Spooks Are Constantly Manipulating You

Spooks Are Constantly Manipulating You

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by Cathal Haughian

While democracy is sometimes sold as a means of changing the
political balance of class forces, the intelligence apparatus is busy
ensuring there is only the appearance of change. And this is quite easy
as Man has evolved to fit into the organizational structure of Religion.

The advent of Reason eclipsed faith in heavenly bodies, and so the
modern secular state was fashioned after a likeness to the religious
government which preceded it. The secular designers used their religious
hierarchy of power as a template. Western nation states were inspired
by Rome. Islamic peoples have sympathy for dictatorship as Mohammed
ruled by diktat. Today, we see religious peasants in Turkey celebrating
the return of dictatorship.

The transition from religious to secular government is hard to pull
off because the people may lose faith. Essentially any group of people
coalesces on the basis of faith. You take away the faith and the edifice
crumbles. This faith is essentially the belief that there is a benefit
to being in the group that outweighs the cost. Also, there is an
instinctual element to it: humans are social animals. As people get
wiser with age, they make the calculation rather than relying on
instincts to inform their behavior.

So even at the micro-foundational level, a family break up can reveal
how the mind operates: The child grows up and leaves the house, and
then parents get a divorce. But the same principle applies to larger
groupings, such as nations. Elaborate myths, rituals and symbols are
erected that indulge our instinctual tendency towards belonging but our
intelligence demands that we make a calculation.

The intelligence community knows this. For example, the C.I.A. in the
U.S.A. as well her Majesty’s secret services knew that the KGB was
using operatives in Hollywood to interject subversive messages into the
content of popular media. When the congress found out, there were
hearings and blacklists.

So now we know that one way to destroy a rival power is to destroy
the nation. This is done with propaganda designed to rip apart the
calculation that the benefits of being in a nation is worth the costs
(following the rules, paying taxes etc.) But at the same time that your
intelligence apparatus is busy Balkanizing the rest of world, it must
also bolster the belief in the host nation that the people belong
together. Clearly, Mossad would encourage the belief among Israelis and
Jews the world over that they need a homeland. But at the same time,
they want their neighboring nations to disintegrate. This is because
they fear that these neighbors are adversaries so it makes sense to
weaken them by subverting their raison d’être.

Of course, the ruling group of Great Britain has accumulated vast
knowledge and institutional means to curtail the ambition and hubris of
her Majesty’s secret services and neutralise blowback. The security
apparatus of younger nation states often fall prey to opportunism and
myopic policies. Pakistan’s unholy decision, decades ago, to play host
for factories of jihadis has destroyed faith in the nation. For children
are now massacred which is one of the few acts of violence admonished
in the Koran. By 2011, one in five Pakistanis reported they would flee
if they had the means to do so. A more nuanced analysis is necessary to
appreciate how civil society in Israel has become malignant. Israeli
society lacked the institutional means to constrain expansionist
impulses which has resulted in a conflict without any prospect of
ultimate resolution. The seizure of land and capture of 4-5 million
hostile foreigners requires military governors, secret police,
propaganda and a perpetual siege. Democracy and civil liberty, when
draped in ‘empire’ produces an unstable set of ideas and conditions.

As such, it’s presently difficult, to transition from one form of
governance to another because foreign powers will take advantage of the
uncertainty. This is why China cannot afford to entertain the idea of
democracy because rival powers will subvert the transition to cause
chaos, e.g. as was done in Russia in 1992, whereby the U.S. reneged on
her promise to fund Russia’s transition to a capitalistic economy. That
betrayal caused Russia’s economy to disintegrate and severely weakened
her military power. Her natural resources were bought for a pittance and

Modern history is replete with such power struggles though there is
no better player than the most sophisticated Nation State in world
history. For more than 100 years, Great Britain has colluded with
radical Islam, highlighting its long-standing preference for Islamist
regimes over secular nationalist, communist, or democrat groups. Today
is just another node in that long history.

The British government promised Arab Islamists led by Hussein a new
Caliphate based in Mecca and Medina in 1914, in return for help against
the Ottomans. Fortunes were spent aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
to combat the threat of secular nationalism there. Millions were spent
educating and arming the ‘Taliban’ (which literally means ‘students’) in
Madrassas in Pakistan, to ensure a steady supply of zealots who were
sent into Afghanistan to fight the USSR.

The UK encouraged Islamist clerics to base themselves in London
(including Bin Laden, whose office was in Wembley) in the 1980s, while
Thatcher praised the execution of democrat leaders such as Bhutto in
Pakistan. The UK sent Bin Laden’s jihadis into South Yemen, then a
communist republic, and provided training centers and weapons to them
there. This being the sole reason why Yemen is now a factory for
jihadis, something still used to UK advantage.

The UK has waged a successful campaign against Arab secularism which
has brought down Ghaddafi, Saddam, and they’ve had their eyes fixed on
Assad, the last of them for quite some time. Meanwhile, the UK fauns
over conservative Islamists in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Why?
Because religious governments are not constrained by a political
constitution that is reasonable to the majority of the people, rulers of
proto-governments may be happy to serve foreign interests rather than
the well-being of their own people.

Is ISIS a case of blowback? It was not even 3 years ago that the UK
was assisting the incubus that became ISIS with training and aid,
another node in UK policy of supporting Islamist insurgencies against
secular groups in the Middle East. Syria went from 10,000 dead to nearly
200,000 dead, three million displaced, Iraq collapsed, and ISIS
emerged. Isis is rather more than blowback, it was clearly more
opportunism and divide-and-conquer politics.

Like Secretary of State for India, Wood, wrote to Lord Elgin in 1862:
“we have maintained our power in India by playing one part against the
other and we must continue to do so. Do all you can, therefore, to
prevent all from having a common feeling.” Divide et impera, the
stratagem of ancient times, was also applied by Britain and France to
divide Middle Eastern tribes and sects after World War One. Today, the
hordes of refugees and terrorists herded to mainland Europe are
counter-measures by adversarial powers that understand how this game is
played. They are designed to destroy faith in the European nation.

The concept of nation and national identity may be constructed by
shared race, language, religious belief, values and historical
experiences. Groups with different and strongly held belief systems
concerning existential issues do not readily cohere. Western Europe has
managed to deliver relatively coherent societies mostly due to
indifference (tolerance). When groups enter the country holding belief
systems that are at odds with the prevailing rationalist indifference,
that coherence will start to break apart. We are already seeing this,
particularly in Scandinavia, Germany and France. Religious governments,
such as Saudi Arabia, send monies and radicalized clerics to extend
their sphere of military and political power with the added advantage of
undermining faith in potential enemy nation states.

Why has the UK’s strategy been so successful? The weakness in the
Middle East and North Africa is precisely the fact that these states
(Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, (Trans) Jordan) are artificial. They do
not reflect national identities because such identities have never
existed. Before World War One the Middle East was part of the Turkish
Empire for hundreds of years. Before the Turks they were part of the
Arab empire. Before the Arabs these territories were held by the
Byzantines and the Persians. Before that it was the Romans, who took
them over from the Greeks who had conquered them from the Persians. And
that already takes us back about 2,500 years. And if we go back to the
Assyrians and Babylonians i.e. over 3,000 years, we should remember that
those were also empires in their own right.

During these imperial millennia people moved around all these lands,
settling and re-settling all over the Fertile Crescent. There are
therefore no national peoples or national identities. After WW2 the
dictators who controlled these artificial states sought to legitimize
them by propagating an Arab and pan-Arab identity. This attempt failed
badly and now we are witnessing an attempt to create a pan-Islamic
identity. This is also doomed to failure, wrecked on the shoals of
sectarianism, economic and ecological collapse.

Thus, the Middle East is falling back on the traditional sources of
identity and protection — tribe, clan and religious sect. Though while
that is well for them, the individual citizen of the West must ask what
is the best way to navigate and survive in this chaotic world?

As the CEOs that have written The Philosophy of Capitalism make
clear, the West is presently in the midst of a civilizational crisis.
Some nations shall not survive. If personal conditions permit, it is
perhaps best that the reader migrate toward those islands of stability
built upon coherent and uniform ideas attached to traditional Western

So the question of where best to live becomes crucial. You may wish to reflect on these insights:

First, one should understand that a nation without borders is not a country.

Second, one should appreciate that a nation disrobed of power to
issue its own money, to make drafts on its own central bank, is not
independent. If a country relinquishes or loses this power, it acquires
the status of local authority or economic colony e.g. Ireland or Greece.

Third, the territory and financial systems of a country are
stabilized by an arsenal of thermonuclear weapons with long-range
delivery systems.

Fourth, humans have not evolved beyond the tribe and policies
pertaining to redistribution gain little sympathy in multi-racial

And lastly, you may remain sadly confident that Islamic terrorism
shall only intensify and so areas prone to such should be avoided. Those
that advocate peace and inclusion by way of ‘education, jobs, skills
and contact with non-muslims’ are confusing fantasy with what’s
possible. Liberals assume everything can be learnt — but sadly — some
things are just instinct. There is no antidote to extremism when
authority figures are advocating sadistic violence. Sunni Islam now has a
recognized leader – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – and those muslims with a
natural instinct to worship authority shall obey blindly.

See Milgram’s experiment on obedience to authority figures, 1961,
whereby participants were pressured by an authority figure to
electrocute an unseen person if they answered a question incorrectly.
65% of participants were willing to progress to the maximum voltage of
450 voltages. In another variation, participants were instructed to
apply whatever voltage they desired to incorrect answers. Voltage
averaged at 83 volts, but 2.5 percent of participants used the full 450
volts available.

In general, more submission was elicited from participants when (1)
the authority figure was in close proximity; (2) participants felt they
could pass on responsibility to others; and (3) experiments took place
under the auspices of a respected organization.

You should be amused by the ‘moral debate’ which now rages between
forces of inclusion and exclusion which merely serve to rationalize and
mirror underlying personality attributes rooted in biology i.e.
xenophobia and xenophilia. Inclusive people will want their ideas to
have the most power so reality can confirm the fantasy their brain

While the brain is naturally optimistic; Reality is not. Per the
above and below, you can anticipate a long lasting low intensity civil
war with no hope of ultimate resolution. A successful way to survive and
flourish in such is to war-game the future. It’s what governments do
and you should too. And please recall that the primary function of your
nation’s intelligence apparatus is to manipulate foreign and domestic
populations. Its primary purpose is to protect the existing power
structure and preserve its authority. Ethics are for the children; Power
is for the adults in society. Your loyalty and instincts are being
constantly manipulated.

The rate of death by terrorism will largely be determined by the
number of combatants, for long lasting wars have a tendency to become
wars of attrition. For your benefit we can try to extrapolate from a
survey of Turkish immigrants recently commissioned by The University of
Münster. Turks are generally seen as a fairly moderate and
well-integrated group in Germany, so extremism among the 1 million
recent migrants shall be much higher. But let’s go with the lowest bar
for now. From the survey and doing the math for 1 million refugees:

Almost half of those surveyed agreed with
the following statement: “It is more important to obey religious laws
than state laws.”
That’s ~500,000.
“Some 36 percent said that only Islam is in a position to resolve the current problems facing society.”
That’s ~360,000.
“And 7 percent said violence is justified if the aim is the expansion of Islam.”
That’s ~70,000.

Per these objective measurements you should anticipate that at least
70,000 of the newcomers shall be easily moved by al-Baghdadi’s call to
kill you. During war-time, the love and adoration is projected to the
psychopathic leader. Historical examples are uncountable — Mao, Stalin,
Mussolini, Hitler and so on. The hate, aggression and meanness is
externalized and directed at the “unconverted.” They convert or get
raped, robbed, and killed. That’s why scale matters to Religion and why
there are only a handful of really big ones left.

Though if we speculate philosophically then the greatest danger may
lie elsewhere: In any civilized society the elite are necessary to
produce the conditions whereby conforming to societal expectations, via
working and consuming, is rewarded with sex, food and shelter — This
reinforces and justifies the dominance of the rational mind over base
urge and instinct. Though with a large influx of violent refugees,
irrational fear of foreigners driven by xenophobia becomes justified
terror. The intelligence apparatus may find it impossible to marginalize
the forces of xenophobia by painting them as racist (via their
propaganda channels and media placements.)

Most people can’t even define what war is, that is, they’ll most
likely talk about bombs and battlefields if the topic is discussed. That
is because they don’t think, the believe whatever they see on TV.

War is rape and robbery. The violence and killing is a tool to pacify
and disarm those that are going to be raped and robbed. And so, you
see, if the German people begin to think and believe they’re already at
war they’ll agitate and elect for a different kind of leader. The last
time that happened things got a little out of hand.

This is where you need to war game the future — it is now critical
for the dominant class of Germany to use the EU to dilute the violence —
by getting other European nations to accept their fair share of
“refugees”. All in the name of “solidarity” or “strength in diversity”
or other such nonsense.

(Republished with permission.)

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