she believes she was raped.

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