Jeremy Corbyn won’t suspend Keith Vaz from Labour ruling body while sex scandal is investigated

Mr Vaz will be allowed to remain a member of the Labour NEC at least until they meet next week

Daily Mirror
Keith Vaz and Jeremy Corbyn
Keith Vaz and Jeremy Corbyn

Keith Vaz will be allowed to remain a member of Labour’s ruling body while the Sunday Mirror’s revelation about his use of prostitutes is investigated.
Jeremy Corbyn
said he wouldn’t be suspending him from the party’s National Executive
Committee (NEC) or from the party itself, until the NEC meets next week.

Mr Vaz, an elected member of the NEC, resigned as chair of the
Home Affairs select committee this afternoon, after the Sunday Mirror
revealed he’d paid for sex with escorts at a flat he owns in London.
But Mr Corbyn said today he does not intend to suspend him, and “we should leave it at that point.”

Keith Vaz
Keith Vaz

He said: “The NEC will be discussing that next week when they meet.
will be there, as I understand it, as an elected member of the NEC, and
whatever decision is made about his future will partly be made by him.”
Speaking at a joint press conference on arts policy with 80s reggae band UB40
, he said of Mr Vaz’s decision to quit: “He’s made that decision
himself. I just heard that before I came in that he’s resigned as chair
of the Home Affairs committee, and I think we should leave it at that
“Whatever else comes out of this will be a matter of him and others, not me.”

Carl Court
Mr Corbyn was speaking during a joint press conference with UB40

Yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to stick the knife in
to Mr Vaz, saying: “What Keith does is for Keith. Any decisions he
wishes to make are for him.
“But I think overall what people look for is confidence in their politicians.”

Mr Corbyn said he agreed: “There has to be confidence in the
democratic process, and therefore confidence in politicians and what we
But he repeated that Mr Vaz had made the decision for himself, and we should “move on from there.”
why he suspended Ken Livingstone over his comments about Hitler, but
not Mr Vaz over these allegations, Mr Corbyn said: “Well, can we look at
the allegations first?”
Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith said Keith Vaz had “done the right thing”.
told the BBC’s The World At One: “I don’t think he could have continued
in that role. I’m pleased he’s done what I think we all expected he
would do and has stood down.”

Keith Vaz with prostitutes

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