Errors and Omissions in the Wanless/Whittam Report

I’ve been made aware of several errors and omissions in the Wanless/Whittam report. Many of them are related to the search terms that were used. The search terms list Charles Napier aka Roger Nash, but Roger Nash was actually the alias of Peter Bremner, who was another member of the Paedophile Information Exchange’s executive committee. See evidence of Bremner using the alias Roger Nash from the Guardian articles reproduced below.
Extract from Peter Wanless/Richard Whittam Review, Annex D nash The Guardian, 14th November 1984 Times141184The Guardian, 19th November 1984 G191184 Sticking with the search terms, there are a number of other serious errors and omissions:
– Warren Middleton was also known as John Parratt, so any documents that made references to Parratt will not have been found by Wanless/Whittam. (Source: Guardian 15.07.11)
– Steven Adrian Smith also used the names Steven Adrian and Steven Freeman. (Source: Guardian 15.07.11)
– Peter Bremner’s real name was David Peter Bremner
– George Thomas was also known as Viscount Tonypandy or Lord Tonypandy.
– There were a number of other members of the Paedophile Information Exchange’s executive committee, including Barry Cutler, Leo Adamson, and Lee Edwards (aka Edward Brand) who were not included in the list of search terms.
– PIE founder Michael Hanson is included in the list of search terms, but his co-founder, Ian Campbell Dunn, is not included. This is particularly worrying, as after PIE closed in 1984, Dunn was alleged to have allowed his Edinburgh flat “to be used as the main contact address for Britain and the whole of Europe for paedophiles”. (Source: Sunday Mail, 25.03.84) See also ‘Gay rights activist’ Ian Campbell Dunn and the Paedophile Information Exchange
There is a further list of institutions that were included in the search terms. Bizarrely, this only includes four institutions: elm It’s impossible to know why just these four were selected, but if Elm Guest House is included, then Grafton Close children’s home should also be included. (Source: Exaro News 17.01.13)
Similarly, why is Knowl View School included but not Underley Hall School, where Cyril Smith is also alleged to have abused boys? (Source: Daily Mail, 12.08.14)
There is a further error in Annex E (page 29) which refers to a Times article from 24 November 1983 that said: ‘Whitehall mandarins are accused of concealing a civil servant’s links with the child sex group PIE’. Although a newspaper article does exist, both the newspaper and the date were wrong. It was actually the Daily Express, 25th November 1983 DExp_1983_11_25_007_1detail1 The Wanless/Whittam report also cites wikipedia on several occasions, which is notoriously unreliable as it can be edited by a number of unrelated people and is not recommended as a source for any serious academic work.

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