Sunday, February 19, 2012 NUBIA, A BAREFOOT TEEN, HOLLIE GREIG

Sunday, February 19, 2012


It looks as though governments aid and protect ‘child abuse’.

Florida, a girl called Nubia was removed from her home, after her
father had been accused of improperly touching another child.

The child protection agency gave Nubia to a couple who tortured her.

The Department of Children and Families received many calls about Nubia being abused.

Accidentally, or deliberately, they failed to protect her.

In 2011, Nubia’s dead body was found stuffed inside a trash bag.

She was aged 10.


Scotland is run by pedophile freemasons?
February 2012, in Wisconsin in the USA, a member of the public found a
fifteen year-old girl walking the streets barefoot and in pyjamas.

Child protection had failed to protect her.

Child protection had received EIGHT reports about the the abuse of the starving teen.

One abuse report had been when she was a toddler.

The girl had been ‘beaten, starved and forced to eat her own faeces and drink her own urine’

Hollie Greig, from Scotland.

In the summer of 2000, Hollie Greig told her mother, Anne, that she had been repeatedly sexually abused.

appears that a ring of sexual abusers were involved and this ring
included people working for the criminal justice system in Scotland.

Reportedly, top legal people (including those involved in the Lockerbie scandal) prevented any police action from taking place. (THE SHOCKING STORY OF HOLLIE GREIG)

Greig received a payout from the criminal injuries compensation authority.

Alex Salmond, leader of Kosovo
Zoompad reported on THE CONTINUED PERSECUTION OF HOLLIE GREIG (This refers to material at ‘Hollie Demands Justice.‘)

In June 2010, a “brutal raid was carried out by local officials and police on the house of Anne and Hollie Greig.

modest property was effectively vandalised, all interior as well as
exterior doors and locks smashed, curtains torn down, drawers and
cupboards tipped onto the floor, the burglar alarm control box ripped
apart, the freezer unplugged so that the food it contained was lost and
the outside windows plastered with those horrible police stickers that
are virtually impossible to remove.”


Elish Angiolini was the Lord Advocate, the top legal officer in Scotland.

She “deplored” al Megrahi’s attempt to challenge his conviction in the Lockerbie case. (aangirfan: ANGIOLINI WANTS JUSTICE?)

Allegedly, she also knows rather a lot about child abuse cases.

Angiolini was once Procurator Fiscal for Grampian, Highlands and Islands.

The case of a seven-year-old boy, who was allegedly raped, collapsed because of delays in bringing it to court in Aberdeen. (Procurator apologises – Telegraph)

a ten year old was allegedly sexually abused ‘the case was delayed by
Ms Angiolini, and by the time it came before a Sheriff, it was deemed
that too much time had passed, and that the case could not be heard – it
had taken Ms Angiolini three years to process the case.’ (Angiolini: Covering for Paedophilia?)

Reportedly, the Sheriff who heard the case was the very same Sheriff implicated in the abuse of Hollie Greig.

Hollie with Robert Green and Hollie’s mother
Why do we suspect that child abuse is organised by agents of certain governments?

Robert Green, who has campaigned for Hollie, has been sent to jail.

“Anti abuse campaigner Robert Green is sentenced to ONE YEAR in jail for handing out leaflets calling for an abuse inquiry.

“IN what many legal observers have branded a STAGGERING decision, Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen sitting at Stonehaven Sheriff Court earlier today took the unprecedented step of jailing the well known anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green
to ONE YEAR in prison, for a ‘crime’ which can be traced back to
Green’s arrest in February 2010 by Grampian Police officers on orders
from the Crown Office for the heinous offence of attempting to hand out
leaflets calling for an inquiry into allegations of child abuse raised
by downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig
and her mother, Anne Greig who were forced to flee Aberdeen some years
ago after Grampian Police and Scotland’s Crown Office refused to
investigate allegations of child abuse by an alleged paedophile gang
based in the area.”- Robert Green jailed for Breach of Peace & bail conditions

Robert Green



An interesting story that about the Belgian man. Connected to paedophilia maybe?

Ian Evans

Nice one Aang 🙂


I was blocked from going onto Robert Greens blog for about 9 months, and
I moaned and moaned and moaned about it, I told Robert Green I couldn’t
access his blog, and moaned and grumbled about it on Facebook. After
Robert and his solicitor parted company, I was able to post on Roberts
blog again. I am now getting bullied like fury for asking too many
difficult questions, they are calling me a nutter Matt Quinn and another
man, and using the excuse that I am being self centred because I keep
mentioning that I was abused in a Pindown childrens home.

not being self centred at all, I am simply refusing to be gagged and
feel that if I keep mentioning my own bad experience in Pindown it might
help other child abuse victims to feel they too can speak out, if they
want to. Plus, it says on Hollies blog for people to please come forward
if they are victims of abuse, so thats what I am doing, and noone, not
Matt Quinn or even the devil is going to bloody well gag me any more,
and if they want to bully me they can jolly well do their bullying in
front of a big Internet audience!!!!!


Onya Zoompad.


‘Good on ya’ is Australian.

– Aangirfan

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