Son of former Grampian Police chief is British Prime Minister’s new head of communications

Son of former Grampian Police chief is British Prime Minister’s new head of communications

Saturday 05 February 2011

Maybe he could communicate with us on why his father’s police force did not investigate the claims of Hollie Greig
Craig Oliver, head of BBC Global News, has been appointed David Cameron’s head of government PR.

His father will be delighted …

Ian Oliver, the Chief Constable of Grampian Police while Down’s Syndrome girl Hollie Greig was being abused by Scottish establishment paedophiles, was forced to step down over the handling of an inquiry into a young boy murdered by a convicted paedophile
As one newspaper report put it: ‘Dr Oliver, 58, was captured on video kissing and embracing Sonya Cordiner, 26, the wife of a millionaire garage director, as his force was searching for a missing 11-year-old boy.’ 
This is the same Grampian region in which its chief law officer, Elish Angiolini, now Lord Advocate of Scotland, ran a department which allowed two ‘investigations’ into child sex abuse to be thrown out because it took too long to bring them to court.
How careless they seem to be in the Grampian region when it comes to the paedophile abuse of children.
Ian Oliver was Chief Constable of Scotland’s Grampian region, which includes Aberdeen where Hollie Greig says she was systematically abused, between 1990 and 1998. This involves the period when Hollie’s uncle was murdered, but the case was not properly investigated (or investigated at all). Oliver has been a chairman of the Key Trust, a ‘charity for the mentally handicapped’.

When he was Grampian Chief Constable, Ian Oliver had ‘special responsibilies for security of the Royal Court at Balmoral Castle’.

Balmoral Castle, which has been mentioned a number of times in my books with regard to Satanic activity and child abuse, is where the Queen and the British Royal Family stay during the summer. It is only 50 miles from Aberdeen.

… But don’t worry, ‘Ollie’ is okay despite resigning amid scandal – he, like his son, has done well for himself before and since …

He was an ‘adviser’ to the Zimbabwe Republic Police between 1995 and 1997′ (Robert Mugabe speaks very highly of him, apparently); the 2004 Team Leader for UN Evaluation of Anti-Drug Strategy; and at the age of 69 he became the head of ‘Justice and Security’ in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

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