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    CHILD SEX ABUSE – If every MP had experienced the absolute terror a child feels when assaulted by a paedo they’d be 650 standing up for them
  1. Every barrister I have ever met have been ‘charming’. I haven’t met

  2. Theres always going to be people who try to silence survivors. But once we find out voice, we don’t turn back
  3. he has his rotten eggs in too many baskets it would seem
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    I share this view, he should never have been allowed the chief role in scrutinising the CSA inquiry, too many links
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  5. : Police to investigate Keith Vaz allegations


  6. BBC News – Sir Cliff Richard: Second challenge to sex charges decision

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    Good for you. Hopefully future generation will have a childhood they want to remember.
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  8. is brave enough to report on demonstrations outside Leicester office. Interviews at 5 pm news.
  9. Sir Cliff Richard – 2nd alleged victim asking CPS to review decision not to charge
  10. Please share 2days Somebody knows what happened Ben.It’s now 25 years since he disappeared

  11. Untold: Britain’s dirtiest murder cover-up has become a must-listen podcast

  12. listened to it all at least twice! When are you coming back? compelling and outraging.
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    Can’t understand how this hasn’t reached 100,000 yet. Could every person please sign petition & retweet.Thanks a lot
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    859,532 ‘Impessions’ of my tweet. Can I get it to a million? … Thanks everyone
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  15. Hi Would all my lovely followers kindly follow Thanks a lot everyone
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    Ignorant uncaring people will always act this way.We are better than that.We will keep talking,telling how it was.
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  17. Trying to find the courage to come forward about childhood sexual abuse? This is what a barrister has to say to you!

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