1. Every time Babsy bashes Nick it should come with a warning: Babsy’s cousin Denby was Proctor’s friend and solicitor!

  2. Sunnyclaribel Retweeted Dame Alun Roberts CH
    Is it ‘normal’ for a barrister to refer to a CSA survivor coming forward as ‘ToxicNick’?
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  3. Esther Baker Retweeted Daily Mirror
    Or alternatively headlined “Abuse survivor’s agony as alleged abuser uses media for headlines”
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    He even drove there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Sunnyclaribel Retweeted Daily Mirror
    Very serious. Can anyone help the Police to find this dangerous kidnapper? Please retweet everyone. Thank you
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  6. I support this tweet, Alexis Jay must carry on with the investigation
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    Good point
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  8. This ‘barrister’ thinks her tweets are ‘amusing’. Are all the child sex abuse survivors & laughing? …

  9. Sunnyclaribel Retweeted Sunnyclaribel
    CHILD SEX ABUSE – Only way to beat ‘evil’, is to fight it. We all have the power to help kids out there. Lets do it.
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  10. So why does a serving MP block so many people who put questions to him ?????
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    Why does delete so many of her tweets? Was it something you said Barbara? Just asking …..
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    CHILD SEX ABUSE – The old ‘It’s a witch hunt’ routine won’t work any more. Change the record . It’s getting boring
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  13. I’m called ‘Stupid, nasty, dafty, nutcase & nutwing’ by Barbara. I must be doing something right. Well done me!!!

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