August 20, 2016


Redruth ‘predator’ Stephen Webb jailed for attempted rape of 16-year-old paralytic girl
A serial sex offender has been jailed for the attempted rape of a paralytic 16-year-old girl.

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Stephen Webb, 35, of Appin Gadens, Redruth, was introduced to the
victim and her boyfriend by a friend and then invited them to his flat
and plied the teenagers with vodka and energy drinks, continually
topping up their glasses throughout the night, Truro Crown Court heard.

The victim, who was barely 16 at the time of the crime in February
2015, then became ill and vomited in the toilet before returning to the
room where they had gathered only for Webb to continue to supply her
with alcohol.

Prosecuting Webb, Jo Martin, said at the sentencing hearing: “The
victim went back to the bathroom and Webb followed her, pulled down his
trousers and attempted to get her to touch his genitals and then began
to kiss her.

“She was still unwell and asked to lie down so got into Webb’s bed.
He then entered the room, shut the door and laid with her before lifting
up her top and bra and licking her breast. Webb then got out his penis
and put it on the victim, attempting to her to put it in her mouth.”

During the ordeal the victim’s boyfriend knocked on the door to check
on her, Webb telling him that they had not yet finished chatting while
she was still unable to process what was happening.

Ms Martin added that the victim then began to come around, pushing
him away and screaming for help from her boyfriend who then rushed to
her aid.

The crime was immediately reported to the police by the couple and a DNA swab found traces of Webb’s semen on her skin.

The court was told of Webb’s lengthy record of similar offences including sexual assault, indecent assault and exposure.

The crime also placed in him breach of a 12-month suspended sentence for sexual assault issued seven months previously.

Ramsay Quaife, for Webb, pointed to the fact that he suffered from
learning difficulties, claustrophobia and poor health which would be
sure to worsen should a custodial sentence be imposed.

Sentencing Webb, Judge Simon Carr said he had no doubt that alcohol
was provided to aid a sexual assault on a young girl and that the
intervention of others was the only thing that stopped the attempted
rape from progressing.

“You have a disturbing record for similar offending and clearly pose a high risk to women,” he said.

Judge Carr sentenced Webb to nine years in prison, of which he must
serve at least two thirds, with a further five years extended period on

He was also told that he must sign the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Constable Yvan Clarke, of the Devon and Cornwall Police
sexual offences and domestic abuse investigation team, said: “The
sentencing today of Stephen Webb represents a triumph for justice. He
preyed on a vulnerable child, plied her with alcohol and then sexually
assaulted her and attempted to rape her when she was unconscious.

“He lied to police throughout the investigation process and has shown
no remorse, for this wicked, predatory crime. The young victim has been
put through the ordeal of giving evidence and waiting for justice to
take its course.

“I would like to thank all the witnesses and professionals involved
in this case, which is a great example of the community and authorities
working together to safeguard our neighbourhoods. We, as a police
service, hope this positive outcome gives victims even more confidence
to report sexual abuse that they have suffered.”

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