Dance coach’s affairs with under-age girls exposed after mum finds intimate photo of young daughter on phone

Jon Broni, 22, told his victims “you can’t help who you fall in love with” but they now both feel “tricked and sullied,” Manchester Crown Court heard

MEN Jon Broni, street dance coach who had sex with teenage pupils leaving Manchester Crwon Court after his sentence
Spared jail: Jon Broni

A streetdance coach’s illicit affairs with two underage girls were exposed after the mother of one of them found an intimate photo.
Jon Broni was an up-and-coming star in the urban dance scene, opening his own studio at just 21, and hobnobbing with celebrities at events.
Now he has been convicted of having sexual relationships with two 15-year-girls at the same time, over a six-month period.
But Broni, now 22, has been spared jail by a judge at Manchester Crown Court who said he had had the “fulsome consent” of both girls.
One girl had sex with Broni while staying overnight at his Boulevard studios in Swinton, the court heard.
The second girl’s parents gave their daughter consent to dating Broni – as long there was no sex “until she was ready”.
Broni, of Wendover Road, Wythenshawe, had liaisons with the pair for months without them knowing about the other, reports the Manchester Evening News.
He told both “you can’t help who you fall in love with” and they now feel “tricked and sullied,” the court heard.
Police were called in May 2013, after the first girl photographed herself nude in the shower on a phone belonging to her mother, who discovered the picture.

Street dance coach Jon Broni, 22, convicted sexual activity with a child.
Hobnobbing: Jon Broni with former Corrie star Michelle Keegan

Lisa Judge, defending Broni, who admitted charges of sexual activity with a child, said: “Had these girls been kicking and screaming, he would have been charged with rape.
“However (the victims) were children and therefore needed protection.
“He failed to offer them that protection.
“His remorse is palpable.
“He’s lost everything – he is no Billy Elliot anymore.
“He’ll never work in a dance school again.”
Miss Judge said Broni was born with a large purple, facial birthmark that left him “handsome” on one side and “disfigured” on the other like “Phantom of the Opera”.
Bullied, isolated and subjected to repeated facial operations, he found his calling in dance, but had not developed proper maturity, she said.
Sentencing him to a three-year community order with a requirement to attend a sex offenders’ programme, plus a five-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order, Judge Martin Rudland said Broni had “exploited” his friendship with the girls, and that while the age gap was not “significant”, consent laws were there to protect the young and vulnerable from themselves.

Street dance coach Jon Broni, 22, convicted sexual activity with a child.
Body-popping: Jon Broni

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