Spivey Well I bet that scared em.

Well I bet that scared em.
Well I bet that scared em.
Christopher Spivey

I am absolutely gob-smacked at the response to my report on the child stealing Social Services yesterday, which contained irrefutable evidence of how Social Workers file assessments which are then used to form the basis of justification to pave the way for stealing a child.

And if you read what I wrote about these ‘professionally’ compiled assessments in conjunction with my first hand evidence you will now know that Britain’s social workers are getting away with child snatching by routinely submitting assessments which are:

Largely open to misinterpretation
Inflating and exaggerating the danger a parent poses to their child as well as doing the same in regard to the risk a child is in.
Using blatantly false information
Failing to ensure accuracy leading to incorrect names and wrong dates being included.
littered with errors in grammar, spelling & punctuation.
Incomplete in content
Compiled in collusion with the Police – and in some cases, medical personnel – in order to remove children from innocent parents.
Deliberately confusing the relevant issues and setting out details using contradictory information in order to create a false overview.
Completed using information gained by blatantly lying to & manipulating the unsuspecting parents, whilst at the same time failing to explain a parents right and purposely neglecting to follow procedure beneficial to a parent.
Using information gained in confidence via means of acting in an overly friendly manner so as to gain and subsequently abuse a parents trust.
Habitually disregarding and breaking the stringent rules & procedure governing child welfare.
Breaking the law in regard to the Data Protection Act.
Acting in direct contradiction to the best interests of a child.
Thankfully, I believe that my sweet, innocent Clayton is more or less safe now due to the backing & participation of my supporters in conjunction with my ability to accurately process facts & detect bullshit, as well as ensuring that all our dealings with the SS were filmed and/or recorded… And of course in no small part, thanks to the incompetence of the social workers involved.

Having said that, I am not going to try mugging anyone off by saying that the article concerned, was not in anyway to my benefit.

Of course it was, because obviously the publication of such damning evidence along with those readers acting on it accordingly, provided not only a further safeguarding of Clayton’s future, but also put me in a better position to ensure that those insidious monsters responsible for abhorrently jeopardising my beautiful Grandson’s well-being will receive absolute & total retribution for their repugnant actions.

But then again, why should there not be something in it for me?

After all, it is my adored, well looked after, totally innocent Grandson who was in danger of being removed from his happy, stable home in favour of being left at the mercy of the perverted care-system by the malignant actions of the very people who are – or who are meant to be – there to serve, help, benefit & protect him.

It is my also daughter who through no fault of her own, has been terrorised and subjected to harassment, abuse & violation in the confines of her own home, as well as being made the focus & subject of some of the lowest, sub-human, useful idiots and their sick insinuations, to be found lurking on the internet.

Therefore, I think that I am more than entitled to receive support and help for a situation that has occurred for NO other reason than my quest to bring about a better, brighter and significantly safer future for my children, my children’s children and every single child wherever they may be.

However, whilst not wanting to tempt fate, the fact still remains that Clayton is in all probability safe and as such, my plan behind the article was not just to make doubly sure of the fact, but also largely because of our need to put a stop to these child snatching monsters.

After all, this abhorrent practice of child stealing is widespread and frequent.

I mean, who doesn’t know of someone who has not had a child snatched by the SS on the flimsiest of evidence – if any at all?

Therefore, having provided you with concrete proof of Four social workers involved in Child Stealing & Dealing, the more of you who reported these evil, heartless, criminals to the HCPC, the police, your MP, and the newspapers whilst encouraging everyone that you know to do the same would have meant that the volume of complaints had to be acted upon, whilst sending a message loud & clear to TPTB that this child stealing will no longer be tolerated.

That then is all that was needed to end this abhorrent trade in stealing innocent children and could very well have opened the floodgates for allowing those who have had their children stolen a real chance of getting them back where they belong.

Furthermore, in bringing a halt to child stealing we would have made massive inroads into putting a stop to child abuse whilst leaving the nonce elite in no doubt that their days are numbered.

Indeed, given enough support and enthusiasm we could have brought about major changes across the board.

Sadly, it appears that I wasted my fucking time.

You see, the article released yesterday morning has generated around a pathetic half a dozen re-tweets.

It has also received 2,224 views on my Facebook page linked to this site yet has only been shared 21 times… That is appalling!

I mean, to think that out of the two thousand, two hundred and twenty four people who viewed the article on Facebook, only twenty one of them bothered to share it… I fucking despair sometimes, I really fucking do.

And that 21 shares came about only after I commented on the woeful number of people who had bothered to do so, which I think was 6 at the time.

Meanwhile, my personal Facebook page has seen the article shared 7 times and received 2 comments, both coming from the same fella… The fact that I have 4650 friends on there makes for a piss poor showing by any standards.

Interestingly enough, it was Stacey’s first appointment today with that Social Worker – the one who tagged along with Miles on her last visit here on the 26th November.

That meeting today lasted less than 15 minutes of the scheduled hour and really did not go according to plan for the SS, thanks to Stacey not allowing the mush to intimidate or manipulate her.

Never the less, a quick listen to the recording of that meeting will quickly lead you to the conclusion that the Social Worker was working to an insidious agenda which Stacey was having no part of.

The meeting was then cut short by the bird, having failed in her efforts to weaken Stacey’s position, yet Stacey cannot be held responsible for the encounter being cut short and indeed the social worker comes away from the terminated meeting looking very, very suspect.

And as a consequence, there should now be no further contact with the child snatchers until the 3rd of January.

However, anyone who doubts that what I had hoped to achieve with that article wasn’t a realistic prospect then they clearly haven’t been paying attention.

The security services certainly take me very seriously.

In fact, I can tell you that TPTB are so worried about the tactics that they have employed in an effort to stop me that they are now having to warn every law firm that I approach not to represent me… I kid you fucking not… They are however in for a little surprise there too.

Moreover, the unrelenting, warrior Tym Rustige has had his application to start a petition in regard to Lee Rigby’s murder turned down, which given enough signatures would have left our MP’s no choice but to debate my evidence and could indeed have left them with no option but to launch an independent inquiry into the event…I wonder why they didn’t want to be faced with that prospect?

However, I do not doubt that Tym will try again.

And for my part, well if you think that I have wasted a year of my life investigating and accumulating evidence on Woolwich just to let it die, then fuck me you are dumb.

I will also remind you that the Metropolitan Police have in the not to distant past, questioned an arrested suspect, who just happened to be on my Facebook friends list, about how well she knew me, despite me never having had any dealings with the Met.

And don’t forget that the Cardiff Police – who I have also never had any dealings with – set out on the long drive to warn Jim Hussell, presenter of the Rock Show, to stop interviewing me if he valued his career.

So with all of the above in mind, anyone who couldn’t be arsed to give over an hour of their precious time, to write a legitimate letter of complaint based on clear cut evidence in a bid to end the suffering of innocent children, deserves exactly what they have coming to them.

Indeed, those of you bleating about the mess the country is in, yet are either too lazy or apathetic to perform the simplest of tasks which, without doubt, given the potential numbers that a bit of enthusiasm on your behalf could have generated should easily have been enough to put a stop to this child stealing practice… In fact the potential consequences for the Establishment could have been devastating.

Perhaps next time you feel the urge to ask me what you can do to help, you may want to bite your tongues… I have no time for empty words.

You would also do well to remember that I have the mouth, a keen eye, a sharp mind, a platform & the backing to enable me to keep my grandson safe… You on the other hand do not have that luxury when they come for yours… As they surely will do sooner or later.

Indeed, it is no wonder the government treat us however the fuck they like.

Never the less, a big thank you to the doers and to the rest, fuck you all very much for your underwhelming efforts… Dog help all the little children.

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