Is this a coincidence? Also ex-employee of the Lord Provosts Dept.”
GLW first made contact with Robert Green in 2009 offering to build a website and be the webmaster, this was a pattern, he used to get involved with other cases relating to important issues such as the Magna Carter Society, Dunblane, Lockerbi etc. He further introduced Robert Green to a man called Robbie the Pict saying he was a mate who he supposedly met through blogging on websites about Lockerbie and Dunblane. Robbie suggested to Robert Green that he would help to distribute leaflets with the aid of his friends around a few areas of Aberdeen, including Ferryhill where the named abusers lived. Robert was not involved in this.
Robbie told Anne that he had previously lived in the Ferryhill area near Sylvia Major, (cousin of Denis Mackie), one of those named by Hollie. Robbie said he also knew Sylvia’s friend and neighbour Anne Royal and suggested Anne speak to her. Anne did not agree to this for very good reasons. Robbie also suggested Robert have a meeting with a Conservative Councillor friend of his, whom he said was also from the Ferryhill area. A meeting was arranged for the 12th February 2010, coincidentally the day of Robert’s arrest. This Councillor strangely and shockingly was listed as one of the sixty-one people who had been upset and were in fear of Robert’s actions. Ironically he had previously claimed he was supporting the Hollie Greig case.
Robbie said he would get Robert a lawyer, a man called George Mathers a friend of his for thirty years, he said Mathers would represent Robert at the first hearing after his arrest. Another twist in the story, Mathers let Robert down at the last minute leaving him without a lawyer. Robert had to go into court alone in camera charged with breach of the peace.


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