SkullBabylon Neogonzojournalist‘s photo.
Santos Bonacci is a well known dedicated truth seeker who has been researching ancient knowledge and universal truth for the past 30 years. On Jan 19th, Santos was ‘arrested’ by Australian officers for reasons that are not black and white. As a result, Santos was unable to be present for his scheduled guest appearance for Ep81 of Paradigm Shift Radio. Therefore, in lieu of these recent events, his close friend Kate of Gaia will be co-creating this episode to talk about the work Santos has been involved with while also sharing further insight on a variety of esoteric topics related to our mysterious past and more.
– Tune in to this NOT TO BE MISSED EPISODE –
Paradigm Shift Radio 82 – Truth in Plain Sight: The Santos Bonacci Legacy. LIVE Sun Jan 26, 9pm – 11pm EST

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