‘Hot potato’ letters to Shanks & MacAskill

From a supporter to Andrew Shanks, Procurator Fiscal for Grampian [Aberdeen]:
7 May, 2014
Andrew Shanks, Procurator Fiscal for Grampian,
Atholl House,  84-88 Guild Street,
Dear Mr Shanks,
I understand that Denis Mackie has recently returned from Portugal.  He has apparently been seen drinking in the company of officers from Queen Street Police Station in the ‘Archibald Simpson’ Wetherspoon’s pub, just around the corner from the Sheriff’s Court; also in the Old Blackfriars, at the top of Union Street.
Enclosed is a copy of a Grampian Police Intelligence Report dated 8 May 2007.  At that time Mackie and his son, Greg, were ‘believed to be living in Portugal’.  The report states that the ‘investigation … launched in respect of serious sexual assaults towards H(ollie) G(reig)’ by Denis and Greg Mackie and others was allegedly undermined by the police themselves.
Since reliable witnesses (Dr Paul Carter; Dr Frances Kelly; Dr Jack Boyle; Dr Eva Harding) confirm that Hollie suffered abuse from an early age, and since she has consistently stated, for the past fourteen years, that her father and brother – people too well known to her to be mistakenly identified – were prominent among the abusers, it would seem appropriate to bring the Mackies in for questioning before they once more disappear overseas.
If you were to do this it might go some little way towards counteracting persuasive evidence that some people in Scotland are beyond the reach of the law.
Yours sincerely,
Name withheld  (MA Oxon)
From Robert Green, HMP Perth, to Kenny MacAskill, Justice Secretary for Scotland
Mr Kenny MacAskill MSP, Justice Secretary
Scottish Parliament
Holyrood House
Edinburgh EH99 1SP
Dear Mr MacAskill
You were challenged at a public meeting on Monday April 28th in Perth about the Hollie Greig case. You have been provided with all the expert witness documents pertaining to this case.
I have been given to understand that you clearly indicated to the audience that no abuse had taken place.
As this is based on hearsay, I am anxious to avoid misrepresenting you in any way. Therefore, please advise by return if the comment you were reported to have made is accurate.
Yours sincerely
Robert Green

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