Celebrity Paedophiles: A (fairly) comprehensive guide to who’s CD’s and DVD’s you should boycott.

Chris Spivey.

I first started writing this article at around 10:15PM on the 27th of October, with the intention of writing a follow up about paedophile politicians. However, as it turned out, the very next day a couple of other pieces that I’d written were picked up by a couple of the more well known Alternative media site’s which resulted in a deluge of interest in this site.
This deluge led to links to three of my articles being left in reply comments on three separate newspaper articles. The newspapers in question were: the Guardian, Daily Express, and the Telegraph. This in turn lead to even more publicity for my website which was added to when David Icke sounded me out for a mention on his website.
As a result of all this publicity, along with the Savile scandal beginning to point towards Parliament, I shelved this article and concentrated on the follow up which I released as ‘Parliamentary Paedophiles: A (fairly) comprehensive guide to political nonces’.
That article, I’m pleased to say, did immensely well, and continues to do so. However, a very tiny minority of people took exception to the photographs included within the article, which I felt obliged to address. This was despite me making mention within the article of my reasons for their inclusion.
Course, I could have just ignored this criticism but that isn’t my way. Particularly so, since some of this criticism came from people who had themselves been sexually abused as youngsters.
I let those of the latter kind, know that I empathised with them and had in fact thought long and hard before adding the photo’s to the article, given their harrowing content.
However, the old saying that a picture paints a thousand words is very true. It’s ok writing about sexual abuse, but seeing it with your own eye’s depicted in photograph’s takes the imperative need to stamp out this abomination of an activity to a completely new level.
I further pointed out that my ‘Tech’ man for this website; Carl had also been horribly abused as a child. Carl, who is also a very good friend of mine and who I have the greatest respect for, was in full agreement that the photos were appropriate. Had he not thought so, then I would probably not have used them.
As for those few who accused me of including the photo’s for either, titillation, sensationalism or because ‘I must be a paedophile myself’, I wasn’t quite as polite in my response to them. There can be only two reasons for this kind of person to react so angrily to the photos. Either they wish to remain oblivious to the full horror of child abuse or they have an ulterior motive for the horrors of child abuse to be kept hidden.
I can only conclude that those people who wish to keep their heads up their backsides are adding to the problem. Out of sight, out of mind is a despicable attitude to take.
Those who have an ulterior motive for keeping the full horrors of child abuse hidden are the problem. Moreover, to accuse me of being a paedophile myself, when I am risking both my liberty and life in trying to expose this vile practice – for no gains whatsoever – is the kind of reverse psychology used by paedophiles. Paedophiles are adept at subterfuge.
I therefore stand by my decision one hundred percent to use the photographs in that article. With that in mind and in order to avoid any repetition of this criticism, I would point out that this article also contains photographs that some may find disturbing, upsetting and/or offensive. If you are that type of person, I suggest you either put the TV on and immerse yourself in the latest episode of EastEnders or you look for a more appropriate website which cater for those who get off on viewing child pornography.
Chris  30/11/12.      

Celebrity Paedophiles: A (fairly) comprehensive guide to who’s CD’s and DVD’s you should boycott.

Late October 2012 and whilst looking for something newsworthy to post in the news feed, I happened to glance up at the TV – which as usual was muted – only to see Aerosmith’s, Steve Tyler being interviewed by Jonathan Ross.
I haven’t a clue what Tyler – looking increasingly more like a drag queen with a bad face lift – was promoting, although it must have been something for him to be appearing on the talk show in the first place.
For a brief… very brief, moment I almost stirred myself into action by reaching for the TV remote… Almost… Then sanity took over again and I realised that I had not the slightest interest in what the 107 year old geriatric had to say.
After suffering a career dip (You can only listen to ‘Walk this way’ so many times before developing migraines) Tyler, it would seem, is now firmly back in the public eye after becoming a panel judge on the mind destroying TV programme ‘American Idol’.
Never the less, apparently not content with scaring the gullible American public with his plastic face, it seems he has now come over to the UK to scare our gullible public. Then again, it is Halloween.
It all fits actually, now that I think about it. Tyler is over here promoting Halloween. After all, the UK has now firmly embraced the USA’s traditional ‘Trick or Treat’ night, the one night a year paedophiles get dressed up for.
And let’s face it; Tyler is the perfect man for the job. After all, not only has he a face that nightmares are made of, he is also a class A Paedophile.
Having now figured out the reason for the bad Mick Jagger ‘lookalike’ appearing on the Jonathan Ross show – although I could be wrong on that score – It then struck me that Ross and his producers must have known that they had a kiddie fiddler on their show.
After all, I knew at least 18 months ago that Tyler had a ‘thing’ for little girls in the same way that I knew over a year ago that Jimmy Savile had a ‘thing’ for little girls… And little boys… And the mentally handicapped… And Necrophilia.
Moreover, I knew that and I am not even a member of the ‘Elites’. So, of course Ross and Co knew that they had a nonce on the show.
But just like the BBC with Jimmy So-vile, they turned a blind eye. In doing so, that also makes Ross and his producers sick fucks.
Almost, but not quite as bad as those who give Paedophiles airtime, are those cretins whom hero worship scum like Tyler and hang on to their every word. It sometimes seems to me, that the sycophant, celebrity obsessed, Zombie population – those of the UK and US in particular – are prepared to ignore anything that the rich and famous get up to, no matter how sick.
Yet, if Joe Common-Paedo gets caught looking at child porn, it is those same hypocrites who are the first in line to lead a vigilante lynch mob to Joe’s door or publish his address and phone number on FaceBook.
Now don’t go thinking for a second that I’m defending Joe Common-Paedo. They too are scum, who should be strung up. It is the hypocrisy that gets my back up. I cannot abide hypocrites. Paedophiles are the lowest of the low, be they rich or poor.
It was at this point, with the names of many other well known sexual deviants popping into my head’, that I abandoned my quest for news worthy articles to post on this website. ‘Sod it’, I thought, I’ll write my own.
The list of famous Paedophiles, who the hypocritical UK public afford god like status too, is endless: Steve Tyler, Michael Jackson, Pete Townshend, Malcolm Maclaren, Bill Wyman and Elvis Presley to name but a few.
That Steve Tyler is a Paedophile will no doubt come as a shock to quite a few people. Never the less, that does not alter the fact  that he is. In 1975, the then 70 yr old Tyler (I may have exaggerated his age… May have) persuaded the parents of 14 yr old Julia Holcomb (Holcolm) to sign over ‘guardianship’ of their daughter to him.
Tyler then proceeded to spend the next 3 years doing drugs and generally violating the youngster before the singer dumped her following an un-planned pregnancy and abortion.
After growing bored of the fast maturing teen, Tyler kindly returned the now 17 year old girl back to her parents. Tellingly, Julia is mentioned in a book about Tyler imaginatively entitled ‘Walk this way’, but under the Pseudonym of Diane Hall in order to conceal her identity.
Unbelievable as it may seem, it would appear that the plastic faced abomination of a man knows no shame since he arrogantly talks about the abortion in his auto-biography as being the catalyst for his downward spiral into drink and drug addiction:
“It was a big crisis. It’s a major thing when you’re growing something with a woman, but they convinced us that it would never work out and would ruin our lives.” …
“You go to the doctor and they put the needle in her belly and they squeeze the stuff in and you watch. And it comes out dead. I was pretty devastated. In my mind, I’m going, Jesus, what have I done?”
I am also thinking ‘Jesus, what have you done’ you selfish C***. As for ‘ruin your lives’, you and Julia’s parents ruined her life when they signed her over to your care you arrogant arsehole.
And just so as there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind as to the kind of monster Tyler is and where the decrepit old fossils morals lay, the following is taken from the Feelnumb.com website:
 After the abortion, Tyler began an affair with Playboy model  and notorious groupie Bebe Buell while still seeing Julia.  As for Julia at the time,Bebe said, “There were many suicidal calls from poor Diana (Julia) as they were breaking up. It was actually a pretty sad time.”…
Tyler went on a European concert tour, accompanied by Bebe, she recalls: “He was crazy … totally drunk, really out of it. … Steven destroyed his dressing room at Hammersmith … when we got back from Europe. … One night I found him on the floor of his bathroom having a drug seizure.
To blame your drug addiction on a 14 year old girl, just does not wash. I suggest that anyone who is thinking of adding  to Tyler’s over inflated ego (although I fail to see how anyone resembling a badly dressed, shop window mannequin that has been exposed to intense heat, can have an over inflated ego) by giving him air time or asking for his autograph remembers what a sick individual he really is.
As a footnote to Tyler, Bebe Buell is the Mother of Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler.
Quite where the priorities of parents like Julia Holcolm’s lay is beyond me. However, they are far from unique. There are at least three more cases almost identical to Julia’s that I can think of, straight off the top of my head.

The first is that involving the Ex Rolling Stones Rock legend, Bill Wyman. Bill Wyman, was at the time still the Bass Guitarist for arguably the biggest band in the world when he met and started dating 13yr old Mandy Smith.
The fact that the legendary womaniser was 50 years old at the time seemed to matter little to him. In fact in his 1990 autobiography, Stone Alone, he wrote, “She took my breath away…She was a woman at thirteen…”
Whether or not they were having sex while Mandy was still 13 is a matter of speculation. However, by Mandy’s own admission, they were certainly at it by the time she was 14 years old.
Mandy claims that her Mother Patsy – around 8 years younger than Wyman – didn’t know that she (Mandy) and Wyman were having sex up until Mandy was 16 years old.
However, given Wyman’s reputation and lifestyle, I find that impossible to believe, especially when you learn that in 1993, while Wyman was still married to Mandy, Wyman’s son Stephen (34 at the time) married the then 49 year old Patsy. This meant that Wyman was Patsy’s son in law as well as her Father in law. As for the permutations in regards to Stephen, the mind boggles.
As is usually the case for these very young girls who become the plaything’s of the powerful, Mandy Smith, who finally married Wyman when she was 18, has been dogged with ill health and psychological problems.
In April 2010 Mandy reflected on her time with Wyman in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper:
‘If it happened today, he would be absolutely vilified by the press. He’d be in jail. For me, for a long time, it was a grey area. 
‘I was underage, but I was complicit. Now, I see it in black and white. I work with teenagers. I see how vulnerable they are under all that bravado.’
Her father John died eight weeks ago and she says she missed him being a role model. ‘He and Mum split up when I was three. He was in and out of our lives, but he wasn’t a responsible dad.
‘If he had been, maybe none of it would have happened. I honestly don’t think that Bill would have made a move if my dad had been around.’ 
But her mother was around.
Patsy Smith had come from a large Irish family, but struggled with her own two girls when she was effectively left a single mum.
She also had health issues – ‘mental, physical, the doctors never got to the bottom of any of it, really’ – when they were young. ‘From the time I was about six, I remember Mum being in bed all the time. 
‘She might get up and put washing on, but it was up to me and Nicola to do the shopping, get ourselves to school. 
‘It wouldn’t have occurred to Mum to get help from Social Services or anything, and I still think she did her best, but it was tough for her. We fended for ourselves, basically.’
After the divorce, Mandy went into freefall. She struggled to be taken seriously as a model or singer, and her health precluded any work 
Both girls were extremely pretty – and headstrong. ‘All the nightclubbing stuff, it was fun. We thought we were older than we were. (This relates to Mandy and her sister Nicola- Spivey)
None of it was about sex. In my mind it wasn’t, anyway. It was about being young, showing off, fashion, fun.’
They started blagging their way into nightclubs near their home in north London. Was their age ever questioned? ‘No. We always looked older. It was quite tame, compared with today. We’d have a packet of Silk Cut and a vodka and coke.
‘There were no drugs. I still think of it as an innocent time, despite everything.’
One night they secured tickets to a music awards party, where the fateful meeting with Wyman, the Rolling Stones bassist, took place.
On that first night, some mention was made of a career in modelling. Mandy was convinced that Bill could help her ‘make it’.
‘He came round to the house next day. He had already mentioned that he knew the big boss of a modelling agency. It wasn’t like he came round playing the big “I am”.
‘Bill was never like that. He didn’t flash his cash around. He was never one for lavish gestures. He came across as a quiet, nice guy. I wonder now if that was deliberate.’
These days, we would use words such as ‘ grooming’. She nods. ‘I honestly don’t know if it was that. I’ve thought about this a lot and I just don’t know.
‘With hindsight, he was quite an immature character. Even though he was a man, a dad, he wasn’t mature. He didn’t do responsibility either. 
‘It took me a while to appreciate that.’
And so it started. The day after they first met, Bill reportedly told Nicola that he had fallen in love with her sister.
The whole family were frequent guests at his home. He and Mandy started going out together. A sexual relationship was developing. ‘I didn’t sleep with him until eight or nine months after we started going out,’ Mandy says. 
‘I think it was kind of expected that I would sleep with him. You know, you go out with someone for a while, you are boyfriend and girlfriend.’
Although she won’t go into detail about the first time she had sex with Wyman, a later pronouncement is telling: ‘Sex the first time is always an anti-climax, isn’t it? You do it and you think: “Is that it? What’s the fuss is about?” 
‘It’s only later, when all the emotions come into play that you get what it is actually about.’
Did her mother know from the off that it was a sexual relationship? ‘Oh no, I think she thought he was just helping us out. It was a friendship. He was a father figure.
‘Of course, people say: “Where the hell was the mother? How could she not have known?” But my mum is quite naive.
‘The more Bill was on the scene, the more she believed he could look after us if anything happened to her. And she was ill. 
‘When she did find out I had slept with him, she was disappointed. So was my sister. They’d trusted me and I’d been dishonest. We were a Catholic family. There was all that guilt.’
Somehow the family was appeased. Mandy and Wyman were embroiled in a relationship, one that was illegal yet somehow accepted.
‘It was kept from the press and strangers, of course. For the first couple of years, I had to lie. If we were out in a club, I’d have to say I was doing a secretarial course.
‘When it actually came out, I was 16, so I suppose it wasn’t as bad. Although it was still bad. All hell broke loose.’ 
Mandy was questioned by police when the story broke, but to this day the family have refused to press charges. Why? ‘What good would it do? He has a family now. What happened happened. 
‘And I suppose because we did go on to get married when I was 18, it didn’t seem as bad.’
Legally and morally, though, she was the victim of abuse.
Indeed, she was the victim of abuse. Ironically, in 1981 Wyman had made a solo record called ‘(Si, Si) Je suis un rock star’, which was about a rock star dating a much younger girl. The song contains a line which goes; “They’ll think I’m your Dad, and you’re me Daughter”… No Bill, they’ll think you’re a dirty paedophile.
The second case of child abuse where the parents were complicit that springs readily to mind, is that of Elvis Presley. Elvis was a 24 yr old Army conscript when he met 14 year old Priscilla on an army base in Germany. Within months, the heartthrob had persuaded her parents to let their child go live with him in America.
However, according to Wikipedia, Elvis already had a girl living at Grace land, A girl younger than Priscilla:
Elvis and Priscilla  first met in 1959 while Elvis was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. Priscilla was only 14 years old when the singer began dating her. He was 24, and at that time, he even had a younger girl living in his house
Elvis apparently got Priscilla’s parents to agree by promising them that their 14 yr old daughter would be living with his father, Vernon, and stepmother, Dee Presley, at a home Elvis had bought on Hermitage Drive, located at the back of Graceland. Graceland, as I’m sure you all know was Elvis’ family home that he named in tribute to his Mother.
However Priscilla’s parents were either extremely gullible or they were prepared to turn a blind eye to what was going on because the living arrangements that Elvis had proposed only lasted a couple of weeks after which, Priscilla would slip back and forth between the two houses.
In a recent interview with ABC Priscilla was asked about that time:
Priscilla said her parents were apprehensive about the situation at first, but they ultimately changed their minds. ‘Well, after they met Elvis they — you know, Elvis could talk his way out of a paper bag’, said Priscilla. ‘I mean, he literally was charming. It threw my parents. They were totally taken aback by him’. Elvis’ mother had died not long before and he seemed to be in need of companionship and nurturing. Priscilla immediately assumed the role of caregiver and despite their age difference, she became one of Elvis’ closest confidantes’.
Tellingly, Priscilla ended the interview with the following words:  ‘being with Elvis was never normal’.
She was right there, wasn’t she? It is not normal for a man, who at 24 yrs old could have any woman in the world that he wanted, to choose a 14 year old schoolgirl.
Course, being the legend that he was no one wants to hear a bad word said about him. In fact, his diehard fans will point to the many numerous books written about Elvis which proclaimed him to be a good god fearing man, with nothing but good intentions towards his school girl bride to be.
If you believe that old bollocks you will believe anything. At 24, Elvis had already been a major star for at least 4 years. He was also well on his way to drug addiction at that time.
Priscilla also maintains that they didn’t have sex until their wedding night. However, that claim is questioned by biographers such as Alanna Nash:
They married on May 1, 1967 in Las Vegas, Nevada and daughter Lisa Marie was born nine months later on February 1, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. In her book, Elvis and Me, Priscilla describes her daily life with her husband. She also says that Presley became fascinated with the occult and metaphysical phenomena and an addict to prescription drugs, which dramatically changed his personality from playful to being passive and introverted…
Just pausing briefly here, you will note that Nash claims Elvis was into the occult. Those who have read my article ‘Monsters Inc: The Satanic royal family and power elite’ will instantly know the significance of this. For those who haven’t, here is the link: http://www.chrisspivey.co.uk/?p=3786
Right, getting back to what Nash says about Elvis and Priscilla’s love life:
“Her sex life with Elvis still consisted largely of foreplay or videotaped sex games between herself and another girl. It was not Priscilla’s ideal. ‘At first I took this personally, but even the relationships he had after me … were not consummated.
Furthermore, Priscilla half contradicts herself in the book she co wrote in 1985 with Sandra Harmon, entitled ‘Elvis and me’. According to her account, the singer told Priscilla that:
“They had to wait until they were married before having intercourse. He said, “I’m not saying we can’t do other things. It’s just the actual encounter. I want to save it”.
Elvis’ love life and sexual preferences has been the subject of much debate over the years. Certainly, a very large number of those who knew Elvis hint towards him being a deviant and paedophile. Others, such as the author Albert Goldman, didn’t even bother to hint. He came directly out with it, publicly declaring Elvis to be a “Pervert” and a “Paedophile”.
In her book, ‘Baby, Let’s Play House’: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him’, Alanna Nash states that Elvis had a preference for playing ‘Pygmalion’  and ‘Father to very young girls whom he delighted in making over’.
Similarly, at least according to Albert Goldman, the reason that Elvis shied away from having sexual intercourse was that:
“Elvis was a voyeur. What he sought as his erotic goal was a group of girls who would agree to strip down to their panties and wrestle with each other.
Elvis plays the strutting, overbearing macho in public, but in private, he loves nothing better than to roughhouse with teenage girls with whom he exchanges beauty secrets. His basic erotic image is a crotch covered with white panties and showing a bit of pubic hair”.
Goldman’s claim appears to be backed up by Alan Fortas, an all-Memphis football halfback who became a bodyguard to the star and part of the Presley entourage. He stated that:
“Elvis needed someone to baby more than he needed a sex partner. He craved the attention of someone who adored him without the threat of sexual pressure, much as a mother would.” Furthermore, “Elvis befriended some of the young girls who used to cluster adoringly in his driveway, or outside the fence … Some of the girls were as young as fourteen. Fortas said they were frequent houseguests who attended his concerts as part of ‘Elvis’s personal travelling show.’ Out in the backyard, they romped with Elvis in the Doughboy pool and challenged him to watermelon-seed spitting contests. They also slipped into his bedroom.”
Other published claims alluding to Presley being a paedophile come from Reuben Fine who claims that:
“In his love life he [Elvis] quickly became attached to teenage girls, and he loved to have them wearing white panties in bed with him. For a long time he would not have sex with them, whom he described as ‘jail bait.’ “
In similar terms, Brent D. Taylor has stated that:
 “Elvis’s closest female relationships were usually with young girls of around 13 or 14, ending as they reached late teens”.

In that interview with ABC, Priscilla also talks about the way that she had to wait hand and foot on Elvis, who was still mourning the loss of his mother.
I have personally read 2 or 3 pieces on Elvis which claims that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had had an incestuous relationship with his mother. How true that claim was is a matter of debate, although it can be said that in the poor quarters of the American Deep South, where Presley was born, incest was far from uncommon.
Interestingly enough, Wikipedia actually, albeit inadvertently, backs up this claim:
 In a newspaper interview with The Memphis Press Scimitar, Elvis himself was open about the close relationship to his mother. “She was the number-one girl in his life, and he was dedicating his career to her.”[1] Throughout her life, “the son would call her by pet names”, and they communicated by baby talk.[2] Presley even shared his mother’s bed “up until Elvis was a young teen”,[3]simply because the family was so extremely poor that they couldn’t afford the luxury of two beds. According to Elaine Dundy, “it was agony for her to leave her child even for a moment with anyone else, to let anyone else touch Elvis.”[4] Presley himself said, “My mama never let me out of her sight. I couldn’t go down to the creek with the other kids.” His father talked about Elvis’s close relationship to his mother “after his son became famous, almost as if it were a source of wonder that anyone could be that close.”[5]
Furthermore, for such a god fearing man, Elvis certainly didn’t take his marriage vows seriously, having had numerous affairs throughout his time with Priscilla. How many of those he actually had intercourse with is still open for debate.
For instance, June Juanic alleges in her book Elvis in the Twilight of Memory’ that Presley’s wholly corrupt manager, Colonel Tom Parker encouraged a reluctant Elvis to go out with beautiful women only “for the publicity”.
Certainly, there is no doubting that the young actress Natalie Wood, who Presley supposedly had an affair with, had the looks and charms to get any red blooded man’s heart pounding. However,one of her judgments of Elvis was: “He can sing but he can’t do much else”.
Things take on an even darker undertone when you learn that Colonel Tom Parker, who was apparently devoted to Elvis, wasn’t actually a Colonel. However, he was indeed a Paedophile.
It has also been alleged many, many times that Elvis was at the very least Bi-sexual if not out rightly gay. It is further claimed that the singer had a full on love affair with the openly Bi-sexual actor Nick Adams. The following are extracts taken from Wikipedia:
According to Presley expert Elaine Dundy, “Of all Elvis’ new friends, Nick Adams, by background and temperament the most insecure, was also his closest.” 
The author Peter Guralnick says that the singer “was hanging out more and more with Nick and his friends” and that Elvis was glad Colonel Tom Parker “liked Nick.”
 June Wilkinson also confirms that the singer “had an entourage who spoke with Southern accents. The only one I remember was Nick Adams, the actor.”
 In her recent Elvis biography, Kathleen Tracy writes that Adams was Elvis’s regular friend and often met the singer backstage or at Graceland. “He and Elvis would go motorcycle riding late at night and stay up until all hours talking about the pain of celebrity.” Both men also enjoyed prescription drugs, and Elvis often asked Adams “to stay over on nights.”
According to Alanna Nash’s Baby, Let’s Play House (2010), one of Presley’s most bizarre relationships involved Adams and Natalie Wood. “When Nick took Elvis to a hotel in Malibu where Natalie was spending the weekend with her bisexual boyfriend, actor Scott Marlowe, Natalie got along well with Elvis – and Marlowe was soon out of the equation,” says the source. “Nick, who was also rumoured to be bisexual, Natalie and Elvis became a hot threesome, having a lot of fun together.”
Therefore, Tracy writes that “It has since been speculated in Hollywood gossip that Presley and Adams may have shared some sort of intimate encounter. But there’s no definitive evidence one way or another,” although, according to Hollywood celebrity biographer Darwin Porter and former New York Times reporter Danforth Prince, actor Sal Mineo had confirmed that Adams and Presley “were having oral sex and mutual masturbation”.
Interestingly enough, someone commented on an article that I have on this site just last week. In fact, to be more accurate, he actually commented twice. The fella in question is named only as Ron and he claims to have worked as a ‘host’ at some of the hangouts of the rich and famous back in the 1960’s.
Reading between the lines, I get the impression that ‘host’ translates as male prostitute.
Both comments made certain claims pertaining to the behaviour of some big named movie stars. I have asked Ron to get in touch with me so as I can grill him further about the fascinating claims that he made. Now while I cannot say for certain that Ron is genuine, it is worth noting that I did some checking on the place’s that he claimed to have worked at, all of which have long since been closed down.
The fact that they were closed down made the information harder to verify, but I can confirm that after a couple of hours of detective work, these places did indeed exist and were frequented by the stars that Ron names.
Therefore, at the very least if Ron is not genuine, he has done a hell of a lot of research to back his claims. Furthermore, since he was ‘just saying’ and had no ulterior motive, I believe Ron to be 100% genuine.
As I have just said, Ron’s claims are fascinating and amongst the many big stars he names, Elvis’ cropped up. The following forms part of both comments made by Ron. I have set out more than needs be, so as you can get an idea as to why I believe him to be genuine. However, despite taking Ron’s words from two different comments, I have not omitted or added any wording. Neither have I corrected any part of the text for Punctuation, grammar or spelling:
i was also the host at The Robin Hood Inn, where I was Host too, John Wayne and his friend, a Chris (I forget his last name, but, he used to be an actor and also owned the Robin Hood Inn in Big Bear, next to the Lake), well, Chris had about 6 of us boys working for him, all beautiful and young and you can guess the rest (he tried to rape me one night, after a night of heavy drinking, they were shooting “North to Alaska”) and my mother and family used to ask me why did I quit so many jobs. Let me tell you, it not only women that have problems being hit on in their jobs. The stories I could tell, but, I won’t, no one knows my name now. I left Hollyweird for good in 1967-68, worn out, dismayed and bitter too, what a phony town!
Posted on October 16th, 2012 at 6:32 am Edit
Ron Says:
I could say more, much more, as I was one of the young studs of Hollyweird in the 60′s, I remember Elvis’s pimp offering me $500.00 jusst to let Elvis blow me…
So there ya go. Make of it what you will.
Predictably, Priscilla, like Mandy Smith and Julia Holcolm has also had to deal with the inevitable psychological problems associated with child abuse. In turn, Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie has also endured battles with her inner demons.
Some would even go as far as to suggest that history repeated its self when she married the alleged Paedophile Michael Jackson.

The third and final case that springs instantly to mind is that of 7 times married Rock ‘n’ Roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis, best known for his hit records, ‘Great balls of fire’, ‘Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on’ and ‘Breathless’.
Lewis, A good friend of Elvis’ was also born into poverty in America’s Deep South. He first got married when he was 14 years old. The marriage lasted 20 months before the couple split up. Lewis later said that the reason they split up was that she “was too old for me”. She was 17.
He then married his 2nd wife at the age of 16 some 23 days before he was even divorced from the 1st making him a bigamist. This marriage apparently fared better, produced 2 children, and lasted at least 4 years.
His 4th wife also produced a child and lasted 11 years. However, although they were actually getting divorced, his wife drowned in a ‘friends’ swimming pool before the divorce was made final.
Lewis then married his 5th wife some 10 months after the death of his 4th which lasted a total of 77 days. They hadn’t split up however; she died of a drug overdose.
Less than a year later, the now aging star, who famously played the piano with his foot during the course of his stage shows married wife number 6. This marriage was seen as his most successful, produced one child and lasted 20 years, ending in 2004.
You would have thought that Lewis would have been done with marriage by then. Apparently not though. With fire still apparently raging in his great balls the 76 year old rocker got married in March of this year to wife number 7… Amidst a wave of controversy. Well, you wouldn’t expect it any other way, would you? The following is taken from the Daily Express newspaper’s coverage of the wedding:
 The woman who shakes his nerves and rattles his brain is Judith Brown, who for 24 years was married to his cousin Rusty, younger brother of the singer’s teen bride of 55 years ago, Myra Gale Brown. Rock’s pioneering rebel, known as The Killer, tied the knot with his cousin’s ex-wife in a small private ceremony at his home in Nesbit, Mississippi, last month.
“I fell in love and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life,” he says. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”
But there’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on in the rocker’s feuding family after Lewis’s cousin Rusty accused his ex-wife of being more interested in the piano-pounding performer’s money. “The reason the wedding was so hush-hush is because everyone in the family, including Jerry’s close friends, were all dead set against it,” Rusty Brown told American magazine Globe.
“Judith is after only one thing, Jerry’s money. She’s trying to get Jerry’s own flesh and blood, his daughter Phoebe – who’s been managing his career for the last 12 years – out of the picture.”
Lewis’s new bride, aged 62, has been the entertainer’s personal assistant and carer for years and divorced Rusty in 2010. Phoebe was not at the wedding which was attended by only the bride and groom’s two sisters and their husbands. “Now that she’s the seventh Mrs Lewis, she wants control over everything,” claims Rusty.
So how does that make him a paedophile, I hear you ask? Good question. The more eagled eyed of you may well have noticed that I omitted wife number 3 from the above list.
Lewis married for the third time when he was 23 years old. His wife, Myra Gale Brown, was the entertainers 1st cousin and only 13 years old.
The marriage produced 2 children and lasted 13 years from December 1957 to December 1970 although the couple had to go through a second marriage ceremony since his divorce from 2nd wife; Jane Mitchum was not complete before the first ceremony took place. That made him a bigamist twice over by my reckoning.
The press found out that Lewis had married a child relative, just as he was about to start a tour of the UK. Initially Lewis and his management team tried to claim that his new wife was actually 15 years old… Hmmm. Those 2yrs obviously made a big difference to his warped mind then.
Never the less, the truth prevailed and such was the public outcry that Lewis was forced to cancel the tour after only 3 shows and return to America. His career then languished in the doldrums for the next 5 or 6 years before sort of taking off again in 1963 – the public back then, apparently just slightly less forgiving than the public of today.
The first 6 marriages produced 6 children for Lewis and he also produced at least 2 more from extra marital affairs. Two of the children were killed, his 3 year old son who, like his 4th wife, also drowned in a swimming pool and his 19 yr old son who was killed in a car accident.
Now, it would be easy to point at those 3 cases and come out with some old crap along the lines of “yeah but things were different back then”. To those who think that way, I’m afraid that it just doesn’t wash with me, particularly when you take into account that kids are maturing a lot quicker now than they did 30 or 40 years ago. A 13 or 14 year old child back then would have been equivalent to a 10 or 11 year old today.
The sad truth is that the entertainment industry is littered with deviant paedophiles. In fact, the actor Corey Feldman a former child star goes further still and alleges that predatory paedophiles run Hollywood.
Feldman, in a bid for justice, is now threatening to name names of those who abused him and his fellow child star actor, Corey Haim.
Neither is Feldman bullshitting according to ‘Little House on the Prairie’ star, Allison Arngrim (Nellie Olsen). Allison claims that it was an unhidden secret that the two Corey’s were passed around for the sexual pleasure of Hollywood’s Movie Moguls. The two Corey’s shot to fame after appearing in the film ‘The Lost Boys’.
Feldman maintains that it was this child abuse that led to Corey Haim’s chronic drug addiction, which ultimately ended his life in 2010. Although Feldman has not yet made good on his threat to expose the Tinsel Town Paedophiles, many websites are, alleging that legendary film director Steven Spielberg is crapping himself… Although, I would never personally allege such a libellous allegation.
However, I would say to Feldman the same as I would say to all those who have evidence of paedophilia: Don’t threaten to name them, fucking do it. You might just be saving a child from the horrors that you went through.

Having said that, it does rather seem that film directors do have a penchant for having sex with children. The actor and director, Woody Allen immediately springs to mind.
Woody Allen is a vile man in every sense of the word. It is well known that while he was ‘married’ to Mia Farrow (Rosemary’s Baby, Carrie) he began an affair with Mia’s and the music conductor, Andre Previn’s adopted Daughter Soon Yi Previn.
The official story is that Allen and Soon YI didn’t begin the affair until she was 17 yrs old. Farrow, who was also once married to Frank Sinatra, only found out about the affair when she discovered naked photos of her daughter, allegedly taken by the self confessed neurotic, Allen.
Allen, who remains on the Celebrity A List insists that he did nothing wrong. Since Allen was never legally married to Farrow despite their 12 year relationship producing a son as well as 2 adopted children, the celebrated film director is quite correct in the eyes of the law.
After all, Soon Yi was not underage and neither was she Allen’s daughter, adopted or otherwise. Course it could be said that, morally, Allen was very wrong. However, many people believe that the ‘official’ story is not the true story.
In fact, according to the website blockyourid.com the official story couldn’t be further away from the murky reality. Certainly, there has to be a reason that the Court’s placed such heavy restrictions on Allen concerning him seeing his children. The following is taken from the Biography Chanel website:
After his separation from Mia Farrow, they started a long public legal battle over their three children. The case was finally won by Farrow and Allen was denied visitation rights with Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow and could only see his biological son Satchel, now ‘Ronan Seamus Farrow’, under supervision. Moses Farrow aka Misha chose not to see his father.
And if further proof were needed, the website blockyourid.com published the court findings in even greater detail:
In June, 1993, a court awarded custody of Moses, Dylan and Satchel to their mother, Mia Farrow, denying custody to their father, Woody Allen. Moses, who was then 15 years old, and unwilling to visit with his father, was not required to do so. Supervised visitation was ordered for Satchel, who was then five, for two hours, three times per week. Visitation between Mr. Allen and his daughter, Dylan, then seven, was to commence within six months, unless it interfered with therapeutic treatment or was “inconsistent with her welfare.”
With the consent of both parties, a psychiatrist, Dr. Donna Moreau, was engaged as a neutral evaluator to make recommendations with respect to visitation. In her report of August 16, 1994, she concluded that Mr. Allen’s severance of his sexual relationship with Ms. Farrow’s daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, was an “absolute precondition for even beginning to think of the possibility of contact” between him and Dylan. She asserted that Mr. Allen was blind to the effect his affair had on Dylan.
Course, it could be claimed that the old saying, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ could be applied in this instance. However, the fact that Farrow had the children’s names changed, which effectively wipes out all traces of them being associated as their fathers, is drastic, even by Hollywood standards.
Moreover, according to her biography ‘What falls away’, Frank Sinatra offered to have Allen’s legs broken when he learned of the affair with Soon Yi.
Amongst the many, extremely serious charges that blockyourid.com levels at Allen, is the claim that the affair with Soon Yi began when she was 14 and he was 49. The website further claims that Farrow walked in on Allen masturbating over a photo of 7yr old Dylan.
Now it has to be said that those two claims alone are extremely libellous if there is no truth to them, never mind the other equally depraved things the website alleges Allen to be guilty of. And rightly so.
However, I would imagine that the reason Allen hasn’t sued is that blockyourid.com use Police and court papers to back up their claims:
The Mia Farrow-Woody Allen relationship first exploded in January 1992, when Farrow found photos of her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, posing naked in Allen’s New York City apartment. Later that year, in August, Allen was accused of molesting and sexually assaulting his 7-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan, at Farrow’s Bridgewater home. 
Initially, the complaint was filed with New York authorities, but they took no action. Paul Williams, a Caseworker of the Year for New York City’s Human Resources Administration, tried to bring the case to Family Court (against the orders of his superiors) and was fired for “unethical conduct.” Seven months later he was reinstated as a supervisor, a position he still holds.
In early August 1992, Allen held a press conference at a New York hotel where he admitted that he was the subject of a child abuse investigation. The investigation in question related to an allegation that the repulsive little man had sexually assaulted Dylan. The website blockyourid.com reported the matter thus:
On Aug. 4, 1992, a babysitter claims she saw Allen kneeling in front of Dylan, who was sitting on a couch in the den of the Bridgewater home. Dylan was wearing a dress, but no underpants. She stared blankly at the TV screen. The babysitter told authorities she noticed that Allen’s head was between the girl’s legs, very close to her crotch.
Over the course of the following 13 months, Dylan would tell her mother, psychologists, doctors, social workers and police that Allen touched her – with the tip of his right index finger – several times that day.
After the couch incident, the child’s account has Allen taking her up to the master bedroom and into a crawl space for some father-daughter time to play with a train.
“He put his finger in my vagina. He made me lay on the floor all ways, on my back, on my side, my front. He kissed me all over.”
“ I didn’t like it,” she continued. “Daddy told me not to tell and he’d take me to Paris, but I did tell.”
Police found hair fibres in the crawl space consistent with Allen’s, but forensic specialist Dr. Henry Lee, chief of Connecticut’s state crime laboratory, believes the evidence could not conclusively place Allen in the attic.
“We found hair in the attic, but what does it prove?” Lee says. “It doesn’t necessarily prove guilt.”
The pampered, over indulged film director then apparently tries to get out of being questioned by police. When that fails, Allen tries to put conditions on the interview:
Woody Allen would rebuff efforts by Connecticut state police and Paul Williams of New York to interview him. Just a few weeks after the Aug. 4 incidents, Allen tried to set preconditions for an interview with the state police. One of the preconditions was that any statements made by Allen could not be used to impeach him. The state police did not comply.
These people really do not live in the real world do they? However, the delaying tactics appeared to have a limited success because Allen was not formerly interviewed until the following new year:
Then on Jan. 6, 1993, Allen appeared at the state police barracks in Litchfield for a three-and-a-half-hour interview. He denied assaulting Dylan. He denied ever having been in the crawl space.
But Allen did say he might have reached into the crawl space on occasion, either to grab one of the children or to give them a soda. State police reminded Allen that to reach into the crawl space, he would have had to enter a small closet first. Allen vehemently denied entry to the crawl space.
But when state police told Allen they had taken fingerprints from the crawl space, he said it was possible that his prints would be found there. State police characterized Allen’s statements as inconsistent.
Hmmm. Swiftly moving on. With the interview not going Allen’s way, the notoriously tight fisted 2nd generation Polish Jew had no choice but to dip in to his substantial fortune to try to buy his way out of trouble:
During the Allen investigation, Maco (state’s attorney for Litchfield County) received a warning from a high-ranking state police official.
“He [Maco] was told,” says a retired officer, “that the Allen people were hiring private detectives to try to get some dirt on us.”
One of their key targets was Sgt. John Mucherino, a primary investigator for Maco. They wanted to know if Mucherino was a drinker or a gambler, if he had any marital problems.
Allen’s private detectives were compartmentalized, hired by different lawyers and subcontractors working for him, police say. The private detectives included former FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration agents, even former state cops who were friends with Mucherino…

… The prying took its toll on Maco. “It was after that that I saw a big change in him,” says investigation team member Frank D’Amico, a retired police officer. “He was tense for a long time. He just took more precautions with everything he did.”
“ They were just trying to disrupt the case. We all know today, in light of O.J.(Simpson), that if you have nothing to go on, you go after law enforcement.” 
D’Amico says the Allen team played a number of dirty tricks. Other law enforcement officials suspect that they had something to do with the false rumour that a top police investigator on the Allen case was trying to sell a videotape of Dylan to the tabloid media.
The state police immediately began an internal affairs investigation of this trooper, who was cleared. Former Chief State’s Attorney Austin McGuigan said the allegations had to affect “the investigator’s ability to do his job.”
“ The investigation closed down for about 10 days,” Maco recalls. “About this time, I was told there was a campaign to disrupt the investigation and discredit the investigators, being orchestrated out of New York.” …
Two months later, the case that had seemed so watertight for the prosecution took an ominous turn for the worse. In his quest to avoid any accusations of any wrong doings leading up to trial, Maco had inadvertently shifted the advantage to Allen. In America, money really can put you above the law:

Woody Allen proclaimed his innocence on the steps of Yale University in March 1993. A panel of experts from Yale, headed by paediatrician Dr. John Leventhal, concluded no abuse had taken place.The conclusion itself was an anomaly. The standard practice in the field is to state whether the subject’s behaviour is consistent with having suffered sexual abuse.”Concluding guilt or innocence is not the role of a mental health team – that’s for the court,” says Dr. Diane Schetky, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Vermont, co-author of the widely used textbook Child Sexual Abuse and co-editor of Clinical Handbook of Child Psychiatry and the Law

Maco had commissioned the Yale study with instructions to determine whether Dylan was a viable witness who could stand up in court. He said that enlisting Yale’s assistance was the biggest mistake he made in the case.
“Regardless of what the Connecticut police wanted from us,” Leventhal said in an April 1993 deposition, “we weren’t necessarily beholden to them. We did not assess whether she’d be a good witness in court. That’s what Mr. Maco may have been interested in, but that’s not necessarily what we were interested in.”
Yale, Maco says, “took the case and ran away with it. I gave their report very little weight.”
An examination of the Yale report and court documents shows:
· The Yale team used psychologists on Allen’s payroll to make mental health conclusions. “That seems like a blatant conflict of interest; they should have excluded themselves,” Schetky says.
· Custody recommendations were made even though the team never saw Allen and any of the children together. “I’d sure want that information,” Schetky says.
· The team refused to interview witnesses who could have corroborated the molestation claims.
· The team destroyed its notes. “I don’t know why they would,” Schetky says. “They shouldn’t have anything to hide, unless there’s disagreement.”
· Leventhal, the only medical doctor on the team, did not interview Dylan. “How can you write about someone you’ve never seen?” Schetky asks.
· The night before Leventhal gave a statement to Farrow’s attorney, he discussed the scenario with Abramowitz, the head of Allen’s legal team, for about 30 minutes.
· The team interviewed Dylan nine times. For three consecutive weeks, she said Allen violated her sexually. In several of the other sessions, she mentioned a similar type of abuse. When Dylan did not repeat the precise allegation in some of the sessions, the team reported this as an inconsistency.
The nine interviews were “excessive,” Schetky says. “The danger is the child feels like she’s not believed if she’s asked the same questions over and over.”
Leventhal himself later admitted, in sworn testimony in the custody case, that he made several mistakes during the course of the investigation. One of those was his false characterization of Dylan’s active imagination as a thought disorder.
In the Yale report, Leventhal cited what he called “loose associations” by the child. He said she talked about looking in a trunk and seeing “dead heads.” When advised that Mia Farrow had a trunk in her attic in which she kept wigs from her movies on wig blocks, Leventhal acknowledged this was not evidence of a fantasy problem or a thought disorder.
The paediatrician also attempted to categorize Dylan’s banter as “magical thinking,” citing her vivid description of a sunset. However, after being advised that Mia Farrow described the dark sky upon leaving New Haven in the evening as “the magic hour,” Leventhal said he was “less concerned” about the incident as an example of “loose thinking.”
“This guy Leventhal never left his office, never talked to the child, but he gave a wonderful account and said, ‘I exonerate you, Woody,’” D’Amico says. “Boy, I wouldn’t want to carry that flag around – ‘Leventhal says I’m OK.’”
A Yale Spokeswoman says the hospital stands by the report and Leventhal’s national reputation.
On Sept. 20, 1993 state police detective Bea Farleakas and Dylan Farrow sat on the floor of Maco’s office, surrounded by stuffed animals. It was not an unusual scene. Children, sometimes victims, were regular visitors to the office, which is just a few doors from the renowned West Street Grill off Litchfield’s town green.
Joining Farleakas, who was the primary detective in the Allen probe, and Dylan was Michelle Prindle, Maco’s secretary. Dylan handed out the stuffed animals and they played for about an hour.
Maco, D’Amico, and state police Lt. Charles McIntyre looked on as Farleakas, Dylan, and Prindle finished their play session. Maco then got down on the floor, played, and talked with Dylan for about half an hour.
“We talked about kid stuff,” Maco says. “It was like being with my own kid. We were having fun – until the button was pushed. I tried to discuss the incident. I saw her saying to me with her blank stare, ‘This is the last place I want to be. I can’t deal with this. Is this Yale? What are they doing to me?’”…
As far as Maco was concerned, He’d seen enough. As a father with young children himself, he decided to do what he thought was in Dylan’s best interest and decided against going to trial:
… Maco backed off. “I saw complete withdrawal any time I tried to discuss the incident. This was complete withdrawal and regression. At the time she was so fragile and damaged I knew she would not be a good witness. I knew she needed healing. I was not going to interfere with her recovery.”
Days later, Maco held a press conference in which he said state police had compiled enough evidence to charge Allen with a crime, but that he’d decided not to approve an arrest warrant in order to spare Dylan the trauma of a trial.
Allen objected strongly to Maco’s characterization of him as a criminal who would never get to refute the charge in court. So strong were his objections, in fact, that in October he filed an ethics complaint against Maco with both the Statewide Grievance Committee – a lawyers’ disciplinary group – and the state Criminal Justice Commission, which hires and fires prosecutors. While the Criminal Justice Commission exonerated Maco that December, the Statewide Grievance Committee voted 6-5 with two abstentions to investigate Maco for alleged misconduct in his handling of
the case. The vote overturned a ruling by Maco’s local committee, which had found in his favour.
Susan Levine of Litchfield, a member of the local grievance committee, recalls the deliberations over Maco’s actions.
“We ruled that even though Maco was close to the line, he didn’t cross it,” said Levine, who is also the top borough official in Litchfield. “We were very surprised when state-wide overturned it. Why empower local grievance committees and then take away the power? If Maco had acted inappropriately, that’s the way [our] ruling would have gone. Maybe they just wanted to see Woody Allen.”
Levine’s comments were echoed by Superior Court Judge Raymond Norko, who characterized the State-wide Grievance Committee’s actions as “star driven, sloppy, and careless.”
One of the members of the state-wide panel, Bridgeport attorney Daiga Osis, had been an opponent of Maco in a vigorously contested arson case in Bridgeport – the burning of the Town Fair Tire store on Boston Avenue in the 1980s. Osis had argued an appeal against Maco and lost.
“The name of the prosecutor did not concern me; I have no personal relationship with Maco,” Osis says. But she cast what could have been the deciding vote in the 6-5 decision to investigate Maco. Hiltz, a retired state police lieutenant, called her action “sour grapes” and “payback.”
“I did nothing illegal, unethical, or immoral,” Maco says. “I’ll go anywhere to defend that.”
These days, Maco awaits the final word from the Statewide Grievance Committee, which could vote to remove him from his job. Maco says he has rejected offers of a settlement from the Allen camp, which would require him to apologize for his accusatory statements.
He credits his family with the support that has enabled him to endure. “I’ve gained strength from Nancy Lou, from my son and of course, from Mom and Dad. Whatever strength I have comes from them.”
In one particularly intense period, his son Frank Jr., then 9 years old, pulled him through. Allen had branded Maco dishonest and a coward during press conferences after Maco’s announcement that he was closing the case.
“Frank saw the news article, and all I could do was tell him that given the nature of my business, I’m sure I’ve been called a coward and dishonest before, but I don’t think I’ve ever been called both of those at the same time,” Maco recalls. “He laughed, but then he had some fear for my job, so he assured me he had a friend, another young boy whose dad was in the insurance business. He said, ‘Don’t worry, Dad, I’m sure we can always get you a job in insurance.’”

No doubt, at this point Allen was feeling extremely smug. With the case of sexual abuse now dropped, the tiny in stature, tiny in mind director appeared to assume that he had been found not guilty… Which is consistent with the mind set of all of these fabulously wealthy sick fucks. They simply have no concept of right and wrong and the only person whose feelings matter is their own.
With that in mind, Allen launched a custody bid for his 3 children and as we now know, he should have quit while ahead. The case judge certainly saw through him and promptly blocked him from seeing the children.
Course the arrogant arsewipe, hadn’t helped himself by admitting that he hadn’t stopped for a second to consider how his children would feel about their father having sex with their sister.
Mind you, he was also hampered by all the medical reports that were used in evidence against him. All agreed that Dylan was extremely traumatised by him and like his biological son Satchel/Shamus, was absolutely petrified at the prospect of having to spend time with their father.
Moreover, as I have already said, legally Allen hadn’t broken the law by sleeping with Soon Li, (Having had his claim that his step daughter hadn’t slept with him until she was over the legal age upheld). However, since he had been playing Dad to her since she was 8 yrs old some of the medical witnesses’ in the case saw things quite differently:
Dr Welner’s comments: Considerable attention has been devoted to the terrible consequences of incest on the victim. What about its impact on the victim’s siblings? Incest is almost always furtively perpetrated, or is unknown to uninvolved siblings.
It would also appear to be the case, that the self obsessed paedophile had not taken into account the fact that Mia Farrow would be giving evidence. Her testimony was probably the most damming of all. The following is how blockyourid.com reported on Farrow’s evidence:
“He developed a sick obsession with the child that lasted until he was ordered by the court to stay away from her”…
Allen ignored his own child with Farrow, a boy called Satchel, Farrow says, but would hunt Dylan down when he visited and fondle her. Lying on bed half-nude watching TV, he would stick his thumb in her mouth and so terrorized the child she would scream, “Hide me!” to her siblings, and run away from him.
Farrow acknowledges she was wrong to stay with Allen for so long in light of his behaviour to her children. She kicked him out when she discovered the famed nude photos of Soon-Yi and learned Allen had been sleeping with her for months.
But until then, she accepted his assurances he was getting therapy to combat his obsession with Dylan and relied on professionals who assured her things would change.
Allen deceived her, Farrow says, and she accuses him of an “unfathomable, uncontrollable need to destroy everything good and positive in his life, so he tried to destroy my family.
“ For him to have sex with one of my children, a child he had known as my daughter since she was 8 years old, was not enough: He had to make me see, graphically, what he was doing”…
And here’s journalist Peter Marks report on the case:
Mia Farrow testified yesterday that her 7-year-old daughter, Dylan, was so distraught over the relentless attention of her adoptive father, Woody Allen, that she frequently screamed, “Hide me! Hide me!” when he came to visit her, and twice locked herself in the bathroom to keep away from him.
In her second day of testimony in a custody trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Ms. Farrow portrayed Mr. Allen as a father so obsessed he would “wrap himself around” the girl as they watched television, often ignoring his other children. And she described the child as almost immobilized by the attention Mr. Allen showered upon her…
“He would creep up in the morning and lie beside her bed and wait for her to wake up,” Ms. Farrow testified, as Mr. Allen sat a few feet away in the courtroom, scribbling notes and tearing pages from a legal pad. “I thought it was excessive. I was uncomfortable all along.”
She said that on some occasions she saw Mr. Allen with “his head in her stomach or her crotch” and that Dylan had described to her one instance in her bunk bed, where he had placed his hand under her shorts while she was on the ladder.
On another occasion, Ms. Farrow said, Dylan locked herself in the bathroom for four hours after Mr. Allen showed up, refusing to come out until Mr. Allen instructed her baby sitter to pick the lock with a wire coat hanger. Ms. Farrow described what she considered “this very needy quality he had of beseeching her attention, praising her to the point that she was immobilized.”
Ms. Farrow testified that in December Dylan also said that on a visit to Mr. Allen’s apartment sometime in the summer or autumn of 1991, she had witnessed Mr. Allen and Ms. Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, on the bed in his bedroom. “She said they were on top of the bed,” Ms. Farrow testified. She said Dylan had told her they were “doing compliments” and “making snoring noises.”
So there you have it. Allen has now not seen his kids since 1992. Or should I say those kids involved in the trial. He has however seen his 2 adopted children that he has with Soon Yi. Well he would do since they are now married. Now imagine if that was you or I in an identical situation. Would we have been allowed to adopt? I think not.
Coincidently enough, Mia Farrow played the title role in arguably one of the most well known horror movies of all time. The film was called ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and was about a husband who was persuaded by Devil worshippers to allow the Devil to impregnate his wife with the Devils child in return for success.
Interestingly, although not particularly relevant, the film was shot in the ‘Dakota’ building in New York City. The Dakota was home to the legendary John Lennon, who was shot by Mark Chapman in front of the building as the ex-beatle returned home. Chapman is believed to have been a victim of the CIA’s MK Ultra, mind control experiments.
Course, as we all know the Elites are fanatical Devil Worshippers… If you didn’t know, I once again suggest you read Monsters Inc.
The reason I mention the film Rosemary’s Baby however, is nothing to do with the fact that it’s about Devil Worship. I mention it because it was directed by Roman Polanski.
Polanski, was also the husband of Sharon Tate who at 8 months pregnant was stabbed to death along with her unborn baby, in the couples Beverly Hills home by the Charles Manson ‘Family’.
No doubt that had Polanski not been away when the murder happened, he too would have been murdered. What a pity the vile creature wasn’t at home, because Polanski is a well documented prolific Paedophile.
The following is taken from an article written by the author Judith Reisman:
In gay Paree, Roman was an open pedophile, posing with bevies of little teenyboppers for photo journal essays. His “relationship” with 15-year-old Natassja Kinski was well-known. She became Tess in his 1979 film Roman got to direct, and shoot her (Tess) being raped.
Ah, the thrill of fine art.
Charlotte Lewis, a British actress, recently accused Polanski of raping her when she was 16. He “forced himself upon me in his apartment in Paris,” she said. “And I have lived with the effects of his behaviour ever since it occurred.”
The New York Daily News quoted Lewis as saying Polanski told her he slept with all of his actresses. “He just said very coldly, ‘If you’re not a big enough girl to have sex with me, you’re not big enough to do the screen test. I must sleep with every actress that I work with; that’s how I get to know them, how I mould them.’”
For any who missed why Polanski was incarcerated in Switzerland, in 1977 he drugged, brutally raped, and sodomized a 13-year-old child in the USA. He never expected to be arrested for what was apparently his common behaviour, but arrested he was. He confessed but fled to France to film happily ever after. He was arrested in Switzerland under a USA warrant as a fugitive.
There is so much more that could be said about Polanski, but I think you get the general idea. Yet once again, Tinsel town comes out in support of one of their own. Worse still, a lot of those coming out in support of Polanski are women, with the likes of Whoopi Goldberg quoted as saying that he wasn’t guilty of “rape – rape”. Madness, utter madness.
Course if I ever needed back up for my article entitled ‘Why the justice system favours paedophiles’ I need look no further than an article written in 2009 by the Observer Newspaper’s Nick Cohen. The article written about Polanski was entitled ‘Why Roman Polanski just loves the English courts’ and was in regard to the Film Directors libel victory in a British Court. Or, as Cohen so neatly put it:
“Only in Blighty could a fugitive paedophile sue a magazine for calling him a groper – and win.”
Moreover, Polanski then had the brass balls to crow about the victory, with Cohen quoting him as saying:
“If I was a murderer the press and police wouldn’t be so obsessed by me. But… fucking, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls – everyone wants to fuck young girls!”
I would beg to differ with you on that one you odious little prick. I think that you will find you are in a very tiny, very warped minority.
Never the less, the film director (See what I mean) John Derek was certainly in that tiny warped minority. He left his wife Linda Evans of TV’s ‘Dynasty’ fame, for 15 yr old Mary Collins (Bo Derek). The couple then had to flee to Germany so as the then 45 yr old paedophile, wouldn’t be charged with statutory rape of a minor.

The Green Mile star Doug Hutchison 52, and his teenage bride Courtney Stodden 16, certainly approve of John Derek’s actions. Here’s what they said in interview:
“Our inspirations were Jon and Bo Derek; they were married when she was 15 and they had a 22-year marriage. She held his hand while he was on his death bed. Celine Dion and Rene Angelil – he met her when she was 12.”
The interview then became heated when host Billy Bush criticised Hutchinson after learning that the actor had a six-month Internet relationship with Stodden before her mother let the couple meet. Bush said:
“People are gonna call you a pedophile and a pervert for meeting a young girl online, and they’re not far wrong,” adding, “You just threw your career away, haven’t you?” Source wenn.com
More recently, we have seen the arrest of 47 year old Martin Weiss, a Hollywood manager who represents child stars. He was charged on December 1st 2011 with sexually abusing a former client. The client in question was only 11 years old at the time.
On Nov. 21 2011, Fernando Rivas, 59, an award-winning composer for “Sesame Street,” was charged with “to engage in sexually explicit conduct” and the distribution of child porn.
Jason James Murphy, 35 is another good example. A registered sex offender Jason worked as a casting agent in Hollywood for years before his past caught up with him. Then on Nov 17th 2011, the LA Times revealed he had been involved the kidnapping and sexual abuse of a little boy. Previously Murphy had supplied child actors for films such as: “Bad News Bears,” “The School of Rock,” “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” and the”Three Stooges.”
Special Effects makeup artist Chris Hedgcock is another dirty paedophile. He was recently sentenced to 8yrs in prison for conspiring to rape two teenage sisters aged 13 and 14, and for possession of child pornography.
Not that possessing Child Pornography would be a serious crime in the UK, if the MP Harriet Harmon had her way in 2009.
Hedgcock’s special effects makeup work can be seen in 28 Days Later …, Kingdom of Heaven, First Knight, Black Hawk Down and The Upside of Anger, among other films.
Course, it isn’t just the boys who suffered. Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor (Who at 15 yrs old was bedded by Ronald Reagan, the ex actor and US President), Brooke Shields and Nastassja Kinski to name but a few, all suffered under age sexual abuse at the hands of Hollywood’s sick fucks.
Take Brooke Shields for instance. Brooke’s Mother couldn’t wait to get her into show biz, signing her up for her first photo shoot when she was just 11 months old. In 1978, Brooke, then just 13 years old starred in Louis Malle‘s  controversial film ‘Pretty Baby’ playing a 12 year old prostitute.
Audiences were so shocked by Brooke’s naked scenes that a Congressional inquiry was held although no further action was taken when Brooke testified in person that the more scandalous scenes had been filmed by older body doubles.
However, whether Brooke told the inquiry the truth or not is a matter of debate being as later that year, the young actress once again made front page news after appearing naked in a magazine. The following is taken from the Iconic Photos website:
In the magazine, a ten-year old Brooke is shown wearing makeup, her glistening body posed naked in a bathtub. The picture comes from a series taken by Garry Gross, an advertising photographer from New York who was regularly employed by Brooke’s mother to photograph her daughter, then a model with the Ford agency. 
At the time, Gross was working on a project for publication entitled The Woman in the Child, in which he wanted to reveal the femininity of prepubescent girls by comparing them to adult women.
Brooke Shields posed for him both as a normal young girl and in the nude, her body heavily made up and oiled, receiving a fee of $450 from Playboy Press, Gross’s partner in the project. Her mother signed a contract giving Gross full rights to exploit the images of her daughter. The series was first published in Little Women, and then in Sugar and Spice, a Playboy Press publication. Large prints were also exhibited by Charles Jourdan on 5th Avenue in New York.’
Then in 1980 Brooke – by now 15 yrs old – hit the headlines yet again after starring in ‘Blue Lagoon’ the story of a little girl and boy who get stranded on a desert island and fall in love as they get older. Once again, producer’s insisted that a body double had been used for the nude scenes and that when not possible to do so her hair was glued to her breasts to prevent too much being exposed.
In 2009, those photos of Brooke taken when she was 10 again hit the headlines. The Photographs were photographed by artist Richard Prince who included them in his Tate Modern Art Exhibition, aptly named ‘Pop Art’. However, after complaints, the Police intervened and the Photos were removed.

It is by now, I hope, becoming quite clear to you, that show biz is dominated by ‘sick fucks’ in the USA and in the UK too. Look at the BBC Paedophile ring. The ex Radio 1 DJ’s involved in that ring is a veritable who’s who of disc spinning legends: Jimmy Savile, Jonathan King, Alan Freeman, John Peel and Chris Denning to name but a few. Denning has in fact spent 3 decades in and out of UK and Eastern European prisons for sexual abusing children as young as 10.
They all used to get together for sick sex parties in Alan Freeman’s ‘secret’ flat on the Lea Bridge Road’ in London. The DJ’s would be joined at these parties by the likes of Ex Liberal Party Leader Jeremy Thorpe and the Beatles manager Brian Epstein. The Party’s usually consisted of young boys being shipped in from children’s homes for no other reason than to be buggered by these sick, sick, sick men.
Neither are the paedophiles confined to radio. Paedophiles are forever on our TV screens.
Coronation Street for some strange reason seems to have had more than its fair share of Paedophiles and perverts. Amongst those are actor Michael La Vell (Kevin Webster) who was arrested in September 2011 on a charge of having sex with an underage girl.
The charge was dropped earlier this year due to ‘insufficient evidence’, but that in no way mean’s that La Vell is not guilty, although he strenuously denied the charge.
Then again, so did the comedian Freddie Starr. He recently denied ever meeting the 14 yr old girl he was recently accused of molesting back in the 1970’s. In fact, Starr was so incensed by the accusation that he tried to take out a court injunction banning the press from repeating the sex allegation.
Tellingly, the Injunction was denied leaving Starr forced to loudly protest his innocence in the press and repeat his claim that he had never ever met the girl let alone fondled her sexually… Only trouble was, a video of the TV show surfaced a few days later, showing Rock steady Freddie alongside the girl.
Never the less, if La Vell says he’s innocent, then that’s good enough for me… Unfortunately, for him, it’s not good enough for his wife, Ex ‘Corrie’ actress Janette Beverley. She ended their 25 yr marriage following his arrest, although the official story has it that they had apparently become ‘Estranged from each other’… Hmmm.
Another Corrie Paedophile, who wasn’t… wink, wink… Was Peter Adamson who played builder Len Fairclough, the Husband to Rita (Actress Barbara Knox), who is still in the show. The following is from Wikipedia:
On 24 April 1983, a Sunday newspaper reported that Adamson had been arrested for indecently assaulting two eight-year old girls in a public swimming pool in Haslingden where he had assisted as a part-time instructor. One was allegedly assaulted the day before, the other on 16 April. The police complaint alleged that Adamson’s hands had strayed while giving the girls swimming lessons.
He was represented by the barrister George Carman QC, who had a prominent career defending celebrities. On 26 July 1983, a Crown Court jury found Adamson not guilty. The following year, after his wife’s death and still suffering financial woes and drinking problems, he was allegedly persuaded by freelance Sun reporter Dan Slater to change his story following several bottles of whisky. Adamson was alleged to have told Slater “I am totally guilty of everything the police said”….”But what I hope you will print – there was no sexual intent.”
Another instance of British Justice favouring paedophiles? The man was caught red handed for crying out loud. The fact that a case is held before a jury who find the defendant not guilty, does not necessarily prove innocence. Judges are forever gently leading juries in such a way that they reach the verdict that the judges desire. And let’s not forget how star struck the UK Zombies are. If you are a celebrity up in front of a jury, you have a 10 yard head start already.
Tellingly… There is always a ‘tellingly’, don’t cha know, Adamson was sacked by Coronation Street producers after his arrest. They didn’t bother to wait and see if he was found guilty or not guilty. Furthermore, once he had been found not guilty (Good barrister, that George Carmen), the work didn’t come pouring back in
And talking of  the late George Carmen QC, his son Dominic recently wrote in the Guardian newspaper the following:
In 1992, my father, George Carman QC, had been retained by Savile’s lawyers over a different matter, which never reached court. By 1994, the name Carman, and what he could do in cross-examination, put such fear into the minds of litigants, lawyers and editors that libel cases were settled and, in some circumstances, perhaps stories were not published. Savile may have been one of those…
In 1983, Adamson was tried for indecently assaulting two eight-year-old girls in a public swimming pool, in Haslingden. Following complaints of previous incidents, the assaults had been witnessed by two police officers watching through a porthole, which gave an underwater view of the pool. In cross-examining the officers and the girls, my father destroyed the case. Adamson walked free. The following year, he told a Sun reporter: “I am totally guilty of everything the police said.” When the Sun reported the story, no further action was taken. Adamson died in 2002. Source – Anorak Website.
Adamson did in fact; die penniless in January 2002 from stomach cancer.
Another shamed, big name Corrie star to fall from grace was the actor Peter Dudley (Bert Tilsley in the show). Although he wasn’t strictly a paedophile, he was a sexual deviant. Once again, I will leave it to Wikipedia to elaborate:
 On 29 January 1979, he joined the cast as a regular playing family man Bert alongside Lynne Perrie and Christopher Quinten. He was openly homosexual, and in 1982, Dudley was observed exposing himself to another man in a public toilet in Didsbury, and was charged with importuning. With commendable courage, Coronation Street Producer Bill Podmore stood by him and he continued to appear in the series. He was found guilty and fined £200.
Dudley was charged with gross indecency some months later. Although he claimed he was not guilty and had been set up by the police, he realised he was in very serious trouble. He chose to go to Crown Court rather than a Magistrates Court, which prolonged the affair and made it very public. The first jury failed to agree and the judge ordered a retrial. The strain became too much and he suffered a stroke, losing much of the use of his left side, and briefly his speech. The retrial was postponed and the file kept open.
Exposing yourself to other men in public toilets is known as cottaging and is a particular favourite past time of Politicians. The Ex Prime Minister, Edward Heath was particularly fond of the practice… While still in office.
Heath was in fact warned to stop on several occasions by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Since Heath was warned ‘several’ times, the warnings obviously fell on deaf ears.
Labour Party MP Ron Davis was another top Politician caught flashing his knob around. Unlike Heath though, Davis did away with the privacy of a public toilet, preferring instead to waggle it about – or whatever they do with it – in the open air of Clapham Common.
The totally corrupt and extremely depraved Paedophile Labour MP, Tom Drieberg was yet another one. He was charged with indecent assault after two men shared his bed in the 1940s and used his position as a journalist several times to get off later charges when caught soliciting in public toilets by the police.
More recently Anthony Charles Lynton Blair AKA Tony Blair, found himself in court for toilet, todger tugging:
He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man, little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them. Source – operationorethegamble blog
Course, ‘cottaging’ isn’t just for Politicians wishing to indulge themselves… Pop Star George Michael like’s to waggle his wang in public toilets occasionally… Note to George: Make sure it isn’t an undercover copper you’re tugging your todger at.
The same applies to Wilfrid Brambell AKA Albert Steptoe of Steptoe and Son fame and the Thespian Sir John Gielgud. For more famous Wang Waglers go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cottaging
Craig Charles, recently suspended by Coronation Street producers because of his Crack addiction was once arrested and remanded in custody for rape. The following is once again from Wikipedia who have this to say about the actor who plays Lloyd Mullaney in the show:
In July 1994, Charles and a friend were arrested and remanded in custody for several months on a rape charge. While in prison, Charles was attacked by a man wielding a knife. In March 1995, both men were acquitted in their trial. After being cleared, Charles spoke of the need to restore anonymity for those accused of rape. He stated that “the fact that my name and address along with my picture can appear on the front of the papers before the so-called ‘victim’ has even signed a statement proves that anonymity for rape defendants is a must and that the law must be changed.”
Rape is a serious charge, but never the less how many alleged rapists are remanded in custody before going to trial? Not many, I would wager, unless there is very good reason to warrant it.
There is a pattern opening up in these acquittals, not guilty’s and insufficient evidence isn’t there? My article, ‘Why the justice system favours paedophiles‘  which was originally published by the Sovereign Independent Newspaper and was subsequently picked up by many other websites goes a long way- as the title suggests – to explain  this low rate of convictions.
John Savident, who played Corrie butcher Fred Elliot… A say Fred Elliot… Never mind, you had to be there… was savagely knifed in the neck in December 2000 after picking up a maniac in a Manchester Gay bar. The attack happened after the pair went back to Savident’s home. Such was the ferocity of the attack that the judge sentenced knife wielding, would be gay slayer, Michael Smith to 7 years in prison.
Even William Roach, Boring Ken Barlow in the long running Soap, doesn’t escape scot free. He recently admitted to Piers Morgan that he had been a serial adulterer throughout his marriage and had bedded over a 1000 women.
Corrie’s rival soap, Eastenders doesn’t fair much better. Gillian Taylforth (Kathy Beale) once accused her on screen husband Peter Dean (Pete Beale) of being a “sex pest”. The Actor Leslie Grantham (Den Watts), who served 11 years in prison for murdering a taxi driver, was sacked after it was revealed he was an internet pervert.
More recently, 17 yr old Joshua Pascoe (Ben Mitchell) was arrested in May of this year for a serious sexual assault on a minor.

Course, the golden rule appears to be; paedophilia is fine, just don’t get caught. Especially when you’re still on the way up as was the case with the heart throb actor Rob Lowe who had a right throb on when he made a Porn film with an underage girl. The film emerged in 1988 off the back of another sex-tape.
The first tape, a grainy Betamax depicted the actor in a Paris hotel suite with a young model named Jennifer, while a second naked gent can be seen cheering him on with chants of “Harder, Rob, she wants it harder!”
Unfortunately for Lowe however, things were about to get much worse. Having escaped relatively unscathed from the release of the first film, just a few short months later a second tape surfaced. This one was recorded in Atlanta, Georgia where Lowe was attending a Democratic Party Convention and showed him having sex with an under-aged girl he’d just met in a bar.
Despite Lowe’s protests that he didn’t know the girl was underage, this 2nd film put paid to the actor’s film career for at least a decade in which time the once in demand star was forced to take part in low budget, made for TV films.
After this decade in the wilderness, Lowe finally got a second bite of fame after accepting a part in the TV series ‘The West Wing’. Yet another case of the general public forgiving a sex pest. Forgiven or not, Lowe is today, still being plagued by allegations of Sexual assaults against his staff and rumours that he is Bi-sexual.
Mind you, it is in fact quite appropriate that Lowe once again found fame in the West Wing, where he played an aide to a fictional American President. At least it is when you take into consideration that politics is also dominated by paedophiles and other sexual deviants. It is in fact, true to say that every non fictional US President since and including JFK has been Paedophile, child abuser and/ or Satanists.

When it comes to paedo’s in power, you have more chance of winning the lottery than finding a government figure who’s not a sexual deviant. This problem stems from the constant buggering’s they received in their posh schools, I would imagine.
Tony Blair’s Labour Government was indeed very lucky to stay in power as long as it did when you take into consideration the number of allegations made against them in regards to paedophilia.
The allegations stemmed from ‘Operation Ore’, a massive police investigation into internet child pornography. The investigation was launched following a similar investigation in America named Operation Avalanche which saw the FBI pass on over 7000 names to their UK counterparts. The following is from Wikipedia:
Between 1999 and 2001, after a tip off, a US investigation was conducted into Landslide Productions Inc, a Texas-based online pornography portal operated by Thomas and Janice Reedy. The portal was found to have provided access to child pornography and the Reedys were both convicted of trafficking child pornography in August 2001.
Following the investigation and conviction “Operation Avalanche” was launched, in the US, to trace and prosecute child pornography users identified in the Landslide database. In addition, the website was run for a short time as part of a sting operation by the FBI to capture new suspects.The FBI also passed identities from the Landslide database to the police organizations of other countries, including 7,272 names to the UK.
However, in the end, those allegations were kept quiet when Blair issued a D Notice, which effectively means there is a blackout imposed on the Medias reporting of Parliament.
Course, a D Notice cannot be issued to stop the press reporting on a criminal investigation, even when Politicians are involved. However, Blair was able to issue the D Notice, sighting the onset of the Iraq invasion as the reason.
I can’t help but wonder though, what would have happened had he not been able to issue the notice. I was in fact going to go into a lot more detail about Operation Ore, but as I researched the subject, it quickly became clear that the fallout from the investigation is an article in its self.
It also seems to me that we need to beware of those who appear to have Kids best interests and welfare at heart. They usually haven’t. The wholly corrupt, sick minds of those who run and work for the British Social Services are testament to that fact.
And the problem gets no better the higher up you go, with kids matters being decided in secret, closed courts where no one, not even the parents are allowed to discuss what goes on or what’s been said. I discuss these corrupt, courts in my article ‘Invasion of the baby snatchers that also first appeared on the Sovereign Independent newspaper website. That article, along with the others I have mentioned can be found on this site, in the ‘Spivs Bits’ section.
However, if other example’s were needed then look no further than JM Barrie who wrote Peter Pan and famously gave the story rights to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Then there is the other two famous Children’s book authors, AA Milne (Winnie the Pooh) and Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland). All three dirty paedophiles.
Ok, so those 3 Author’s may well have been a long time dead, but Great Ormond Street Hospital is still raking it in from the Peter Pan rights, Winnie the Pooh is as popular as ever as is the Opium inspired Alice in Wonderland. More over, the general public do not get to know about these deviants until after their deaths… Take Jimmy Savile as an example, and he’d been at it since the 1950’s if not before. These Elite’s don’t like to let us commoners know the depth of their depravity. As is the case with Savile, any hint of gossip leaking out is quickly buried.
Therefore, those who perceive themselves as innocent victims, unlucky enough to be caught up in the crossfire that inevitably results from cases such as Savile’s can have no complaints.
Take Esther Rantzen. After the Savile scandal broke, she appeared on TV and admitted to doing nothing about the warped DJ, despite her having suspicions about him.
Rantzen appeared to be under the impression that her confession somehow warranted forgiveness. It didn’t, she disgusts me, and the same should go for every other right minded individual.
Rantzen, like many others has now gone to ground. Personally, I won’t be happy until her and her ilk are 6 foot under it.
It has also been alleged that the actor David ‘Del Boy’ Jason is a paedophile. The following is from the ‘Could It Be True’ website:
David Jason sexually abused children in the 80’s and 90’s both whilst he was a member of London Glider Club at Dunstable and at Turweston Aerodrome at Brackley, Northants.
Whilst at London Glider Club he abused children with the then chief gliding instructor Derek Sear. Whilst at Turweston he abused children with one Albert Tarnow.
And then there’s this:
TWO child sex perverts abused teenage boys at the home of Only Fools and Horses star David Jason, it was revealed this week.
The actor was filming in Australia at the time and was unaware of the offences until police told him of the shocking activities last year.
Derek Sear, 50 – a friend of the Del Boy star for 25 years – and Albert Tarnow, 56, lured the two victims to the actor’s former home in Aylesbury, Bucks, by boasting of their connection with David.
Sear, who was looking after the house at the time in 1991, assaulted one of the boys in David’s bed. Tarnow abused the other boy downstairs and the two paedophiles later “swapped boys around,” Luton Crown Court heard.
Flying instructor Sear became a friend in the early 1970s when he gave the actor gliding lessons.
He was jailed for five years in April after admitting 12 sex offences against youngsters but the case could not be reported until Tarnow’s trial ended.
Tarnow, also a flying instructor, was jailed for eight and a half years for 24 sex offences.
Whether or not Jason is a paedophile, I can’t say. However, at the very best, he is guilty of keeping extremely bad company. There is also a further hint about Jason in this Daily Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1126918/Gay-paedophile-lovers-abused-boys-flat-allowed-share-human-rights-legislation.html
Now, while I am reluctant to start a witch hunt on paedophiles, I cannot ignore the frequency with which Paul McCartney’s name keeps popping up. The following is from the griffinwatch website:
Its been alleged that among those caught up in Operation Ore were:
Gerald Kaufman, Gordon Brown, Alan Milburn, John Prescott, Peter Mandelson and Paul McCartney.

I would like to say that, that was the first time that I had seen McCartney’s name linked with Operation Ore, but alas, that would be a long way from the truth.
Course, McCartney did make the news headlines last week when he and Bruce Forsyth publicly announced that they always found Savile a ‘bit creepy’. However, by McCartney saying that isn’t necessarily proof of his innocence. He could in fact be said to laying a false trail.
It is worth remembering that the ex Beatle’s manager, Brian Epstein was a known paedophile who attended the sex parties in Alan ‘fluff’ Freeman’s flat located on the Lea Bridge Road.
It has also been rumoured that Paul’s fellow band mate, John Lennon had an affair with Epstein. Lennon says that although he was tempted, they didn’t actually get it on.
Either way, I cannot believe that both Lennon and McCartney didn’t know about Epstein’s liking for boys. At best, that puts them in the Esther Rantzen bracket.
You only have to look at the Bay City Rollers manager, Tom Paton, who was jailed for three years in 1982 after admitting sexually abusing teenage boys at his home outside Edinburgh, to see the similarities.
That fact becomes all the more real when you consider that the Bay City Rollers drummer, Derek Longmuir narrowly avoided being jailed in March 2000 after being convicted of possessing Child Porn.

English pop manager and impresario Larry Parnes, who has been described as “the first major British rock manager” was also a notorious paedophile. According to Wikipedia:
Parnes stable encompassed most of the most successful pre-Beatles British rock singers.
Among those he managed with at least some degree of success were Billy Fury, Vince Eager, Dickie Pride, Lance Fortune, Duffy Power, Johnny GentleTerry DeneNelson Keene and Georgie Fame He also managed Tommy Bruce, Joe Brown, Tommy Steele and Marti Wilde
Parnes also promoted concerts, including the 1960 tour by Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran during which Cochran was killed in a road crash. Later the same year he hired a Liverpool beat group, then known as the Silver Beetles, to back one of his singers, Johnny Gentle, on a short tour of Scotland; although Gentle tried to persuade him to manage the group, Parnes decided not to do so.[2] He developed the idea of the package tour, for which his stars toured the country together in a bus, playing one-night stands around the country.[6] In 1962, he hired The Tornados as backing group for Billy Fury, and also claimed to have given “their first breaks” to entertainers Jimmy TarbuckRolf Harris and Mike Yarwood

Cliff Richards and Rolf Harris are another two names being regularly banded about as paedophiles. However, like Paul McCartney, that doesn’t mean to say that they are. All that I’m saying is that their names have been banded around a lot.
Never the less, it once again has to be said that if you don’t want to be tarnished with the nonce brush, then don’t hang around with known paedophiles. Its that fucking simple. Its not even as if these people are hard up for company… Just saying.
Cliff Richard’s love life has of course, long been the subject of speculation. He was also known to be on friendly terms with the Kray Twins, who were alleged to supply boys from a children’s home to the rich and famous.
Likewise, Richards was also a friend of Lord Boothby’s, a predatory paedophile, who was also closely associated with the twins. If there is nothing to the rumours, it again has to be said, that at best, Cliff is a very bad judge of character.
In regards to Rolf Harris, it would seem that one of those strange coincidences that seem to often happen when I’m writing has occurred. I have in fact just been reliably informed that Harris has been questioned under caution in connection with the Operation Yewtree investigation… You really couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.
Predictably, Rolf Harris is a Freemason and very close to the Royal Family. He is also the singer of the dubiously named songs, Two Little Boys, Jake the Peg – A man in a raincoat who has a ‘middle leg’ – and Tie Me Kangaroo down Sport – whatever the fuck that is about.
Harris, like Savile did a lot of work for Children’s Charities and his Paintings that are worth thousands upon thousands of pounds can be found hanging on the walls of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
As I say, I am not out to start a witch hunt. Neither am I saying that McCartney, Richards and Harris are paedophiles – although it is looking increasingly like Harris is. All three however, given the frequency that their names are cropping up, are at best suspect. I will also remind you, that a year ago when I was publicly naming Savile as a nonce, hardly anyone believed that to be true. Now look!
The pioneering record producer Joe Meek was another paedophile to be associated with the Kray Twins. Meek’s best known hit is Telstar by the Tornadoes which topped the charts in both the UK and the USA in 1962.
His commercial success as a producer was short-lived however. Meek gradually sank into debt and depression. On 3 February 1967, using a shotgun owned by the musician Heinz Burt, Meek killed himself after first murdering his landlady.

Another musical paedophile is the Ex Sham 69 front man Jimmy Pursey. Pursey was arrested earlier this year for indecently assaulting an under age girl prompting Sham 69 to put the following message on their official Facebook page:
Pursey was also a friend and associate of convicted paedophile Jonathan King. There is a lot of truth in the old adage Birds of a feather flock together, don’t cha know.
Led Zeppelin front man Jimmy Page, hero to millions, had an on – off 18 month affair with Child Model Lori Maddox in 1972. According to the website drownedinsound.com. Maddox “had already been had by David Bowie”…. Hmmm.

In 2004, Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland was sentenced to 8 years in prison after being found guilty of attempted rape and several indecent assaults on a disabled teenager.
This led to Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi replacing all of Holland’s drum parts on the 1996 DEP sessions because he did not want a convicted sex offender appearing on his album.

Kelsey Grammer, star of the Emmy award winning comedy Frasier had a lucky escape after authorities in Arizona decided not to prosecute him for statutory rape, and a New Jersey grand jury declined to indict him on the same charge. Both accusations were made by the same 14-year-old girl.
The actress Melanie Griffith left home at the age of 14 to move in with the then 22 year old 80’s heart throb, Don Johnson. Johnson in defending the relationship told Entertainment weekly that Melanie was the aggressor in the relationship and that “She pursued” him. Oh, that makes it ok then ya nonce.

That’s about it, although I feel sure that I have named only but a few of the many. It is patently obvious to me, and hopefully to you too, that the ‘privileged set’ view paedophilia as the norm.
Unfortunately, as long as we allow those in show biz, government, big business, not forgetting those members of our noble royal family to get away with their depraved act’s, then Child abuse will only become more prevalent.
Perhaps if they were punished for their crimes and risked meeting the same fate as the paedophile Mitchell Harrison did (see story below), then they wouldn’t be so keen to molest children. That will never happen I’m afraid to say, at least not until we the people demand it.
It’s time for change.
Until the next time,
much love,

INMATES at a jail where a paedophile had his stomach cut out in a horrific attack had been allowed to watch a TV show about Jack the Ripper just days before the murder.

INMATES at a jail where a paedophile had his stomach cut out in a horrific attack had been allowed to watch a TV show about Jack the Ripper just days before the murder.
Several warders voiced concern about letting dangerous prisoners see the ­gruesome documentary, which described a ritualistic disembowelling, but it is claimed they were overruled.
Five’s Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story was shown on September 26 at 9pm in Frankland jail, Durham. Five days later 23-year-old child rapist Mitchell Harrison was ­butchered with a makeshift knife in a cell.
The killing was said to have had similarities to those described in graphic detail on the programme.
An insider at the jail said: “The documentary on the Ripper triggered a real debate. Several staff thought it was totally inappropriate to show that kind of content to such potentially dangerous inmates and said so.
“They were overruled, but it looks like the methods featured on the show were copied in the attack.”
It is alleged Harrison was held down and killed as he screamed for his life. His blood-soaked body was discovered in the prison shortly after breakfast last Saturday at around 10am. A postmortem found he died of multiple injuries.
An inquiry into the attack, described by one prison insider as “barbaric, like a ­medieval torture”, continued yesterday.
Pervert Harrison, originally from ­Wolverhampton, was jailed last year for raping a girl of 13 in Kendal, Cumbria, where he was living.
He received an ­indeterminate sentence and was put on the sex offenders’ register for life when he appeared before a judge at Carlisle crown court.
The paedophile’s family said in a statement last night: “He was a much loved son and brother and we are ­all devastated by his death.
“Although we never condoned his past actions, he was serving his time and was by all accounts a model, trusted prisoner who did not deserve to die in this horrific way.
“We look forward to the day when the people responsible are brought to justice.”
The hour-long documentary on the Ripper outlined in brutal detail the Victorian serial killer’s methods. It used computer ­technology to re-create scenes from his killing spree in the grimy back streets of Whitechapel, East London.
The programme-makers ­promised to take the viewer “back to 1888, dispelling the myths and misconceptions that have surrounded this case for so long”. A synopsis of the show said: “Including witness statements and the coroner’s reports, we take a closer look at the original police ­investigation.
“This shows the original ­buildings and lighting and, using real actors, shows what actually happened on the night of each murder as never seen before.
“This will change for ever everything you thought you knew about the Jack the Ripper murders. This is the definitive story.”
Frankland inmates Michael Parr, 32, and 23-year-old Nathan Mann yesterday appeared before Peterlee magistrates charged with killing Harrison.
They were flanked by six prison guards as they stood in the dock.
They showed no emotion in the dock and spoke only to confirm their names during the five-minute hearing.
The case was sent to Newcastle crown court, where the pair will appear on October 5.

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