Snp sex cover up… Again

SNP goverment accused of pulling ‘veil of secrecy’ over Alex Salmond sexual misconduct claims

Alex Salmond with his former deputy, Nicola Sturgeon
Alex Salmond with his former deputy, Nicola SturgeonCREDIT: PA

Nicola Sturgeon’s government has been accused of “pulling a veil of secrecy” over the Alex Salmond sexual misconduct allegations after rejecting a litany of requests for even the most basic information.

The Scottish Government has rejected nearly all of the 21 Freedom of Information (FoI) requests that were tabled regarding Mr Salmond’s conduct and Ms Sturgeon’s dealings with her predecessor.

Although Mr Salmond has publicly stated he held three meetings “in person” with his former deputy to discuss the two complaints, her government refused to disclose even their dates and locations.

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