Abuse victims put through ‘unbearable torture by snail’s pace of Government inquiry’

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Theresa May has been criticised following delays in the inquiry. Photo: PA Wire
Child abuse victims are being put through “unbearable torture” by the “snail pace” at which the Government’s inquiry into abuse is progressing, a leading campaigner has said.
Home Secretary Theresa May was forced to apologise after two people resigned as the head of the Government’s inquiry into historical child abuse.
Fiona Woolf resigned earlier this month over her links to former Home Secretary Lord Brittan.
Her departure followed that of Baroness Butler-Sloss who quit four months earlier amid concerns about her links to establishment figures.
Speaking ahead of a planned backbench debate on the inquiry, Labour MP Simon Danczuk said victims believed “that there are many people trying to protect powerful abusers”.
“Victims are being put through an unbearable torture watching an inquiry move forward at snail pace, knowing full well that there are many people trying to protect powerful abusers,” Danczuk said.
“It’s time the perpetrators thought long and hard about the damage they’ve inflicted, spared the victims any further suffering and did the right thing and took responsibility for their actions.”

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