Love alone has to sustain us as we wait for something concrete to emerge as the rationale for why Robert Green is yet again incarcerated in a Scottish prison and has been there for 17 days by now. A certain scenario has been suggested but that is still only hearsay so best not to say what that is in case once again it’s wrong. All we can by now safely conclude is that the present situation has nothing to do with the interdict placed on him at the Court of Session in Edinburgh by Dame Elish Angiolini at the end of 2013 but the charge is an ASBO, meaning someone else/other parties are in the frame this time, or maybe the state itself?

Robert does have a solicitor who will be working in the first instance on getting him out on bail – prisoners in Scotland may be held up to 110 days on remand although the average is 60-70 days, still a grim prospect. But unfortunately it appears that the papers relating to the 14th February proceedings needed to enable the appointed solicitor to begin work on the bail application & appeal still haven’t been passed to him! Is it normal for it to take so long for papers to be passed from a duty solicitor to the detainee’s own appointed solicitor, why the delay?

Robert also wants to know what Dr Wearden the duty-doctor who saw him when he arrived at Queen Street Police Station on the evening of 13th February actually wrote in his report which would indicate why he deemed it necessary to refer him first to 2 psychiatrists then a psychologist in the middle of the night?

Oh and Perth Prison – PLEASE could Robert have some clean underwear? He’s been washing out the same pair of socks and briefs in his hand-basin every night for over 2 weeks now! He’s asked for the required garments twice but no joy as yet – again, is it normal in Scotland for someone plucked from the street in only what he stands up in not to be provided with the wherewithal for a minimal standard of personal hygiene?

Apart from that Robert is not overly bothered by his circumstances being a man at peace with himself and with the human race – the human sector of the human race, that is, that wishes to see children & the disabled properly protected in this world. Compare and contrast the conspicuous lack of any similar concerns on the part of the people who arrived to batter us supporters on the street outside the courtroom the day of his remand hearing (with him inside handcuffed to 2 policemen on either side of him as I’ve since learned), or the attitude of the distinguished personage in the witness-stand at Rusty’s trial for whom it was more important to protect her office rather than make sure children are safe from paedophiles such as Denis Mackie. Moreover her colleagues in the top echelons of the Scottish establishment clearly share her priorities – it is now official that yes, she did in 2009 pay for the action of gagging the press & media regarding her involvement in the Hollie Greig affair out of the public purse but was advised by the Crown office not to disclose that “until matters were concluded,” is I think how she put it to the court (we in the public gallery were not permitted to take notes).

As for Robert, all his money such as it is is spent on this very expensive cause of continuing to keep the issue of unprosecuted sex-crime involving children & the disabled in Scotland alive in the public mind, as well as highlighting the inordinate amount of public money being expended on covering up this shameful situation. While for her part, the incumbent of the witness-stand in Court 2 of Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday 24 February roundly blamed the activity of the likes of Robert Green for the wastage of public money that has gone on protecting her person, her family and her public office in this case.

If Robert does have any concerns regarding the situation he is in on account of his campaigning work for children they are never for his own comfort (although he would like some clean underwear, please) they are only for the wellbeing of his family – he knows they are always unhappy with him being locked up. They also indicate being “alarmed and distressed” by certain things that have been going on on this latest occasion – they won’t specify what exactly but “the experience is different this time,” that’s all they will say about it, but let’s keep that to ourselves for the moment.

Robert’s usual response to any escalation of nastiness on the part of those spending so much public money protecting Denis Mackie is “well they’re getting very desperate now, they know it’s coming out and that they won’t be able to get away with it for much longer. The public can clearly see what’s going on now.”

Very right, Robert, the scales are falling everywhere.

Incidentally, I must correct any impression given in my Advantage Angiolini? piece that Robert might have taken the photo of DEA’s house, or her neighbour’s house. Robert doesn’t even own a camera and never takes photos.

He suggested people might enjoy watching a film of celebrated QC Ian Hamilton giving a piece of his mind as to what he thinks of the likes of DEA’s work for human rights, before we even get onto the issue of the rights of children…

PS I realise that my plea for a couple of pairs of socks & briefs for Robert may release such a tsunami of underwear in his direction as will drown all Perth prison so now a couple of people have privately said they’ll send him the needed items (including his family) that’ s enough, thank you! The plea was really directed at Perth prison which is otherwise a very good prison so this failure to supply the basics is quite odd but there we are, I could make a risky joke about Scottish traditions, kilts etc. but won’t!

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