Get Parliament To Discuss The Alleged Westminster Paedophile Ring.

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Get Parliament To Discuss The Alleged Westminster Paedophile Ring.
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Watch the film's by Bill Maloney on the Pie n Mash channel on YouTube. 
Then comment accordingly within parliament.

Why is this important?

Because this country's future - some of our children and normally the most disadvantaged are being preyed upon and abused by influential people from within the establishment. 
It's a dark secret that needs confronting by the doubtless vast majority of MPs who have nothing to do with it. Yet have a moral duty to at least confront the possibility of such a network of predators who use their power and influence to prey on children that exists within the police forces the judiciary local authorities and the media.
Please look to the good work of Robert Green and Bill Maloney and consider Jimmy Saviles close ties to previous politicians. Then decide if this is something needing further investigation.

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  • pippa S. about 12 hours ago
  • Frankly K. about 15 hours ago
    Government institutions throughout the Western world are giving themselves the legal power to control and attack common people in their own homes with no legitimate or moral authority to do so. They have completely overstepped any reasonable scope of intrusion into the private lives of their citizens.
  • Nick R. about 17 hours ago
    If you think this ended with J Savile,E Heath, C Smith, L Briton s plus a Royals death, think about it and ask why the dunblane/hamilton 100year secrets act has been used tohide details and protect the wider guilty elite

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