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Sonia Poulton

I am going to start naming and shaming people who cyber stalk me. I am no longer prepared to take their abuse without smoking these vile little critters out.

Here’s the first one. This man is called Jon Stevenson. He is part of the Hollie Greig Hoax Group. He has stalked me – calls, blogs, writing vile messages on my You Tubes, tweeting me, sending me facebook threats, reporting me to OFCOM – because I dared to interview anti-child abuse campaigner Robert Green….Jon Stevenson claims that it is because of me that Robert Green is currently in prison. It’s not true.

Robert Green is currently in prison because there are some bloody iffy people who have not even allowed the man bail because he dared to question the Scottish authorities about an alleged paedophile ring. Robert Green sends me several letters a week. I support him asking questions. I have never said anyone was guilty of anything but if a child (now an adult) says she was abused then people MUST BE INTERVIEWED. It’s basic stuff. If you wish to support Robert his prison details are: Robert Green, HMP Perth, 3 Edinburgh Road, Perth, PH2 8AJ. PN125799.

So back to Jon Stevenson. I am putting up this status as a warning to him. Stop stalking me Stevenson. I have your picture now and you can’t keep hiding behind anonymous avatars for ever. Let that be a warning to any of the other people who think they can libel and smear me without me saying ENOUGH! I will expose you. And then I will find out why you truly feel the need to attack me. You don’t scare me. If haters really had courage they wouldn’t feel the need to be anonymous. Let’s see how brave they are now. P.S. If people don’t like this approach you know where the un-friend button is. Perhaps if you were subject to this onslaught you might feel the need to react in the same way too.

Happy Tuesday All. I am standing up and being counted. xSee more



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