Abuse victim suffers years of ‘hell’ due to family court rulings

A MOTHER whose former husband abducted her two children, one of whom was then raped by another boy at their father’s house, has hit out after they were reunited with him through the family court.


One of her children was raped by another boy at their father’s house [FILE PIC] (Image: Getty Images)

Despite the sexual abuser being arrested and her having custody of the children, judges ordered she allow their father access to them. She also had her legal aid cut off and it was only reinstated after three years when she had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has spoken out about the horror of her ordeal in a desperate bid to change the law through the Daily Express’ End The Injustice crusade.

In an interview with the Daily Express she revealed the explosive truth about her former husband.

His controlling and abusive behaviour began while she was pregnant. He threw her out of the family home just two weeks before she was due to give birth, leaving her begging on her hands and knees to be allowed to return, she said.

Although he was seen as a pillar of the community, behind closed doors his coercive behaviour ruled every aspect of her life. He dictated how she should dress and controlled all her money when she worked for him.

She was also left isolated after he sold her car and blocked her seeing her friends and family, even though her father’s health was failing.

After her father’s death she took the brave decision to leave her husband in 2011 but there were devastating consequences for her. He took their children away soon after they split up but was forced to return them after the threat of legal action.

She had a breakdown as a result of the legal battle to get them back. “He ended up abducting the two kids – they were five and seven,” she said.

“I thought I’d never see them again. The police would not do anything as he had parental rights.” The legal battle to keep custody of the children shook her faith in the court system. “I found a solicitor and that’s when the hell started. I’d have stayed with him rather than go through the family court. The system is stopping us from leaving.


The woman has spoken out about the horror of her ordeal [FILE PIC] (Image: kolderal/Getty Images)

“My mental health spiralled. I was too afraid to go into court with him. There was no protection in the family court.That’s when my life ended.

“I left to try to protect my kids but the family court put my son in the hands of his rapist.”

She added: “My eldest was getting sexually abused at my ex-husband’s address by his new girlfriend’s son.

“My kids have tried to tell people but no one would listen to them. There is no support for them. We have been treated like dirt. They are serious crimes. They are silencing a whole generation of women. I think a public inquiry will unearth a lot.”

She was awarded legal aid to support her in her case but in 2012 it was withdrawn due to cutbacks. It was reinstated in 2015 but only after she had a breakdown and had PTSD.

“I suffered three years of hell with no legal protection,” she said. “My eldest was going off the rails and was terrified of his dad.”

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