slaggy getting pissed fir christmas

He doesn’t seem to be quite so up Belinda’s arse any more, he used to hand out anti war leaflets out for on the streets of Aberdeen, and he had to ask her why they were there, outside Aberdeen Court, when Robert had been arrested. That was when Belinda came out with that rubbish about the Violate Club. Again, she added more lies to that too. Then I belive he stamped his feet and threw his toys out of the pram because she told a lie about Malkie’s daughter. Paedo nonce blah blah blah Slaggy Maggie blah blah blah, I don’t have nae life blah blah, why doesn’t he go to work, or do proper voluntary work for people in his area? Get out of your house and see the real world Malkie you might like it



This from the slaggie whore who was getting pumped by Hollies dad!









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