Brief relief but no release for Rusty – more action please!

Can we have another phone-in to Scottish Prison Service this week please? Chief Executive Colin McConnell  0131 244 8747.  Apparently a supporter was misinformed by Barlinnie Deputy Governor re. the alphabetical order for tag-release, other factors do apparently play a part. All the more reason to push those other factors in Rusty’s case – age (65), health (poor), offence (minor – alleged/non-proven harassment of a Scottish high-up over her blank disregard for child protection) behaviour inside (sure to be good, Rusty’s one of the most deeply moral men on the planet – 30 years’ campaigner for ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ against notorious regimes – ironic now HE’s inside, what does that say about Scotland, the regime he’s currently challenging?! but perhaps don’t belabour that to the SPS, might not render them that sympathetic to Rusty…just end at “‘Prisoners of Conscience’ campaigner himself turned ’Prisoner of Conscience’ in Scotland” and leave it there…
Latest from Rusty to a supporter, 12 June, 2014
Support mail continues to arrive, albeit at a diminished rate, but is a morale-booster regardless of volume, with letters informing me that supporters are writing/have written to HMP Barlinnie Governor protesting my stalled (blocked?) tag release when other Grampian transfer prisoners are having such processed and going home.  But as I’ve mentioned previously, this environment is dominated by an information vacuum  –  doubtless by design  –  and with the vindictive ‘payback’ manner my case has been dealt with (same as Robert’s) since my original March 2014 arrest to February 2014 trial, sentencing and imprisonment, I would not be at all surprised if my ‘prisoner sheet’ has a black mark on it to keep me incarcerated until August 11th  –  and then, on that fateful Monday morning, arrange for a ‘gate arrest’ by Aberdeen police on some other trumped up/concocted charge, to drag me before another bent sheriff and have me remanded  –  as was Robert  –  to keep me out of circulation and gagged over my knowledge (encyclopaedic) of this corrupt crony cultures litany of crimes and cover-ups.
So, please write and enlighten me on the progress of the online petition and how many signatures it is gathering.  What will be done with it actually?  Will it be copied to the SNP hierarchy or Barlinnie Governor?  Alas, the ‘information vacuum’ strikes again and I’m down to guessology on everything.  A most frustrating and annoying circumstance for an investigative journalist who thrives on information and research work.
Oh, self-harm central Barlinnie has had another cell-mate murder in E Block, and a couple of nights ago another suicide in B Block.  Obviously someone not too impressed with the Barlinnie customer service.  Incidents that are likely to make the front pages of the politically-correct/censured media, eh what?
Non-smokers are a rarity here  –  only a couple of non-smoking cells.  My ‘co-pilot’ (don’t laugh  –  that’s the official SPS terminology) cell-mate has been released this morning (24 months served  –  drugs/robbery) so I’m now on my own  –  probably only for a few hours until the courts’ end-of-day business  –  then I’ll have another co-pilot.  But nice to get the cell sorted out to my military-organisation standard  –  and quiet, too: telly off, at last.
Last co-pilot was heroin addict/on meds daily  –  methadone  –  and a compulsive/obsessive paranoid psychotic  –  basically a control freak  –  which didn’t work with me.  He was only 45  –  same age as my eldest son.  What a human mess  –  no chance of rehabilitation/reform  –  mind set on getting boozed and some illegal ‘high’.
So  –  viz non-smoking  –  there might be a chance I’ll be on my own for a single night at least, and not have to stuff my ears with damp bog roll to cut out the 24/7 noise that reverberates around this voluminous acoustic echo chamber.  Cell-door kicking/banging/screaming/shouting  –  you name it  –  run out of adjectives and verbs.
Just hope that Belinda’s blog and the protest campaign letter-writing to HMP Barlinnie Governor and the online petition all go viral and attract a storm of vehement and repeated complaints to the hierarchy here to prompt my tag release  –  fingers crossed.  At least I have enough writing pads to keep me going until August 11th.   I’ll continue to scribble, and turn the pages of Pickwick’s journal.
Oh, I put my name down for a haircut and library on the ‘please sir’ list each morning this week  –  so far, to little avail.  Nothing new there!  Cell-mate waited 3 weeks for a haircut.  Waistline continues to reduce and firm up due to the ‘zero anything’ calorie diet.  Ha!  No fears with high cholesterol and blocked arteries on this swill that the Deputy Governor reckons he eats with relish!  Hmmm  –  home comforts, zilch.  Quality of life on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being low)  = minus 3!  In fact, life in Barlinnie adds up to a big zero in all aspects of a tourist guide assessment  –  perfectly instanced by today’s lunch: 2 rounds of bread  –  egg/mayo sandwiches  –  with ‘salad’, which consisted of 5 thin slices of cucumber  –  no lettuce or tomato.  Obviously the Deputy Governor must have raised an eyebrow at his polystyrene plate with this ‘Oliver Twist’ ‘some more?’ manifestation (I don’t think).
Well, here in my preferred isolation (for now) I’ll cherish its transient value  –  or hopefully be left in non-smoking solitude for a while  –  or released on a tag licence.

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