Proof of the Social Services insidious agenda to steal Clayton Spivey.

Proof of the Social Services insidious agenda to steal Clayton Spivey.

Christopher Spivey

If you read my article ‘Being There‘ in connection with our ‘visit’ by the SS last week, you will know that I made mention of the 9 page assessment that Social Worker, Nicole Miles had completed and left us with a copy to read – as she is required to do by law.
Moreover, you will also know that I subsequently pointed out,that as well as containing some glaring errors, the assessment – and I use the term very, very loosely – also contains many paragraphs that could be open to misinterpretation as well as to our detriment should we ever have to go to court.
And as such, it has now become blatantly obvious to me that I have been right all along and the SS have an agenda to steal Clayton, despite me having them on film repeatedly stating that they are not after taking Clayton into care… That must never be allowed to happen, so keep reading and get fucking angry.
However, knowing what I do now, it is no wonder that they didn’t give their consent to be filmed and that I was absolutely right to ignore that fact.
The following is what I wrote in ‘Being There’ on the 27th of November:
Once again, the SS department manager Julie Robinson arrived with Nicole Miles and another bird… Strange how we get the top dog, don’t cha think.
Moreover, I have now had chance to read the nine page assessment and not withstanding the unforgivable errors contained within the report i.e. names spelt wrong, misinformation etc, there are paragraphs that could be “open to interpretation”, which Stacey will be taking up with Nicole Miles in the next day or so with a view to the wording being changed or clarification added… Honest to Dog, these people must take me for a right fucking amateur.
As for me bringing up the fact that Nicole Miles has blatantly lied to me in previous meetings – all safely stored on film – it was telling that Jane Robinson stated – on film – that, “that is a matter” for me and her “to discuss away from here in private”.
I look forward to that.
Now, after trying on and off all of last Friday afternoon to speak to Julie Robinson (SS departmental head) or if that wasn’t possible then to get the SS department to get Stacey’s second choice, Nicole Miles (social worker) to call her back about the concerns that we have with this assessment, Miles finally rang Stacey yesterday afternoon 01/12/14.
However, I should also explain that until Miles rang Stacey back yesterday afternoon, we hadn’t realised that the assessment that we were given a copy of at the meeting last week (26/11/14) is as far as I can gather, not a copy of the official assessment, but merely the information that Miles had gathered together in order to write the official assessment.
Not that it matters if I am wrong on that score, because it won’t make any difference to the content.
And since Stacey had left messages on Friday stating why she wanted to speak to Robinson or Miles ASAP, it has now become clear why it had taken so long for Miles to finally get back to Stacey.
Indeed, when you listen to the two recordings of the phone calls (found at the bottom of this report), I am sure that you will agree that Miles explanations for the errors and paragraphs which are open to interpretation are not the explanations of someone who had simply made some innocent mistakes… Not that mistakes, simple or otherwise should ever be tolerated in a report on such an important subject.
However, before you listen to the recordings, I will take you through the 11 points that we were not happy with and why… Note that is eleven points that are totally unsatisfactory  contained in a nine page report.
Point 1
Now you will notice that the date at the top says 20-Nov-2014 and relates to the date that Nicole Miles finished her assessment.
The date below that, 30-July-2014, that I have highlighted in pink is when Miles started her assessment following the police referral in regard to Clayton.
Now you have to understand that nothing contained in this “assessment” was explained to either me or Stacey at the Meeting on the 26th of November and indeed Miles did not hand over what both me & Stacey were led to believe – through lack of clarification on Miles’s part – was a copy of the ‘official’ assessment, until after I had asked for it shortly before Miles, Julie Robinson and the other mush with them were leaving.
Therefore, that meeting with us on the 26th took place 6 days after the official assessment was completed and handed in, on the 20th of November… however, I will expand on this very important matter as we go along.
Moreover, if you have been following my reports on this harassment that we are being subjected to by both the Plod & SS , you may recall that two days earlier – on the 24th of November – Nicole Miles had actually met with the police for a “strategy meeting” in regard to Clayton.
Therefore, Miles had submitted her assessment on the 20th of November, knowing full well that she was meeting the plod on the 24th, for an update on their investigation, whilst at the same time knowing that she had a meeting here, with us on the 26th.
Therefore, you have to ask yourselves why Miles chose to finish her assessment on the 20th whilst being fully aware that important information pertaining to the police investigation could have cropped up on the 24th, and consequently made a potential massive difference to our meeting with Miles on the 26th? … More on this later.
Now, as I wrote a moment or two ago, you will have notice that I have highlighted the “start date” for the assessment and since that “start date” is the 30th of July, I find it extremely concerning that Miles could begin an assessment on the day BEFORE I was even arrested for the first time on the 31st of July, which was for the misdemeanor of harassment – well suspicion of actually – and not as is clearly stated on the page, that a referral had been made because I was allegedly found to have “indecent images” on my computers, which were some fucking how discovered by the investigating police… A day before they had even stolen the bastard things to examine.
Now fuck me, that is brilliant work by anyone’s standard of police investigating.
After all, since the police didn’t steal my computers until a day later, they then could not have possibly known what was on them and despite what Miles is implying, I wasn’t actually arrested for the alleged“indecent images” until the 6th of October – over two months after my trumped up, illegal arrest for suspicion of harassment on the 31st of July… Very, very suspect indeed, would you not agree?
Furthermore, you will remember that the referral supposedly made by the plod after my arrest for suspicion of harassment, was malicious and totally without foundation.
Indeed, the referral to the SS was due to the plod alleging that my place was untidy and Clayton had dirty sheets on his cot… Which again, they somehow spookily knew on the day before they had so much as clapped eyes on the inside of my home and in particular, the current state at the time of Clayton’s cot bedding… It’s a fucking good job that I am not paranoid!
The following is what I wrote in my article ‘And now they show their hand’ on the 4th of August.
This latest development came in the form of social workers knocking on my door following a “referral” by the police, who apparently told them that Stacey’s bedroom was messy and Clayton had dirty sheets on his cot.
Strange then that those sheets were clean on, that day and the bedroom was messy because the thug cunts did a fingertip search of the fucking room.
Now I agree that the walls appear dirty in the shadows cast by the light bulb in the room but this is due to the damp which I have repeatedly made the Housing Association aware of.
Needless to say, I refused to let the social worker in or answer any of her questions although I had Clay in my arms throughout, but you just know that they are going to be back.
And obviously Stacey is also understandably shitting herself that they are going to take Clay off her despite me pointing out to the social worker that he has only been to the doctors once in his life and that was for constipation.
Now that Social Worker who I sent packing was in fact Nicole Miles. And indeed it really sounds to me like the police and the plod had a game plan all along – before I was even illegally arrested the first time in fact.
Or are the plod psychic and knew the day before my first arrest that Clayton was sleeping on dirty sheets, the place was “filthy” and that they would ‘find’ indecent images on the computers that they hadn’t yet illegally stolen?
And since this assessment – if that is what you can call this fictitious document – started on the 30th of July, you have to question why the wholly corrupt Essex Police did not apply for a search and arrest warrant before turning up mob-handed on my doorstep at the totally unacceptable time of 1:30 AM in the morning.
Especially so when you take into account that according to a policeman who contacted me in confidence, it only takes 6 hours to obtain the necessary warrants.
You will also note how confusing this opening gambit could be for anyone reading it who is not familiar with the case, since Miles first states that “allegations were made against Chris” before going on to write that the concern is that “Clayton lives with his grandfather”, without clarifying that “Chris” is Clay’s“grandfather”.
Moreover, you may also remember that the SS closed the case pertaining to my first arrest without so much as stepping foot over my threshold, which Julie Robinson confirmed in the following letter sent to Stacey on the 27th of august.
So, if the assessment was cancelled then why the fuck is the start date listed as being the 3oth of July?
Could it be that the plods original idea, whilst working in cahoots with the equally unscrupulous SS was to somehow find indecent images on my computers straight away hence Miles being put on standby, before someone kindly pointed out to the not so bright plod the potential flaws in their plan?
I mean, surely if my arrest for the indecent images on the 6th of October was the reason for the assessment – which miles insists it was as you will hear her clearly state in the recorded phone calsl – then surely the start date should have been stated as the 6th of October?
Point 2
Now, I have to say that I do not remember me or Stacey giving our consent for the assessment, indeed I do not recall us even being asked. However, I can check whether or not we were by watching the filmed interviews.
It is however correct that Stacey did not give her consent for Miles to contact other agencies. After all, what the sly bitches wanted to do was to look at Stacey and Clayton’s medical records to see if they could twist anything contained within them to their advantage… I will return to this matter in just a moment.
As for the part that I have highlighted in the comment, well it deliberately reads like I am dominating Stacey – something which, if you know Stacey you will know straight away to be total, total bollocks. NOBODY BUT NOBODY dominates Stacey… FACT.
It is however true that I told her not to sign the consent forms allowing the SS to snoop, but if Stacey had disagreed with me she would have had no qualms whatsoever in telling me to “fuck right off” and signed the form anyway.
However, this is a common tactic used by the SS. You see, they use the old ‘dominated by another’ ploy as a reason to cast doubt on someone’s ability to care for their child… Fucking snide arse-holes.
Now look at this next photo, from later on in the assessment.
And straight away you will have noticed that it states that the date of the plod’s referral is the 1st of October.
In fact the paperwork clearly states that exact same date twice, as well as listing the date that the assessment is due to be completed by as being the 20th of November.
Now this is where Miles really comes a cropper as you will hear in the recorded phone calls found at the end of my analysis of her assessment.
You see, disregarding the fact that it would appear to the reader that the SS have now had TWO referrals about Clay – the one on the 30th of July and the second one on the 1st of October – both of which give the impression that they have been made due to me being caught in possession of “indecent images” (on my not as yet stolen computers in the first instance), what Miles really does not want us to cotton on to here is the all, extremely important issue of the actual number of working days that there are between the 1st of October and the 20th of November… There is in fact 35 days exactly.
And why is that significant?
Well, basically because the law states that a social worker has a MAXIMUM of 35 days to submit an assessment – hence Miles submitting her assessment on the 20th of November.
However, despite Miles listing the 2nd referral as starting on the 1st of October – although as you will hear on the recorded conversations below, she tries to imply that someone else is responsible for the mistake in HER assessment – I wasn’t in fact actually arrested for the 2nd time until the 6th of October – once again without an arrest or a search warrant, although both my arrest and a search were indeed carried out by the police thugs who illegally smashed their way into my home.
Therefore, how in the name of fuck, could the SS have had the referral (clearly stated twice in the above photo) if I wasn’t arrested until six fucking days later?
Now does anyone here still think that this is not a joint stitch up on behalf of the SS and the plod, carried out with a view to stealing a perfectly happy, healthy and much-loved little boy from his mother and grandfather, just so as he can be farmed out and faced with unimaginable horrors solely because his grandad has exposed beyond all doubt the fact that the British government are nothing more than a bunch of perverted, sadistic, murdering gangsters whom without a shadow of doubt were instrumental in faking the murder of Lee Rigby?
Moreover, as you continue to read what Miles has written in that last photo, you will see that straight away that the underhand, evil cow has brought up the fact that Clayton has not been immunised – despite that not being a crime or even an obligation and as such should have no relevance to our ability to parent and as such, the fact should not have even warranted a mention – whilst then slyly stating that the reason for Clay not having had his jabs is because: “Stacey does not think that children need immunisations”, thus making her sound at best backwards or semi-retarded.
Yet once again this is a DELIBERATELY misleading distortion of the truth, which can easily be proved by watching the film footage of our meetings with the SS all done so quite openly by Wolfie.
Indeed, what Stacey actually explained to Ms Miles is that based on the evidence that she had read, she wasn’t prepared to take the risk of poisoning Clayton and irreparably damage his health  as the vaccines have been proven to do in a court of law – or words to that effect.
Miles then writes that: “Stacey has shared that Clayton has never been to the hospital and therefore is a healthy child” – which is true in so much as Clay has never been to hospital. However, at no time did Stacey add that “therefore Clayton is a healthy child”.
After all, you go to hospital if you have had an accident, or are having tests or you are being treated for some horrible infliction and in this instance, Stacey was stating that Clayton had never been to hospital, thus proving that Clayton had never hurt himself anywhere near sufficiently enough to warrant taking him to hospital and with that being the case, Clayton could not possibly be being neglected or not looked after properly.
And then we get to the crux of the matter, because Miles states immediately afterwards that:“Information has been gathered from the GP (what GP? – Spivey) on 28 October 2014 who shared the following information” – Yes that dreadfully constructed sentence grammatically wise, really was written by a professional!
Now remember, Stacey hadn’t granted permission for Miles to speak with our doctors.
Never the less, Miles then writes… Well you can read what she writes for yourself in the photo above, with the implication being that Stacey had said that Clayton had never been to the doctors, with Miles hoping to get away with the blatant lie by stating immediately prior to this untruth that Stacey had said that Clayton had never been to the hospital – which was indeed true because he hasn’t – in the hope that no one would make the distinction in difference between a hospital and a doctors surgery… Do you see how these insidious, scheming, cunning, very useful idiots work now?
Indeed, the truth is that Stacey volunteered the information that Clayton had only been to the doctors twice, once for constipation – because she is a good mother who cares deeply for her son – and once because he was a bit wheezy although she only took him to the doctors then because she had made an appointment for herself in regard to her own bad chest, and as such, she was worried that our extremely damp flat – a fact that an independent damp assessor employed at the request of our housing association has not only confirmed but stated that major work is needed to cure the problem, which will mean that we would haveno choice but to move out whilst every single floor in the place was removed – was the cause of this wheeziness… Like any good, caring, responsible mother would do.
Therefore, unless any judge reading this tissue of lies had been privy to the conversation regarding Clays medical history, or had read the assessment extremely carefully, he or she could very easily mistake Miles’s wording as implying that Stacey had lied about Clayton’s health.
In fact, you will notice that Miles does not praise Stacey for the fact that a 17th month old toddler has only ever attended the doctors twice in his life – both times for minor complaints – and has never once had occasion for Clayton to attend hospital… Indeed, an excellent health record by anyone standards.
Neither does Miles mention the fact that I told her myself that Clayton had been to the doctors for constipation, the very first time that she knocked on my door after which I refused her request to come in and sent her packing following my 1st arrest for suspicion of harassment as opposed to what she has put down as being for caught in possession of “indecent photographs” which is clearly evidenced early on in the report with regard to the “first” assessment.
And even then Miles isn’t done with laying the groundwork for Clayton to be snatched at a later date, since as you can see for yourselves, she then brings up Clayton’s health visitor, who I have stated many times in the past gets on very, very well with me.
However, instead of writing that Evelyn (the health visitor) was full of praise for Myself and Stacey and had no concerns whatsoever about Clayton – which is the reason that she told me on the phone that she had refused to take part in this stitch up and as such refused to accompany Nicole Miles on a home visit to ours after which the case was closed as evidenced in the letter above and whom we are now told has rather suspiciously moved jobs – Miles instead focuses on smoking, which she then stokes the flames further by stating that the smoking issue was addressed by herself yet which is in reality totally fucking irrelevant, since the last time  that I looked it was not against the law to even smoke whilst reading your child a bedtime story if you are that way inclined.
Indeed, if smoking indoors and not having your baby injected with poison were grounds for removing a child, then over half the population of England would be childless.
And the final point that I want to make here is the fact that Clayton’s dad is not called Aaron. It never has been and never will be.Neither is that the only name that Miles has got wrong, since she refers to Stacey’s boyfriend in her assessment as having the surname of ‘Slow’.
Yet whilst that may very well be a character trait in Bradley, it certainly is not his surname… Although I best point out to Bradley that I am only joking.
Course in all seriousness, accuracy does not figure highly in these monumentally important, SS assessments which have the potential to heap abject life-changing misery on both parents and child.
Point 3
Now this one is of particular concern.
So before I continue, the following is what I wrote in my article “Nick Nick, Dick Dick, Tick Tick… Tock”on Wednesday, 29th of October, following an earlier meeting of ours with the SS, held on Monday the 27th of October, which as you may know was also attended by my friend Sue – a very experienced Social worker – along with a man who was there as an impartial observer.
As for the wholly corrupted Essex Police force… Well, they are looking far from confident. That fact was inadvertently revealed to me by one of the social workers, who had wanted to raise Clayton’s case to a Section 42 or 47, (I forget which) protection order, at their clandestine meeting with the plod sometime last week… But don’t worry, they are not after taking him away. The social worker who wanted to raise Claytons case to a section 47 said so!
The fact that the police were not in agreement to doing so speaks volumes. As does their reluctance to talk to Southend Echo reporter David Trayner about the TRUE evidenced facts surrounding my two arrests.
And remember, the Southend Plod would not reveal to him at the time of my 2nd arrest the reason that I had been arrested for.
Now I will remind you that every single meeting that we have had with the SS has been filmed by Wolfie, including the meeting in question obviously, and as such everything that I am telling you now can be irrefutably evidenced.
Therefore, when we were informed at that meeting with the SS on the 27th of October about this previously unmentioned meeting that had taken place between the SS & the police on the Friday before, we obviously registered our concern at the fact that the SS had wanted to raise the assessment to a Section 47 (protection).
And indeed, in Sue’s presence, Julie Robinson tried to make light of the fact, stating that they had only done so because Stacey had gone to hospital on the night following their last visit.
Now you may remember that Stacey had gone to the hospital – because it was late and the doctors was closed – due entirely to the stress that the SS were putting her under of  which I wrote about in my article “The World Is Yours” on the 15th of October.
And at this stage I will remind you that I have not been charged by the police with any offence whatsoever and neither have we signed anything at all for the SS. Moreover, my long history of parenting speaks for itself.
So whilst you bear those facts in mind, this is what I wrote about Stacey’s hospital trip in my aforementioned article, “The World Is Yours”:
However, it was quite obvious that their visit still had the same agenda – to steal Clayton – but as Wolfie and Raine1 will confirm (being as they were filming the whole thing), the pair were thwarted at every turn and whilst I do not like to jump the gun, or even count my chickens, I am fairly confident that the meeting will be the last and there are no restrictions on me or Clayton being in my care whatsoever… And quite rightly too.
Sadly, that is just as well because all this shit has taken its toll on Stacey, who is really not well to the extent that her boyfriend, Bradley has just taken her up to Southend hospital (10:15 PM), leaving me to look after Clay, who thankfully is fast asleep.
Indeed, I had a right pop at the social workers when Stacey broke down in the meeting, and pointed out in no uncertain terms exactly what theirs and the Southend thugs in blue agenda was doing to her… CUNTS.
I will of course update you when I know more.
How wrong was I about that meeting being the last?
And this brings me to point 4.
Point 4
Now, where the fuck does it say in the above photo that the case HAS been raised to a Section 47?
It obviously doesn’t – but as you can also see, the comment is filed under the Section 47 part of the assessment form.
So, why the fuck was the comment made there when the details make no mention whatsoever of Clayton’s case actually having been raised to a Section 47.
However, you will also note that mention is made of that further ‘strategy meeting’ to be held on the 24th of November, so again, you have to ask yourself why Miles chose to submit the final assessment – which we haven’t actually seen or indeed knew anything about, having been led to believe that the papers we had been given by Miles at the meeting on the 26th of November were a direct copy of the assessment that had been submitted – before that strategy meeting… Keeping up? Good.
I mean, obviously we now know that the time line for submitting the assessment would have elapsed by then being as the Police referral was inexplicably made to the SS on the 1st of October, but which wouldn’t have done had the Plod made the referral on the 6th of October, when I was ACTUALLY arrested – a fact that Miles has chosen not to divulge to us throughout all of our conversations since our first meeting on the 8th of October following my 2nd arrest two days earlier, even though she MUST have known that by the 8th of October, that referral had by then been 8 days old – unless of course she is an illiterate proper half-wit.
However, to broach the date of the referral with us would obviously had led to some very uncomfortable questions being asked by myself, such as why was the referral made 6 whole days before my arrest yet the plod thugs still turned up warrant free. Along with the question as to why it had taken her 8 days to get here, when you consider what I was arrested for and the fucking great emphasis on how serious they are taking the allegation.
Indeed, they are making me out as being some sort of sex monster, when as I say, I haven’t been charged with fuck all and as you know, that so-called “hidden file” was blatantly put on my stolen computers by the corrupt, despicable Essex plod themselves.
In fact, you have to query why the fuck that ‘strategy meeting’ on the 24th of November still went ahead at all since Miles had already submitted the completed assessment on the 20th… If indeed the meeting which Miles described to Stacey as being “very short” did in fact actually take place.
After all, we only have the word of the habitual liar Miles, to say it did and at that point in time, she was still desperately trying to manipulate us into believing that her assessment had to be completed by the 26th of November – hence the reason that she told Stacey that the meeting she had arranged with us for the 26th HAD to take place at all costs that day.
Indeed, whichever angle you approach this from it still absolutely stinks of corruption, dishonesty, manipulation, subterfuge and spite.
Moreover, following that first ‘strategy meeting’ which Miles wrote about under Section 47, she clearly states that “a review strategy meeting was (past tense as in she had in fact attended) arranged for 24 November 2014 so all professionals could share information and the outcome of the police investigation would be shared”. 
Now what fucking professionals would they be then, because as far as I can see professionalism is extremely thin on the fucking ground here, in fact the lot of them are all a bunch of unprofessional evil thugs who need locking up for a long, long time.
Yet even so, the Police must have told Miles on the 21st of October that the investigation WOULD be finished by the time of the next strategy meeting on the 24th of November.
And this would indeed appear to have been the case since it was the police who told Miles to hold off from raising Clayton’s case to a Section 47, which you can only logically conclude was due to the fact that they have no concrete evidence to charge me with… Indeed, knowing what we do about the way I am being treated, the wholly corrupt plod would have loved to have been able to raise Clayton to a Section 47 case. And of that fact, you can be assured.
And neither do you go thinking that the dates on the assessment have all somehow innocently got fucked up. This assessment is hers and hers alone – she is not newly qualified and naive and as such she must have known without a shadow of doubt that hardly any of the dates in HER assessment corresponded with the actual dates that the events took place on, yet she has tried to make out to us that they do in order to try and give us the illusion that she is acting with integrity and I am absolutely fucking fuming because this is my sweet and innocent grandsons future, that this dishonest, beyond contempt cunt, is fucking around with.
You will also see that Miles knew that my bail had been extended before the strategy meeting with the police on the 24th of November, hence how she was able to include that fact in the final assessment that she submitted on the 20th of November. After all, she has clearly stated that the purpose of the meeting on the 24th was to find out the outcome of the police investigation.
However, in reality the only reason that Miles knew that my bail had again been extended until the 18th of January 2015 was because Stacey had rung her on the 17th or 18th of November to inform her of the fact, after I had been notified by post that the plod had made the extension… The decision having been made by the police on the 11th.
Therefore, since all calls to and from the SS department are recorded, Miles HAD to add that information to the final assessment as she would not be able to deny that she hadn’t been told about the bail extension when they eventually make their move to obtain a care order for Clayton via the courts.
You will note in fact, that Miles clearly makes no mention of how she received that information. Therefore, any judge reading that assessment will obviously presume that Clayton was a Section 47 assessment when that is not the case at all, as is evidenced by Julie Robinson (Miles’s boss) who can be clearly seen and heard telling my friend Sue, the Social Worker – present at our meeting on the 27th of October on the film footage Wolfie had taken of that entire meeting – that Clayton’s case HAD NOT been raised to a Section 47, following the information given over by the police at their clandestine meeting on the 21st of October.
Indeed, that fact is further evidenced by the article that I wrote on the 25th of November and released in the early hours of the 26th, prior to our meeting later that day, entitled “Get UP, Stand Up”:
Just a reminder that the SS are invading our home again today at 2PM.
Apparently Nicole Miles, who I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw has to finish her core assessment and because I have been re-bailed she is going to put Clayton down as being a child at risk.
Now, as you can see, I clearly wrote that the meeting was still going ahead because Miles had told Stacey that she had to finish and submit the Assessment, whilst knowing full well that she had already submitted it on the 20th of November… Anyone not finding this deeply concerning yet?
Point 5
Now, as you can see, the first meeting that Miles mentions in the above photo is her “unannounced” visit on the 7th – the day after my second arrest, although I will remind you that the plod who kicked down my door – which incidentally is still not fixed – took great delight in telling Stacey that the SS would be round“tomorrow”.
Likewise the cretin who interviewed me at the nick also took great delight in telling me that the SS would be round “tomorrow”, so Miles visit was hardly “unannounced” was it?
Never the less, that fact brings me back to the mystery as to why it is clearly stated at the top of Page 2 that the assessment started on the 30th of July – the day before I was even arrested for the first time?
Miles then makes mention of the visit on the 8th of October, but you will note that she doesn’t mention the lies that she told me that day, or the fact that she and her trainee partner in crime only left after I had found out that Miles hadn’t a clue as to what the “indecent images” consisted of and as such asked her how she could possibly begin an assessment when she clearly hadn’t a Scooby of what she was dealing with… Never the less, it is all evidenced on film.
You will also notice that where I have highlighted the text in the photo, again deals with that domination thing… Which as I have already said is a load of old bollocks.
After all, the real reason for Miles wanting me out-of-the-way was to try and get Stacey to sign her shit.
And as such, all I did was listen in on their conversation and intervene when Miles underhandedly asked Stacey – in such a nice, innocent, friendly, extremely casual way – to sign the consent form that Miles had generously pushed in front of her face, and which having now intervened I obviously advised Stacey to not let herself be manipulated into making the big mistake of doing so.
Or are we to assume that Stacey isn’t entitled to any advice?
Point 6
Once again, the point Miles is making is misleading in the extreme.
After all, Stacey has lived with me for what amounts to all of her life to date, and as such she knows beyond all doubt that I have no sexual interest in little boys at all. And with that being the case, that is what she told the underhand, totally unprofessional Social Worker.
Indeed, Stacey fully understands the risk that I would instantly pose if I was to be convicted – although you will note that Miles already has me written down as being guilty if I am so much as “charged”.
After all, if I am convicted then I will be done so by a Kangaroo caught, and if that happens Stacey knows only to well that the risk will come soley from the evil, wholly corrupt Social Services.
After all, why the fuck does me being “charged and convicted” instantly make me any more or any less of a risk than I am now?
And when all is said and done, even if I was convicted of having “indecent images” – which I cannot stress enough were planted on my illegally stolen computers – they would have only been there because I write about the abhorrent stuff, and certainly not out of any lust for having sex with little boys – therefore even in the worst case scenario, being convicted does not make me a paedophile monster who is about to molest Clayton.
Therefore, this information has once again only been added to in order to use as ammunition against Stacey when they attempt to steal Clayton at a later date… These dangerous, psycho cunt’s really have to go.
Points 7 & 8
Okay, on point 7 you will notice that Miles has hinted that Stacey is an emotional wreck – which she certainly is not.
Moreover, she does not need on-going support from “her family” and indeed she has never sought it out. However, the implication there is that Stacey is not strong enough to look after herself away from me, and indeed would go to pot if I was convicted.
Point 8 is a fucking cracker too. “It is unknown if the police have enough evidence to charge Chris and if the charge will result in a conviction”… Is she for fucking real?
Of course it was unknown when Miles wrote that because of her fuck up on the dates – which I strongly suspect was not a fuck up at all – meaning that she could not wait another 4 days – two of them a Saturday & Sunday – to find out from the plod what was what,before submitting her final assessment.
And in the event, she still doesn’t know or she is deliberately not saying what is happening in regard to the plod investigation, following her meeting with them on the 24th of November, which kinda begs the question, what was the fucking point of the meeting in the first place when a simple phone call to the police before the meeting would have confirmed that there was no new evidence of wrong doing on my part  and therefore nothing new to warrant an expensive, tax payer funded meeting.
Indeed, I thought both the police and SS were supposedly stretched to their limits, yet they can find the time to hold a totally bollox meetings about me and my family… Snakes! The fucking lot of them.
Point 9
As you can see, Point 9 is just proof that Miles submitted the assessment on the 20th of November – a fact that she neglected to tell us about at any point since and which would have gone unnoticed if I hadn’t carefully read this contrived, amateurish, piece of old drivel that she is trying to tout as being a professional assessment.
Indeed Stacey – who read the copy of the assessment before me – did not pick up on the date anomalies or many of the other points that I have raised, which only goes to reinforce all the more what I stated earlier about Miles & Co wanting me out-of-the-way whilst they were talking to Stacey for reasons that were less than honourable – along with my contention that it is only right and proper that people less clued up on how these sick fucks work are entitled to have someone present to keep an eye on things and advise against bad decisions.
Course, in SS talk that equates to domination.
Point 10
And then tucked away right on the last but one page of the 9 page ass-essment is this little doozey of a check list, which as you can see was going swimmingly well until the last question.
After all, with Clay having spent 548 days to date on this earth, with no harm coming to him whatsoever, Nicole Miles, having now disregarded absolutely everything that she has been told, from my life story right down to the strength of police evidence against me – or lack of it – has then subsequently decided that in her PROFESSIONAL opinion, Clayton is either suffering from or is LIKELY to suffer from, me sexually abusing him… Man that woman is one sick fuck and I make no secret of the fact that I am after getting her fired and if possible I also hope to prosecute her for every penny she has and every penny she earns afterwards, along with the other reprobates involved in this sordid agenda .
Indeed I believe that it is now crystal clear, even to those who don’t know me personally but have spent a bit of time reading my stuff, that I would never harm a hair on Clayton’s head.
Moreover, whilst Stacey is a perfectly good mother, I would contend that Clayton is safer with me in general terms than he is with anyone else on this planet… Fact.
Point 11
This is the final point and as you can see lists the people who Miles thinks that the assessment should be discussed with.
The first person on the list is 548 day old Clayton… So that should be one hell of a discussion should Miles ever get around to it.
The third person on the list is Clayton’s dad who has never so much as clapped eyes on his son. Neither is he named on Clay’s birth certificate, and is someone whom Stacey specifically stated that she did not want involved with this nightmare in any way shape or form.
Indeed, Stacey was reluctant to even name him to Miles and only did so once she had assurances that he would not be contacted.
But then again there is nothing like a bit of double-crossing to instil a victim with confidence is there?
Yet like you will hear Stacey tell Miles shortly in the recorded phone conversations, they only have her word for it that he is Clays dad and for all they know, she could just as easily be lying.
The second person on the list is Stacey, whom Miles has not only neglected to discuss the true contents of the assessment with – meaning that Miles had already submitted the assessment whilst blatantly lying to Stacey by stating quite categorically that the ONLY TWO reasons for arranging the meeting with us on the 26th of November was to enable Miles to discuss the outcome of her meeting with the police on the 24th of November as well as enable her to finish writing the assessment.
Yet it is now absolutely crystal clear that Miles knew – having submitted her assessment of us on the 20th – that neither meeting was relevant or even necessary being as Stacey had informed her on the 18th (two whole days before she submitted her FINISHED assessment) that the police had extended my bail and as such a simple phone call to them from Miles would have sufficed in order to verify the fact and/or to let her know whether there was any point in the meeting going ahead – which by her own admittance in so many words, there wasn’t.
As for the meeting with us on the 26th to enable Miles to “complete the assessment” – after doing so in reality 6 days previously – proves if nothing else that these uneducated, grossly dishonest, totally unprofessional Social Workers are devoid of all integrity and are blatantly a clear and present danger to children.
And to reinforce that fact are the recordings of the two taped phone conversations that finally took place on Monday afternoon when Miles – knowing that Stacey had major issues with the assessment and had been waiting to discuss them since Friday afternoon – finally decided to grace Stacey with a phone call.
Indeed, it will not take you very long at all to work out that Miles – having been caught out submitting a report designed to pave the way for stealing yet another child – is trying her hardest to think on her feet… Which is extremely embarrassing to hear from someone lacking the basic equipment to do so.
Never the less, Miles can have no real issues with the phone calls having been recorded because they certainly would have been doing the same at her end and to be honest, I couldn’t give a fuck if she does have a problem.
After all, if she had been doing her job professionally, and acting with the utmost honesty and integrity as all Social Workers should given the nature of their job, then I would never have needed to write this or record anything.
And whilst I will say that Stacey did an excellent job of putting Miles on the spot – who as you will hear was that flustered that she did not even give Stacey the courtesy of a “goodbye” when she hung up the phone – it is indeed a fucking good job that it was not my place to challenge Miles on her *aherm, aherm“Assessment”, because if it had been me, then I would have had her squirming more than a worm in a Crows beak.
You see, I am now sick to fucking death of these fucking insidious harridans, and not just because it is my Clayton who is involved either. I have just simply had enough of the evil bastards and the damage and unbelievable misery that they are inflicting on innocent people on a totally unacceptable daily basis, throughout the country as a whole.
Indeed, anyone who doubts my integrity need only look for an article that I wrote on here sometime between early to mid 2013 containing a story about a loving grandmother who had her two young grandchildren living with her after the SS had received cast iron proof that the smack addicted father to the eldest child – a boy – was physically and sexually abusing him as well as abusing his younger step daughter in the same way, whilst the children’s mother – either incapable or unwilling to stop him – simply turned a blind eye.
Yet to the respectable, loving, law-abiding, grandmothers horror BOTH children were later returned to the couple by a court of law based solely on the RECOMMENDATION of the Social workers involved in the case… And whilst it sounds unbelievable, I can tell you that I was sent all of the documented proof to back the grandmothers claims, which included amongst other things, Social Workers reports and relevant copies of the court orders.
Now, I was so upset and affected by this case that I wrote back to the grandmother informing her that I was willing to publish the story, naming absolutely everyone involved, which would have meant me going to prison.
However, I also pointed out to the grandmother that so would she and as such she should think long and hard about the consequences before giving me the go ahead to publish.
In the end, I never heard back from her again so I took it that she wasn’t prepared to go that far, which to be fair, to someone who is a life long law-abiding citizen, the prospect of going to prison having reached the age of 50 odd years old must be quite terrifying.
Whilst on the other hand, prison holds no fear for me at all and I furthermore defy anyone to say that my word is not my bond. So, I can promise you that I would without a doubt have published the full story backed by solid proof, had the grandmother being willing for me to do so.
Therefore, I will have absolutely no qualms whatsoever of making public all of the taped footage of our meetings with Miles and Co, which I guarantee will interest a whole lot more people than just those who are loyal to me.
Indeed, you only need to watch the videos in conjunction to the assessment to instantly see these monster’s none too well hidden agenda and I can promise you that there is not an injunction in the land that will stop me doing so if that is what it takes to keep my Clayton safe.
And as such, anyone who just thinks that I do this shit day in and day out in search of glory is indeed very sadly mistaken, because in truth, the last person in the world that I am concerned about is myself… It is all about the providing a safe and free world for our children, our children’s children, their children’s children and so on and so on, until the end of time
And with that in mind, I don’t care who you send the above to in order to air your views about the contents, but just make sure that you send it to as many people as possible
The time has come to say NO MORE.


  1. Serena
    DEC 02, 2014 @ 14:02:50
    These are not just empty words Chris..I am right behind you in every way…your article illustrates perfectly why I will not have these people anywhere near myself and youngest daughter and why I am now refusing a type of treatment for her..they will come into our house (I won’t use the word home) and obtain a ward of court order before I can even catch my breath, this is because I know our home is not suitable but I also know they have been itching to get at me for the last 10 years, I know their tactics and how they work and they are the reason we now find ourselves in the situation we are in….I will go to war on your behalf and also for mine and anyone else who finds themselves up against these narcissistic sub humans who enjoy the power that seems to have been bestowed upon them…I will comment further a little later as I have to take the youngest down to the hospital but this has made me seeth…hugs and love my brave friend because without you many of us would still be lost in an avalanche of research xxx

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